How to Claim FIFA 22 Pre-order Rewards (and OTW FUT 22)

FIFA 22 is out now, and as a result, the game has been met with a lot of hype. In order to claim your rewards for pre-ordering the game, you have to download FIFA Ultimate Team from Origin.

FIFA 22 is coming out soon, but you can still get your hands on some of the best pre-order bonuses. You can claim these bonuses by doing the following: Read more in detail here: fifa 22 pre order bonus.

How to Claim FIFA 22 Pre-order Rewards (and OTW FUT 22)

Customers are enticed to reserve a copy of a product before it is available in shops using a pre-order incentive. If you were one of the many people who pre-ordered FIFA 22, you may be wondering when and how your bonus will come, particularly the OTW Pre-order Player Pack, which is the most visible of the pre-order incentives. With the release of the Standard Edition, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about FIFA 22 pre-order bonuses, how to claim them, and OTW FUT 22 information.

How to Redeem Pre-Order Bonuses for FIFA 22

Standard Edition of FIFA 22

If you pre-order FIFA 22 Standard Edition, you’ll be eligible for the following pre-order bonuses from EA:

  • TOTW 1 Player Item: For FUT, this is an untradable player item.
  • For 5 FUT Matches, Kylian Mbappé is a loan item.
  • 3 FUT Matches with a FUT Ambassador Loan Player (Pick one over Alaba, Foden, and Son)
  • Mode of Work Talent from inside the community

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Pre-Order

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition is a special edition of FIFA 22.

If you pre-order FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before October 1st, you’ll be eligible for all of the above, as well as the following:

  • Player Item from October 1: Untradeable Ones to Watch
  • From September 27 to October 1, there will be a four-day early access period.
  • FIFA Points: 4600

If you pre-ordered this Edition before August 11th, you will get a FUT Heroes Player item on December 1st. 

If you pre-order FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition and have the EA Play Pro Edition before October 1, you’ll be eligible for all of the prizes listed above, as well as the following:

  • Up to 4800 FIFA Points (instead of 4600) – 1600 points each month for three months starting October 1st.
  • Throughout the season, EA Play members will get recurring prizes. 
    • Season XP Boosts for Ultimate Team
    • FUT customisation goods are released every month.
  • Other EA titles, such as Battlefield 2042 or Madden NFL 22, are available.
  • Player item for FUT Heroes, available starting December 1st. 
  • Starting September 22nd, there will be a 9-day early access period.


  • Only the account that purchased the game will get the pre-order incentives if two players share the FIFA 22.
  • All prizes will be sent to the players’ inventory.
  • When the OTW Pre-order Player Packs were distributed before to the OTW launch, some players opened them by mistake and got regular cards instead of OTW cards due to a technical problem. As a result, EA will give every player who pre-ordered FIFA 22 one additional Pack, regardless of whether they have opened it or not.

The OTW Pre-Order Player Packs may now be opened, and the proper items will be inside. If the problem persists, leave and re-enter FUT.

Players who have already opened their Pack will be given a fresh one to open via the FUT Store.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

1 October 2021 — FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect)

So, what about FIFA 22’s One To Watch? 

There will be a total of 26 OTW cards, split between two teams and four batches. You’ll get various players in different brackets if you open the OTW Pre-order Player Packs at different times. If you open the Pack between October 2 and October 10, for example, you will only get a member from team 1. The OTW Release Schedule is shown below.

  • 11 OTW players – Team 1 – from October 2 to October 9.
  • From October 4 to October 9, three additional OTW players were recruited to Team 1, bringing the total number of OTW players in Team 1 to fourteen.
  • 11 OTW participants – Team 2 from October 9 to October 14.
  • From October 9 to 14, three additional OTW players were recruited to Team 2, bringing the total number of OTW players in Team 2 to fourteen.
  • After October 14, you’ll be able to use your Packs to unlock players from both teams.


As a result, you have a variety of choices to select from. You should use up your Pre-order bundle right now if you want Cristiano Ronaldo or Varane for your Weekend League next week. If you’re searching for Messi, though, you’ll want to store that Pack for later. Alternatively, if you’re not in a hurry, have a good team, and want your two packets to be CR7 and Messi’s walkouts in order, you may use them after October 14.

See the FIFA 22 area of our website for additional relevant information and guides!

FIFA 22 is the latest installment of EA’s football franchise. The game has been released on September 28, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. OTW FUT 22 is an online soccer game that allows users to play with their favorite players in real-time. Reference: fifa 22 otw cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open my OTW pack FIFA 22?

OTW stands for On The Way which is a term used by EA to describe the items that are in your pack. You cannot open these packs because they are not tradable or marketable.

What rewards do you get for pre ordering FIFA 22?

The rewards vary depending on the retailer, but typically you will get a free copy of FIFA 22 and other items.

What time do I get my OTW player FIFA 22?

You will get your player on the day of release.

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