How to Farm Raw Fish in Valheim

As you approach the waters, you will notice that sometimes there are fish swimming around, and yes, you can catch them.

In most cases, you will find fish in almost any water source, and if you catch them, you have another food source.

If you catch fish, you get raw meat, which is used especially in Walheim to prepare certain dishes.

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How to farm raw fish?


The way to get fish in Valheim might seem a bit obvious, because in most games you can fish with a fishing pole.

If you don’t have a fish shell, you can buy one from the merchant Haldor (aka Merchant) for 350 coins.

Coins are now relatively easy to obtain, as they can be looted from the chests of pre-built structures, in dungeons, and by killing certain enemies such as trolls and fullings.

You also need a fishing lure, which you can also buy from a merchant for 10 coins, giving you 50x fishing lures per purchase.

To learn how to fish, consult our Walheim fishing guide.

Out of water fishing (land fishing)

From time to time fish appear on the shore, probably due to their rapid movements and the waves that propel them.

If you see a fish lying on the ground, you can just walk towards it and pick it up to put it directly into your inventory.

Be sure to move quickly when you see the fish, as sometimes they return to the water by swimming around it.

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Use of raw fish

At present, fish are only intended for two types of cooking: Boiled fish (cooking station) and fish wraps (wok).

Below you will find recipes for fish dishes:


  • Boiled fish
  • fish wraps (prepared with cooked fish)

Fish wraps provide the most endurance. They give you 90 extra stamina and provide 60 extra health with 4 health regeneration per tick.

The fish are crowned again

You don’t have to wait for the fish to come up, because the fish that come close to the shore are not the ones that will bite on your bait.

If you want to speed up your fishing, aim for a distance of 21-25 when you cast and the fish should bite within seconds.

Raw fish (some players call it fish meat) may not be the easiest resource to grow, especially since it takes time.

Some players will try to build fish traps by placing them in the water, as there are no trap elements implemented in the game yet.


Boiled fish may not be the best food source for hobbyists (45 healthy and 25 hardy), but you can use them as a temporary food source when you need them.

However, catching the fish is quite cumbersome, so you can save it for later and make fish wraps to make the most of it.

The amount of raw fish is randomized when you pick up a fish (if you catch a fish with a fishfish, it moves closer to you for interaction with a fishfish), which saves on raw fish.

Fighting enemies or traveling is easier at the end of the game with fish wraps, as the 90 stamina bonus can keep your character going and the health and regeneration buff provides survivability.

There is currently no recipe for Fish Stew, but it may be added in future updates with other recipes.

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