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How to Dive in Madden 21? Step by Step Guide

How to dive into Madden 21 is one of the most frequently asked questions by Madden 21 players. That’s why we decided to create a step-by-step guide on how to dive into Madden 21. Many beginners don’t know some tips and tricks in Madden 21, such as. B. Diving, sliding, etc.

Madden 21 was one of the most popular games and generated a lot of hype for the upcoming game. The remake of the game was released on the 28th. August 2021 published. Players are loving the new version of the game. The developers also announced new regular updates for the game. A major patch for Madden 21 was released in January 2021. And you can also read the release notes here: EA Madden 21 Latest Update 1.23 patches January 2021, Download.

Many new players play the game and encounter problems due to lack of knowledge. It’s not really a lack of knowledge, it’s because they are new to the game and don’t know most game controls that are very important to all Madden 21 players. These commands will help you to play better and you can easily win the game if you improve your skills and know all the commands of the game that are important to win.

Now to our main topic – How to dive into Madden 21, let’s take a look.

There are many tips and tricks that you can follow in Madden 21. These tips and tricks will definitely give you an advantage during the game and increase your chances of winning the game a bit. One of the most important tips you should consider is diving. Diving into Madden 21 is a very important point to consider and will definitely help you play the game better.

To dive into Madden 21, you’ll need to press the square button on your PS4 controller, and for Xbox, you’ll need to press X on your Xbox One controller. The same controls work for the PS5 and the Xbox X and S series.

So that was the ministry for Diving into Madden 21.

Diving is a good trick in Madden 21 that is mostly used on short runs. For example, the cross country quarterback: This is something a runner or defender can also use in the ground game. It is used when the team is very close to the goal line and the back tries to dive for a touchdown in the NFL.

So now you know about the Madden 21 dive. If you want to learn how to slip into Madden 21, follow the next section.

How do you get high? How do I dive into Madden 21?

After learning to dive. It is important to know how to slider in Madden 21.

Here’s the complete guide to sliding in Madden 21: How do you slide with a QB in Madden 21? The new guide

This guide will help you get into the game. Like diving, sliding is also a very important thing that you need to know to become a pro in this game.

So it all depended on how you dived into Madden 21 and how you slid.


Ultimately, it’s safe to say that immersion and sliding are very important in Madden 21 and every rookie should know them. You can press the square button on PS4 and PS5 to dive into the game. And you can press X for Immerse on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

So it was a matter of how to dive in and slide into Madden 21. I hope you like our approach.

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How do you dive into Madden 21?

Press R2/RT and L2/LT. Then hold down the Square/X (Dive) button to switch to Madden 21.

How do you get into Madden on PS4?

As long as you press R2 and RT for a scrum, you must release that button before pressing square or X. If you hold down the scrum button, your player dives and doesn’t slide.

How to catch and trap in Madden 21 ?

If the pass goes to the receiving player, you can press the Y (Xbox) or triangle (PS) key to remove the pass. It’s pretty easy to run checks in flat areas and catch an open back, but there are much more difficult options for deep passes.

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