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How Much is God of War on Playstation Store?

    God of War Overview

    God of War is an action-packed game with a mythical and adventurous storyline, developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game allows players to control the mighty Kratos as he embarks on a journey through Norse mythology with his son Atreus. God of War features stunning graphics, intense combat sequences, puzzles, and exploration. It received critical acclaim for its character development, gameplay mechanics, and narrative.

    If you are wondering how long God of War is before purchasing it from the PlayStation Store, it is worth noting that the highly-anticipated sequel, God of War: Ragnarok is expected to release soon. However, if you are interested in purchasing the game, you can do so for $19.99 USD. Be aware that prices may vary depending on your location and the version you prefer.

    Overall, God of War is an excellent game filled with beautiful scenery, breathtaking moments, and intense gameplay. If you enjoy hack-and-slash games with deep stories and characters or are curious about Norse mythology, then this game is definitely worth considering. Don’t hesitate to check out how many gigs God of War takes up and add it to your collection today!

    Want to slay some gods without leaving your couch? God of War on PlayStation Store might just be your new religion.

    God of War on PlayStation Store

    God of War, the much-awaited action-adventure game, is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. The game is developed by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War on the PlayStation Store is easily accessible and can be availed at a cost-effective price. At present, it is available for purchase at $19.99.

    The game is set in ancient mythology and revolves around the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who embarks on a dangerous journey to seek revenge on the Greek gods. The game’s stunning graphics and immersive gameplay have won it many accolades and made it a favorite among gamers worldwide. The game offers exciting features such as inventories, crafting, mini-games, and puzzles, which enhances the gamers’ overall experience.

    It is worth noting that God of War has won several awards, including the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2018. The game has set a benchmark in terms of story, graphics, gameplay, and overall presentation, making it a must-play for all action-adventure gamers.

    For those wondering when did God of War come out, it was released on April 20, 2018 on Playstation 4.

    Interestingly, the director of God of War, Cory Barlog, has expressed his gratitude towards the fans, stating that the game’s success is attributed to them. He has also thanked the team that worked tirelessly on the game’s development, making it a massive hit.

    Price of God of War on PlayStation Store

    The latest installment of God of War is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. It can be acquired at a reasonable price, paving the way for fans of the series to delve into a new world of mythological mayhem. The game can be accessed from anywhere, only requiring an active internet connection and PlayStation account.

    Moreover, interested gamers can purchase additional bonus content including accessories and in-game currency through various packages offered by Sony entertainment. These add-ons enhance the gameplay experience and allow players to progress through levels more swiftly.

    For ultimate enthusiasts, the Collector’s Edition includes special features like lithographs, carvings, and exclusive digital content. Avid collectors of gaming artifacts will likely be drawn to this package as it adds depth to their personal collection.

    Playing God of War has been known to evoke an exhilarating experience among avid video game enthusiasts while simultaneously educating them on Norse mythology. One player shared that they found themselves researching mythical creatures mentioned in-game and discovered a newfound interest in where to play God of War.

    Looks like even the gods are offering discounts on God of War – it’s a deal so good, even Zeus wouldn’t dare to strike it with a lightning bolt.

    Discounts and Deals on God of War

    Save up to 50% off the original price of the God of War game. Take advantage of this amazing discount to enhance your gaming experience.

    Other benefits include:

    • Get exclusive bonuses and DLC to unlock new features.
    • Buy God of War at a discounted bundle price with other popular games.
    • Enjoy Free Shipping for physical copies.

    Don’t miss out on these incredible savings and opportunities to enhance your gaming experience with God of War. It’s important to act fast before these deals expire, so head over to the PlayStation Store now.

    Remember, these discounts won’t last forever, so take advantage while you still can. Start your journey as Kratos and explore Norse mythology in this stunning game hailed by gamers worldwide. Shop now from PlayStation store for god of war and experience the thrill of New Game Plus God of War.

    God of War on PlayStation Store: now you can kill mythological creatures from the comfort of your couch, without risking any gods’ wrath. #gaminglife

    Availability of God of War on PlayStation Store

    God of War, the critically acclaimed action-adventure video game, is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. This thrilling game features Kratos, a fierce and vengeful god, seeking revenge against the gods who betrayed him. It offers stunning graphics, a compelling storyline and immersive gameplay that will keep players engaged for hours on end. Moreover, purchasing this game via PlayStation Store offers users convenient access to updates, add-ons and promotions.

    For those new to the franchise, God of War is easy to pick up and play while still offering challenges for experienced gamers. Its rich story-driven content sets it apart from other games in its genre, and the addition of RPG elements adds depth to character development. If you’re curious about the series, you might want to know when the first God of War was released. The PlayStation Store also provides user-generated ratings and reviews that can help prospective buyers make informed decisions about their purchases.

    Players looking for an enhanced gaming experience can take advantage of add-ons such as new weapons and skins for Kratos or engaging in-game challenges. Additionally, subscribing to PlayStation Plus offers exclusive discounts and benefits alongside free monthly games. Overall, purchasing God of War on PlayStation Store not only assures accessibility of notable advancements but also enhances affordability along with privacy benefits as compared to obtaining a physical copy from third-party vendors.

    Looking for ways to get your Kratos fix? Check out these options for buying God of War on PlayStation Store… or just steal it, like a true warrior.

    Ways to Purchase God of War on PlayStation Store

    Searching for God of War on the Playstation Store? Here’s how to buy it professionally.

    Follow these simple steps to purchase God of War:

    • Open the Playstation store
    • Search for “God of War”
    • Select the game and choose the edition
    • Add it to your cart
    • Proceed to checkout and complete the payment process
    • Download the game and start playing

    You can also purchase God of War from other online retailers, but be sure to verify the authenticity of the site and seller before buying.

    According to Forbes, God of War was the best-selling Playstation 4 game of 2018. Using the PlayStation Store on PS4 is like finding a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is a cluttered mess and the needle is the game you actually want to buy.

    Using PlayStation Store on PS4

    To navigate and purchase games on your PS4, you can use the intuitive PlayStation Store interface. Here are some tips on how to master the process.

    • Access the PlayStation Store on your PS4 by selecting the icon from your home screen
    • Browse popular and new games, download demos or game content, and search for specific titles
    • Complete purchases using a linked payment method or enter redemption codes for gift cards and promotions.

    It’s worth noting that you can access the PlayStation Store through your web browser too. Simply log in to the PlayStation website, select ‘Store’, then buy or download any of your favorite games without ever turning on your console.

    When purchasing games through the PlayStation Store, it is important to consider downloading times as larger files take longer to download. Additionally, if you have a slow connection this may affect downloading times.

    Consider adding funds to your account prior to purchasing so that once you find what you want there won’t be delays waiting for funds to clear. Once you’ve purchased a game digitally, it remains available anywhere with internet access; though unlike with physical copies, offline play may not be possible after deleting and redownloading said game.

    Don’t bother with the stairs to Mount Olympus, just use your web browser to buy God of War on PlayStation Store.

    Using PlayStation Store on Web Browser

    To purchase God of War on the PlayStation Store, one can easily do so using a web browser. Simply access the PlayStation Store website and log in to your account to browse and purchase digital copies of the game. The web browser version of the PlayStation Store offers a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for gamers to buy their favorite titles from anywhere across the globe.

    By accessing the PlayStation Store through a web browser, users can take advantage of several features such as viewing promotions, trailers, game reviews, ratings and downloading demos. Users can also use filters such as genre and price range to search for specific games. Furthermore, they can add items to their cart or wish list for future consideration.

    It is worth noting that purchases made via the web browser will be added to your downloads list on your console automatically once you download content during an active PSN session.

    According to TechRadar, “The PS4 has sold over 110 million units worldwide since launch“. This means that there is a massive market available on the PlayStation platform for gamers to take advantage of.

    Don’t miss out on God of War – download the PlayStation app and start buying games from the convenience of your phone, because let’s face it, who has time to interact with actual humans anymore?

    Using PlayStation App on Mobile Devices

    Mobile Device and the PlayStation App can be utilized for purchasing God of War on PlayStation Store.

    • Install PlayStation app on your mobile device.
    • Login to your PSN account or create a new account if you don’t have one.
    • Select the “PlayStation Store” icon and choose “Games”.
    • Browse through the list of games and select God of War.
    • Select the game edition that fits your preference and click “Add to Cart”.
    • Follow payment instructions and wait for download notifications.

    It is also important to stay updated with new gaming releases, sales, promotions, or discounts on the PlayStation store by checking out the newsfeed section of the app.

    Research shows that using mobile devices in making online purchases has gained popularity in recent years, with more than 60% of online sales being made through it.

    Saving money on God of War is great, just don’t go sacrificing a goat to Kratos to do it.

    Comparison of God of War Prices on Different Platforms

    Comparing Prices of God of War on Various Platforms

    A comparative analysis of the prices of God of War is necessary before buying it. Thus, we have created a table that shows the prices of the game on different platforms.

    PlayStation StoreUSD$19.99

    Unique Details

    The table above reveals that Amazon offers the lowest rate for God Of War than any other platform. Hence, if you’re wondering what is runic in God of War and want to save some bucks, buying from Amazon is a good option.


    To get access to various online gaming discounts, subscribe to gaming newsletters, and frequently check social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit for promotional codes or price drop updates. It’s also advisable to buy games when they are not at peak demand as prices tend to be lower then.

    Whether you’re a fan of God of War or not, one thing’s for sure – at least Kratos never has to worry about the price of haircuts.


    The pricing breakdown of the popular game, God of War, on the Playstation Store has been highly sought after. As per current prices, the standard edition of God of War is listed at $19.99. The digital deluxe edition is priced at $29.99 and includes exclusive digital content like a dynamic theme and art book.

    Additional discounts may be available for subscribers to Playstation Plus or during sales events. However, it is important to note that prices may vary based on region and currency.

    It should also be noted that purchasing the physical version of God of War may incur additional costs such as shipping fees, while buying online through the Playstation Store eliminates these extra expenses.

    Known for its impressive graphics and engaging storyline, God of War has created quite a stir in the gaming world since its release in 2018. The game’s unique blend of action-adventure gameplay set within ancient Norse mythology has won it critical acclaim and an enthusiastic following.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much does God of War cost on the Playstation Store?

    A: To learn how to download God of War on Ps5 Bundle, visit this guide.

    Q: Is God of War cheaper in physical form or as a digital download?

    A: The price of God of War may vary depending on physical store promotions, sales, and availability. However, the digital version of the game on the Playstation Store is typically the same price as physical copies.

    Q: Can I get discounts or deals on God of War on the Playstation Store?

    A: Yes, Sony occasionally offers discounts on the Playstation Store. You can also keep an eye out for seasonal sales or limited-time promotions.

    Q: Is the digital version of God of War identical to the physical version?

    A: Yes, the digital version of God of War includes all the same content as the physical version of the game.

    Q: What should you sell in God of War?

    Find out more about selling strategies for God of War on this website.

    A: The file size of the digital version of God of War is approximately 43 GB.

    Wondering when God of War 4 came out?

    Q: Are there any additional costs or fees after purchasing God of War on the Playstation Store?

    A: No, the purchase of God of War on the Playstation Store does not require any additional costs or fees.

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