How People Earn By Playing TF2

Whether it’s the unique and timeless look of the game, the hero shooter aspect or the sheer fun of playing, we can all agree that Team Fortress 2 is arguably one of the most unique and addictive games in the world.

Long before there were archery heroes, there was the Fortress team. Team Fortress started out as a mod for Half-Life One, and like Counter-Strike, it has grown into a spin-off.

The first team fort was a little rough. It had no interesting graphics, no cool stories, no sci-fi comics – what it did have was a soul and an idea. Over time, that soul and idea has evolved into the beautiful game we know and love.

Team Fortress 2 is a money machine, and there are more than a few ways to make a lot of money with this game. Here are some of our favorite ways.

TF2 Free play

When do you think TF2 came out? Wrong. It was released in 2007, making it almost as old as many of its players. I remember buying Fortress Command when it first came out and not being able to run it at the time.

After I saved up enough money to upgrade my computer, I was able to play TF2 for free, and all I got was a lousy hat.

Since TF2 became a free-to-play game, this already popular game has skyrocketed. It seems like everyone was playing TF2 in one way or another, and the numbers are holding up so far. The game has more skins, hats, and weapons than you can imagine at this point in the game’s life cycle, all of which can provide potential winnings.

Trade on the market

If you have a product, you can sell or trade it on the market. Trading in the marketplace is revolutionary because you can trade an item you own for a class you don’t play.

There is more than one class, and most people tend to play one major league and others to a lesser extent. Each player has his own favorite class, which he tries to equip with the best items and cosmetics.

Of course some are more expensive than others, but it’s safe to say that you can make quite a bit of money by trading and getting a cool item for your favorite class.

Sale Article

What if you have a lot of free time and cosmetics you don’t use but can trade? If so, you can sell them. You’ll be amazed at the value of certain items in the world of Team Fortress 2.

The unusual Burning Team Captain, an all-class cap that offers no additional stats, sold for a whopping $6,695.

To be honest, if you get something and you don’t know what to do with it, you can save it for another day or sell it for a nice amount. While it is unlikely that you will make trillions from this trade, if you are smart about selling it, you can make a living selling TF2 points, as there are more than a few ways to sell TF2 points.

Becoming a professional

Every game has a vibrant eSports scene these days, and surprisingly TF2 has been pretty slow to adapt to the trend. Few people wanted to play TF2 like the pros, as the game was always seen as more fun than the competitive chaos.

For some people, that’s what they expect from TF2, and there are a lot of pro games, teams, and eSports events where all kinds of TF2 pros play.

TF2’s YouTube scene is huge, and the game is as popular as ever – which means you can make quite a bit of money as a TF2 pro, as long as you know your way around the comfort zone of 2.


TF2 is fun, and that’s nothing new. It was fun and will be forever, which is why new generations of players keep flocking to this clapboard masterpiece.

Many people don’t want to spend hours grinding to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and that’s fine.

We live in fast times, and people want to get to the top of the TF2 rankings as quickly as possible – so many are looking for a coach. TF2 is not an easy game, and with nine classes and more weapons than you can count, it’s safe to say that there’s a market for TF2 coaching – which can make you a lot of money.

Game tournaments

Remember when we said TF2 had one of the most vibrant and active gaming communities in general? Well, it wasn’t a joke. There would be many eSports events and TF2 tournaments these days, even though there weren’t many in the past.

All of these eSports tournaments and events come with some sort of reward, and in most cases it’s a financial reward. So if you have a team of friends who love to play TF2 and you’re all particularly good at it, you have nothing to lose by entering one of these tournaments. If you win or peak, you can make a lot of money.


TF2 is one of the best games in video game history, and it’s only getting better. The developers are constantly adding new features to the game, the community is growing and every day new generations of players discover this gem.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: TF2 is not going away and no game will dethrone it as the king of hero shooters.

As long as you play your cards right and follow the tips in this article, you can make quite a bit of money with TF2, so strap in, update Steam and start spying.

frequently asked questions

Can you make money with TF2?

The fastest way to make money on tf2 is to turn off the computer and literally do another paying job. … What I suggest is to just get your drops per week, turn them into metal, trade the metal for items that can be sold on the market, and then use that money to buy games on Steam.

How much does TF2 earn?

On average, the creators of Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2 earned $15,000 last year.

Can I play TF2?

Valve says CS:GO and TF2 are safe to play after source code leaked online … We have found no reason for players to be alarmed or avoid current versions of the game, Doug Lombardi, Valve’s vice president of marketing, told ZDNet today. As always, it is recommended to play on the official servers for more security.

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