How to complete What Wenjies Want in Deathloop

Deathloop is a free-to-play game with an interactive story that can be played by anyone. It has been designed to be accessible for all audiences, but it still holds the potential to provide a unique and immersive experience for gamers who want to get lost in the world of What Wenjies Want.

The death loop is a puzzle game that challenges players to figure out how to complete the level. It can be completed in different ways, but there is one way that has been found to work every time.

You’ll be left with the Wenjie issue once you’ve finished Space Invader and figured out how to knock out two more Visionaries in the afternoon. There hasn’t been a method to murder Wenjie so far since she is determined about staying in her lab and following the regulations. There is, however, a method for you to alter that. By finishing What Wenjies Want, you’ll be able to get Wenjie to where you need her.

The first step is to visit Wenjie’s laboratory.

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You’ll get the mission What Wenjies Want when you finish Space Invader. You’ll also have the code to enter her laboratory, so you’ll have to wait until the afternoon to discover what’s inside. What you find throughout the Space Invader quest will determine the code.

When you get to the lab, go to the bottom of the building to input your code and ultimately Wenjie’s lab. There’s a lot to look at in here, but the messages on Wenjie’s PC are the most important. After reading through all of the texts, you’ll see that Wenjie has previously declined an invitation to the party. She is, nevertheless, fixated on gaining access to the RAK’s door. This is the key to getting her to change her ways.

Another communication from Charlie clarifies that 2-BIT may record individuals stating things they didn’t say. This tells you where you should go next.

Step 2: Go to 2-BIT’s website.

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You may pay a visit to 2-BIT in the afternoon, when Charlie is also there. You are not required to kill Charlie, although doing so may make the remainder of the job simpler. Get into Charlie’s game and look for 2-BIT. It’s hidden behind some metal gating that you can hack to open at the top of the building that houses the game. When you speak with 2-BIT, you’ll learn that if you want 2-BIT to change his voice and produce a new message, you’ll need a tape of Aleksis.

Fortunately, the library has a recording of Alekis that you may listen to right now. To learn this, you’ll need to have entered Aleksis’ mansion in the evening and accessed his computer. Julianna is leaving the safe in the library, and you’ll receive the code from the same message.

Step 3: Obtain the audio recording

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Head over to the library, which is just a short distance from 2-BIT, and enter via the main doors. The safe should be at the atrium’s center. The code for this safe is 2101, however it may be different for you. A replica of Aleksis with a recording is found within. This recording should be converted to 2-BIT, although it’s very loud. While this tape is playing, every Eternalist in the area will hear you, so be prepared for a battle when you return to 2-BIT.

Step 4: Allow 2-BIT to do its thing.

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Give the statue to 2-BIT and request that it force Aleksis to give Wenjie what she desires. This will make a tape that will play every morning in future cycles, reminding Wenjie that she must attend the party in order to get access to the RAK area.

Wenjie will always be in Updaam in the evening after you accomplish the task. You may now murder four Visionaries in Updaam in the evening if you tamper with the fireworks and Egor’s experiments earlier in the day.

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