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How To Beat Every Boss In Mega Man 11

How To Beat Every Boss In Mega Man 11

The Robotic Masters in Mega Man 11 might be fairly the tough bunch in the event you don’t have a deal with on every of their weak spot. It’s a superb job then, that this useful little boss information will give you all of the solutions you must develop into a real Mega Man Grasp.

Whether or not you’re discovering a sure boss unattainable to deal with, otherwise you purpose to beat every one with out spending a single bolt within the store. We at Nintendo Insider have you ever coated. This information will take you thru each single main and mid-level boss that the Blue Bomber will face all through this model new 20XX journey.


How To Beat Block Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Block Dropper
Weak spot: Chain Blast or Blazing Torch

Block Man is barely totally different to most different Robotic Masters as a result of he can change his type into a big model of himself. One of the simplest ways to strategy Block Man is to start by charging your normal Mega Buster to ship house the primary heavy hit. Keep it up spamming him with lemons whereas avoiding his falling blocks and easy leap patterns. As soon as he turns into humongous, regulate his assaults. Change the Energy Gear on and ship a few souped-up Chain Blast’s in the direction of his chest. Lastly, when Block Man shrinks again to measurement, he’ll get a bit miffed off and begin throwing bricks in the direction of you. Time your jumps, energy up your Mega Buster and eventually tear him aside like a paper home.

Aspect Notice: The Velocity Gear could be notably helpful to learn his big assaults and hold him uncovered for longer. Torch Man’s Blazing Torch can also be an excellent device to make use of because of its attain, downward arch and respectable injury potential.

How To Beat Acid Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Acid Barrier
Weak spot: Block Dropper

Acid Man’s weak spot lies inside the falling rubble of Block Man’s: Block Dropper. First off, destroy his acid defend to show the poisonous tinman. Whereas he’s defenceless’ drop a number of extra sacks of stone and mortar onto his dome. Guarantee to maintain your eye out for when he dashes throughout the display within the pool of acid. As soon as he’s dives out once more, lay some extra bricks from above. Hold this course of going and you’ll have him beat very quickly.

How To Beat Blast Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Chain Blast
Weak spot: Blazing Torch

Utilizing the Blazing Torch arrack will shortly demolish Blast Man so long as you land your shot on course. Decelerate time with the Velocity Gear simply as he feeds the sky with a line of bombs. Search for an empty area (often subsequent to him) and easily pelt him with hearth.

How To Beat Fuse Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Scramble Thunder
Weak spot: Bounce Ball

So long as you’ll be able to learn Fuse Man’s first two assault patterns, the Bounce Ball will just about do the job for you. The excellent news is you can purpose the Bounce Ball weapon at an angle to provide you a greater probability to slam him with the rubber stuff. Keep in mind to maintain on the transfer – particularly when he goes ballistic. You’ll be able to all the time flip the Velocity Gear on if you wish to get a clearer shot on course.

How To Beat Bounce Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Bounce Ball
Weak spot: Pile Driver

Take a grip of that shank you took from Spike Man and slam it into the gentle intestine of Bounce Man. Sluggish time down to make sure you stab him with the sharp finish to simply puncture the pink prototype

How To Beat Torch Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Blazing Torch
Weak spot: Tundra Storm

Permit Torch Man to fireside off his projectiles and bounce over them accordingly. He’ll then leap into the air prepared for a flaming dive kick assault. This provides you with a superb probability to slip beneath him and put that Velocity Gear into full impact. This can then prolong the opening you should blast out a Tundra Storm assault. Keep in mind that Torch Man’s sample motion is a bit more unpredictable than the remainder of the Robotic Masters. Nevertheless, with regular use of the Velocity Gear System, you’ll quickly take down that flaming sucker.

How To Beat Impression Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Pile Driver
Weak spot: Acid Barrier

The weapon that works as Impression man’s weak spot might be probably the most troublesome to make the most of. Endurance is required right here as a result of the one assault that’s impenetrable to your acid defend are the nails he crops down into the bottom. The trick is to not get too hasty when Impression Man turns right into a Pile Driver. It’s greatest to attend it out till he reforms into his regular self to hold on splatting him like an Inkling.

How To Beat Tundra Man In Mega Man 11

Weapon Acquired: Tundra Storm
Weak spot: Scramble Thunder

You possibly can shock the blades from beneath Tundra Man in a short time with the Scramble Thunder armour. Apart from a number of twirly hops and a fast sprint, the ice skating Robotic Grasp will principally keep grounded. Let the sparks journey throughout the ground till you retire him from the rink. Experiment with no matter Gear System you favor to get the job executed quicker.


How To Beat Picman Digger In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Block Dropper
Stage: Impression Man

When you don’t have Block Man’s weapon at hand, then Pickman Digger could be an absolute nightmare to face. Nevertheless, drop a pile of rubble onto his roof with the Energy Gear lively and you’ll crush him to items in about 5 seconds.

How To Beat Frog Balloon In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Pile Driver
Stage: Bounce Man

You can also make fast work of this little rubber frog-riding fiend by ploughing into him together with your Pile Driver. The goofy wanting Boyorn’s that he sends floating round can be dispatched shortly with this software.

How To Beat Totomer In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Chain Blast (Energy Gear)
Stage: Block Man

Discover a hole subsequent to Totomer’s face and let unfastened with a Energy Gear model of the Chain Blast. A number of hits with these dangerous boys will quickly flip him into scrap metallic

How To Beat Cyclone W In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Block Dropper (Energy Gear)
Stage: Acid Man

Use the Energy Gear to and let it rain bricks. He’ll barely have time to breathe, by no means thoughts assault again.

How To Beat Thrill Twins In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Scramble Thunder (Velocity Gear)
Stage: Blast Man

Use the Velocity Gear briefly to catch a clear shot. Relying on the carriage place, both purpose above, or under you to shock the life out of these pesky little Shimobey.

How To Beat Dread Spark In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Bounce Ball (Energy Gear)
Stage: Fuse Man

Chances are you’ll have to get a grasp on the laser patterns for this one in the event you don’t need to get hit. Attempt firing the Bounce Ball weapon level clean into the goggles of the rasta-bot with the Energy Gear activated. A few photographs of those to the shades ought to do the trick properly.

How To Beat Sparkey In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Tundra Storm
Stage: Torch Man

Put the flaming turkey out with the facility of Tundra Storm. A few photographs at shut vary will make for a fantastic Christmas dinner.

How To Beat Mecha-Mammostal In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Scramble Storm
Stage: Tundra Man

Merely spam your Scramble Storm means to mild up the prehistoric mecha-mammal. The Energy Gear may have him extinct in lower than 10 seconds.


How To Beat Yellow Satan MK III In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Mega Buster (Energy Gear)
Stage: Gear Fortress Stage 1

The infamous Yellow Satan is again and this time he’s had an improve. Sadly for some, this basic drawback hasn’t acquired a fast repair plan. Your Mega Buster is one of the best software for the job when combined with the Energy Gear. The excellent news is that the Yellow Satan all the time flings his bits at you in the identical order. Whereas there are totally different strategies on methods to dodge these yellow blocks of doom, I coined up a sure technique: 4 jumps, two slides and one leap (the brow block is the cue for the final leap).

The primary 4 jumps are easy sufficient to jump over. The primary slide is completed immediately after the fourth bounce.
The second slide is simpler to see coming, and the final leap occurs immediately after the Yellow Satan’s brow block takes off.

For those who nail this sequence down with out getting hit, you possibly can absolutely cost the Mega Buster with the Energy Gear for some large injury. If accomplished appropriately, the Yellow Satan will immediately transition into his subsequent sample.

His subsequent sample consists of a falling group of smaller Yellow Devils. Stand subsequent to the falling line together with your Mega Buster charged. The goal to hit would be the final little Satan, so attempt to time a sneaky shot as he drops down. Because the three teams run again in the direction of you, shortly jump over them whereas preserving your thumb held on the cost button. Discover a shot as they run away for an additional clear hit.

Just remember to keep within the center when the Devils run up the wall. They may fall down on prime of you whereas solely leaving a small hole. The hole is all the time on the furthest level of the primary falling satan. Run, slide, do no matter you possibly can to scramble in the direction of that area. As quickly because the coast is obvious, make a fast route again to the central floor, in any other case, the traditional model of the yellow satan might land on prime of you. Your Energy Gear ought to recuperate by this level, so use that as a chance to repeat the identical sample. With a bit of apply, you’ll quickly ship that Satan again into the gates of Hell.

How To Beat Mawverne In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Bounce Balls (Velocity Gear)
Stage: Gear Fortress Stage 2

Mawverne could be a tough solar of a gun, however with good Velocity Gear administration and a full clip of bouncy balls you’ll be able to quickly make fast work of him.

A superb shot with the Bounce Ball gun will pressure him to open up his shell. Maintain your distance and attempt to bang in a couple of extra rubber bullets into his shiny pink face. Mawverne has two phases to be careful for. Through the first part, Mawverne will hearth a cluster of small lasers at you. This shall be a great time to snap on the Velocity Gear. Nevertheless, attempt to get used to utilizing the Velocity Gear in a lot smaller bursts to make sure that it doesn’t burn out too shortly.

You’ll know when Mawverne modifications into his second part as quickly as he teleports. When he instantly reappears, crack on the Velocity Gear once more and plant a number of extra rubber bullets into his kite. Regardless of Mawverne having two assaults now at this level, he usually favours the stronger and far quicker variant. He’ll usually hearth of three extraordinarily quick and thick lasers instantly at you. Your greatest not relying in your Velocity Gear at this level and simply consider dodging the three consecutive beats of his shot. Relying on his, and your location, purpose to leap the primary shot, keep the place you’re for the second and eventually bounce once more on the third. As soon as he teleports once more, crank that Velocity Gear again on and smash him within the face with extra pink bullets.

How To Beat Dr. Wily In Mega Man 11

Dr. Wily is the longest boss battle within the recreation as a result of incontrovertible fact that he has two seperate power bars .Dr. Wily additionally has two variations of his Wily Machine to take down. There are a number of methods you possibly can strategy Dr. Wily, nevertheless, on this case, i’ve opted to go for the the larger injury choice.

How To Beat Wiley Machine 11 (V1) In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Chain Blast or Pile Driver (Energy Gear for each)

Part 1: The thought is to purpose for the eyes of the cranium. The chain blast weapon is an effective name right here because of its lock on capacity. Immediately put the Energy Gear into impact and attempt to bang as many powered up Chain Blasts on course. If aimed proper, he’ll shortly transfer onto his second part. For those who run out of Energy Gear, then simply hold counting on the usual Chain Blast capacity.

Keep in mind to maintain your eye on the missiles hovering in the direction of you. They can be utilized as platforms to realize a great peak on course. A powered-up Chain Blast covers a much bigger distance, so a great shot will nonetheless safe huge injury. The factor to primarily be careful for are the falling missiles falling from above. You would both use your Velocity Gear to dodge the blast when you’ve got any, or just hold dodging forwards and backwards to keep away from the blast. Lastly, if Dr Wily units as much as fly off the display, be sure that to time a Energy Slide to dodge beneath him. Wily will then hover again down low sufficient so that you can merely leap and assault. Use both the Chain Blast or Pile Driver to safe some additional injury

Part 2: Throughout this part, Dr Wily will type a set of wheels whereas the cranium of the Wily machine sits fairly on the prime of the display. When you can missile-hop excessive sufficient to plant a clear shot, it’s a lot simpler, however barely extra dangerous simply to take out his wheels with two clear whacks with the Pile Driver. As soon as the cranium falls again to earth, end him off with a powered-up Pile Driver through the use of the Energy Gear if it’s already recharged.

Needless to say the sample of missiles keep the identical as the primary part. Maintain conscious of the spinning Wily disc – it may be fairly troublesome to dodge whereas on the shifting platform. In the event you do determine to take out the wheels with the Pile Driver, be sure that you immediately attain again in the direction of the left aspect of the display. It’s attainable that you would be able to get sucked up into the nook behind Dr Wiley and develop into uncovered to missiles. If that’s the case, spam out some extra Chain Bombs in the direction of Dr. Wily with the Velocity Gear lively, (when you have any) to scale back additional injury consumption.

How To Beat Wily Machine 11 (V2) In Mega Man 11

Weak spot: Scramble Thunder, Ball Bounce or Tundra Storm (Energy Gear variant)

When Dr. Wily’s power refills, ensure to equip your Scramble Storm go well with. With this weapon, you’ll be able to goal instantly above you – so work on timing that shot. Dr Wiley will start to pelt a cluster of gears at you. Use the Velocity Gear sparingly as an help to assist dive out of the best way of them. Maintain specializing in the goal with Scramble Storm till he lastly modifications sample.

He ought to now have two huge mallets rotating round his ship. Change to Bounce Ball and both goal instantly at him or in the direction of the ground for a rebound assault. Use the Velocity Gear to time a gap so you’ll be able to slide in between his rotating mallets. Search for any openings and take benefit by utilising the Bounce Ball assault.

Typically Dr. Wily can shift into Velocity Gear himself. If this occurs, don’t simply waste your assaults on him. Simply sparingly use the Velocity Gear to dodge his assaults and wait it out till he will get fed up.

Dr. Wily’s ultimate sample will attempt to catch you out by rushing throughout the display prime velocity at totally different angles. You’ll be able to both use your Velocity Gear to foresee his line of assault and attempt to hit again with no matter you’ve got left, or you’ll be able to change your Energy Gear on and attempt to lastly end him with a screen-filling Tundra Storm Assault. In case your well being is low at this level, you’ll be able to all the time kick within the Double Gear System to provide your self a final probability to nail the extra highly effective model of a Tundra Storm Assault. It could take a little bit of time to lastly grasp the patterns of Dr. Wily and does require a little bit of finesse together with your actions. Nevertheless, stick with a gameplan and you’ll quickly have the nutty professor begging for mercy.

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