How to ACTUALLY play the Tiger

WT player for 5 years and German Head here to actually share some basic tips on how to play Tiger without falling into GeRmAnY or jUT aNgLe sUfFeRs.

I will discuss and show some general strategies, basic controls and positioning tactics (Basic, Side Huddle, Hull Down).

Overall strategy.

Your Tiger has 82mm flat plates on the sides and 100mm on the front, which means that even a 75mms Sherman could theoretically write you if you showed your front plates. That’s why I like to run from a distance, with my body angled. Use R to find the range of One shot, one kill. Hide the body by securing it at the sides or by lowering it (see below).

Basic controls required for German players.

Getting hits is easy if you press R (default) to use the rangefinder, which is available for all tanks. (It’s not really the rangefinder, it’s your shooter calculating the distance for you).

Press R to hit the target. Update Crew Skills > Device > Search Range for a more accurate and extended range.

Once you have the range, set RANGE + 50. The parabolic trajectory of your ball must deviate slightly from the target in order to reach the exact spot you were aiming at. Use the distance control (available under distance control – I like to use the scroll button) to set the distance to the subject. The physical range setting helps you restore the previous range after a target change or move.

Add 50 (walking sight) or 100 (shooter sight) with the sight remote to set the sight to that distance. Provides faster recapture of targets between moves/charges.

Actually, fishing.

The angle of your target at the 1:30 position. This is pretty solid advice, even from World War II Tiger Primer manuals. Here I show a few images of what a 1v1 cornerback looks like. This roughly corresponds to the angle of your tank.

Corner 1v1. Your point of view.

That’s what your enemy sees. A 76mm or 85mm might be able to hit your front in close quarters (CQB) combat, but you’re impervious to <85mm beyond 500m or so.

Corner 1v1. Hostile position. Most hull shots at 75-85mm come back at over 500m.

For extra finesse, notice that your forehead is slightly thicker than your side. So your angle should be a little irregular, so that the thickness of the corners between the front and the side are relatively equal. I like to tighten up the front because it is thicker.

Corner 1v1. The thickness of your forehead and sides are uneven, so your forehead should be slightly less sloped than your sides. I want the barrel to line up with the front of the wedge.

The other corner is the side window wiper.

On city maps, such as. B. the abandoned factory, you can also stand in front of the building. This tactic is called lateral grouping. It depends that most WT buildings are invincible. Conclusion: To scrape the sides, slide the front panel onto the building and open a very steep angle on the side. Makes you almost invincible against most tanks of your level, except Stalin’s cool HE guns or Super Pershing’s long 90mm.

against the building. This makes you almost completely vulnerable, as no one can tip your side at that angle (unless they can already infiltrate your tower).

Ideally, you should not expose your body by hitting the building as much as possible. That’s what the enemy sees.

SIDELIGHTS. Hostile position. It’s almost impossible to pee while fishing safely.

Another tactic is to lower the (base) body.

Some maps, like Kursk (Fiery Arc), allow you to search the hull.

Different defensive positions on the slope.

Lowering the hull works best with allied tanks with a good depression (-10 degrees or more), such as American/English tanks and German open-top TDs. The recoil speed is also excellent, allowing you to return to the revolver position when reloading.

However, you can also use the Tiger to collapse the hull AND use all fishing tactics from above. See the example below.

PUNCH on the Kursk/Ognyonnaya bulge. Tilt the gun towards the opponent when reloading.

Side view. Note that most of the accommodation is hidden behind the defile (hill). Use the Freeview option (default C) to see different angles of your tank.


This is just an introduction, and other users can contribute as well. I’m just tired of seeing all these cheap memes that just talk about playing Tiger, without anyone seriously showing new players how to play Tiger.

Every situation, every goal, every hill, every map is different. Much of this knowledge comes from the experience of hundreds of battles. But these general councils should be a good starting point.

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