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This is a guide for the average gamer who might want to play Terraria. I am not an expert on fishing, nor am I experienced with terrariums in general. This blog will be broken into sections detailing each step of how to fish in lava and what materials are needed. The process should be fairly self-explanatory; if you have any questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to contact me or search online.,

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In Terraria, fishing has long been a popular career. You may choose from a variety of baits and fishing rods in order to capture the rarest species imaginable. The fishing mechanism is simply given a simple layout in the game. It, however, goes far deeper than what can be seen on the surface.

You have three basic fishing ponds to select from in Terraria. Fishing is achievable as long as you have a suitable body of water. In Terraria, lava fishing is a popular choice. 

In a lava landscape, there are many different and rewarding fish to capture. However, in order to have a decent yield, you must understand the fundamentals. In order to fish in lava, you’ll need a lava-resistant fishing rod. 

In this article, we’ll teach you how to employ the best fishing techniques to get a good harvest in the lava landscape. With that in mind, let’s get started with the basics. 

In Terraria, what is fishing?

Fishing is a Terraria pastime that involves using a fishing rod in a liquid body. Before you can start fishing, you’ll need the right bait. The Angler NPC may provide both of the aforementioned goods, which can be created or obtained.

What is the Angler NPC’s identity?

The angler is an NPC that gives the player daily fishing assignments. The Angler is entirely focused on fishing. The majority of NPCs in Terraria’s sandbox are there to offer their goods. The Angler, on the other hand, does not sell anything and instead offers you several fishing missions to do.  

This NPC may be found in the arid landscape. Until you engage with him and wake him up, he will seem as a Sleeping Angler. Make sure you have a place for him to live when he arrives. Every day at 4:30 a.m., you will get a quest. The player may then commence missions by speaking with the angler. 

Terraria’s Basic Fishing Requirements

To start fishing, you’ll need a liquid body with a surface area of at least 300 tiles (for lava) or greater. Oceans typically need a 1,001 tile area, while honey only just 200 tiles. 

When throwing your fishing rod, make sure you are not buried in the water by more than a few inches, otherwise it will not count. You may move about while fishing as long as your rod’s hook is firmly embedded in the liquid body. Here are some more things you can do while fishing:

  • Flying
  • Being in a precarious situation
  • Taking a seat in a chair
  • Water Walking / Floating

Terraria Lava Fishing


Lava fishing isn’t the same as fishing with water and honey. If you put your standard rod in a lava pond, you won’t be able to fish since you’ll need a lava-proof rod to do it. 


A player must use a Hook for fishing with a hotline and a Lavaproof Tackle Bag to fish in lava (not mandatory). It’s also possible to use a Hook for fishing in lava. 

Only a few types of fishing bait may be used in the Lava landscape. If you toss the incorrect bait into the lava, you risk losing your hard-earned baits. As a result, ensure that you use one of the following:

  • Snail of the Magma
  • Lavafly
  • Butterfly of Hades

Where can I get a Hook for fishing with a hotline?

A Hook for fishing with a hotline can only be obtained by wagering on a 1 in 75 chance of receiving one from the Angler in Hardmode. You must, however, accomplish a total of 25 tasks.

If you’re having trouble finding this Hook as a mission prize, create a new world and try again. Alternatively, for your fishing activities, you might utilize a different hook. It will not, however, be as effective as a Hook for fishing with a hotline.

The following are the figures for this Fishing Rod:

NameHook for fishing with a hotline
Powerful Fishing45%
NotesIs it possible to fish in lava? Quests completed prior to entering Hardmode are also counted. However, it is only available in Hardmode.

Hook for fishing in lava

Obsidian and Crate of Hellstones include this item. You will be able to fish in lava using any bait and fishing poles as a result of this. However, you must have lava fishing equipment in order to earn this item.

You can also use this item with a Golden Fishing Rod in order to convert it to an improved version of the Hook for fishing with a hotline. This upgrade will give you around 5% more Powerful Fishing than the base variant. 

However, the catch frequency of this item is marginally increased when paired with a Hook for fishing with a hotline. Therefore, your decision should be dependent on your requirements. 

The Method of Making a Lavaproof Tackle Bag

The crafting method of this item is rather tricky. The item essentially increases your fishing efficiency and power by a marginal amount. To craft a Lavaprood Tackle Bag, a player needs to mix the Angler Tackle Bag with a Hook for fishing in lava in the Tinkerer’s Workshop. 

The crafting tree operates as follows:


Terraria Wiki is the source of this information.

The Tinkerer’s workshop can be obtained from the Goblin Tinkerer for as low as 10G. However, the rest of the items are quest drops from the angler. The Hook for fishing in lava can be obtained from the Crate of Obsidian or its Hardmode counterpart, the Crate of Hellstone. 

Both may be discovered through lava fishing. As a result, it is not an item with which to begin your lava fishing adventures. 

Lava Fishing Catches


Lava fishing has its own set of advantages. While the procedure might be tedious, it is much more satisfying than fishing in the ocean or for honey. The following are the drops that may be obtained when fishing in lava. 

Flarefin Koi is a kind of koi that has aFishGreenUsed in the creation of the Inferno Potion
ObsidfishFishGreenUsed in the creation of the Inferno Potion
Swordfish of ObsidianSpearLimePotion with a Return Point
Lava Bucket with No LimitsToolLimeOnly in Hardmode
Sponge that absorbs lavaToolLimeAllows you to build a limitless number of lava bricks.
Conch of the DemonToolLight RedAllows you to remove an endless number of lava bricks.
Crate of ObsidianCrateGreenPre Only in Hardmode
Crate of HellstoneCrateGreenOnly in Hardmode

Guidelines for Best Practices

While doing things the way they’re supposed to be done is great, there are a few things you can do to make lava fishing a lot easier. The following are the most regularly used ones:

Lake of Man-Made Lava


It’s unsettling to be slaughtered by demon worshipers and crimson slimes. This is particularly true if you are unable to respond owing to the fact that you are holding your fishing rod in both hands. No one wants to waste their hard-earned fishing bait by killing a random species that doesn’t even drop enough money.

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To prevent dying indefinitely, it is far preferable to create a lava pit on the surface of your globe. Despite this, you will still need to venture into the underworld and acquire bait. 

How to Make an Lake of Man-Made Lava


You may dig through a huge region and utilize one of the following to speed up the process instead of making lengthy dives to acquire a small quantity of lava every rotation:

Pumps for the inlet and outlet (Pre Lava Fishing)

Pumps are devices that move liquids from one location to another. They do, however, need to be connected on both ends. A little quantity of wire may be purchased from the Mechanic. A block of wire costs around 5 silver coins to purchase. 

As a result, laying a wireline to the underworld should take roughly 1000 blocks. Please keep in mind that this is for a little planet. Larger ones may need significantly more work and time. 

You’ll need to connect the two pumps with an actuator block in the middle. Up to four tiles of lava may be pushed by a single pump. Later in the game, a Timer may be used to automate this. To make things function, you’ll simply need a certain quantity of lava. 

These pumps may be made using 10 iron bars of any kind and two wire blocks on a lead or iron anvil. 

Using a Lava Bucket with No Limits 

This item can make your life much easier since there is no need to go underworld to fetch lava. A Lava Bucket with No Limits allows you to place infinite blocks of lava anywhere you want. However, you can only obtain it through fishing in lava. Therefore, you might have to die a few times to get the gears kicking.

Simply click/tap on the area where you want the lava to be placed, and the bucket will do the rest.

Wet Bombs

As the name suggests, it is an explosive item that can either place or remove liquids by exploding. You can fill a dry bomb with any kind of liquid to make it work. However, the item is only obtainable from Obsidian or Crate of Hellstones which can only be found via fishing. 

As a result, this strategy will put you behind significantly in terms of typical death times. To fill a large area, you’ll need many lava bombs. As a result, we suggest that you only use it if you have a large number of lava bombs in your inventory. 

For Lava, use a Damage Negation Item.


When it comes to surviving lava-related mishaps, a damage negation item might help a lot. Furthermore, it provides you with more control over your fishing techniques. As a result, you may obtain partial immunity/damage negation against lava by using one of the following items. 

Skin Potion with Obsidian

This item can let you stay in lava for the entirety of its duration. It can be helpful whenever you want to partake in Lava swimming. However, constantly using it can come up with big costs. It takes a lot of time to find ingredients for a few Skin Potion with Obsidians. However, the hassle starts to decrease per increase in quantity.


Here is how you can craft an Skin Potion with Obsidian:

Rose of Obsidian

Lava’s basic damage may be reduced from 80 to 35 using this item. With this item, you can layer a lot of armor to raise your lava resistance to the point where it feels like poison damage. 

How to Get It

The Rose of Obsidian is a drop from Fire Imp in the Underworld. You have a 1 in 50 chance of getting this item after killing the Fire Imp. 

Mounted Lava Shark

This mount can grant complete immunity to lava. You can also use faster movements in liquids. The maximum speed of the Mounted Lava Shark is 73 mph in any kind of liquid. 

How to Get It

This mount can only be obtained through Crate of Obsidians or Crate of Hellstones therefore, it will take you a decent amount of time to obtain it. 

When fishing, how does catch frequency work?


When a player is fishing, Terraria assigns a concealed catch counter to monitor the player’s progress toward a successful catch. The counter begins at 1 and gradually increases. When you reach 660, you’ll have the following bite chance:

((75 + Powerful Fishing) / 2) %

Whether there is a bite or not, the counter resets to zero. Fishing in lava with lava-proof equipment, on the other hand, resets the number to 240. This phenomena will not grow when more lava-resistant goods are added. 

In light of the general parameters that influence the procedure, below is a calculation for the average catch rate. 


As an example, a player can expect to catch a fish every 1.5 seconds at a Powerful Fishing of 125. Here is how it works:


“The globe is bursting at the seams with the strangest sorts of fish!” — The Fisherman

All in all, players can expect to find better yields by fishing in lava instead of water. However, it is dependent on your fishing environment and rod. It is generally better to opt for a high Powerful Fishing rod alongside the Hook for fishing in lava in order to maximize your earnings.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to catch fish in lava without it being as difficult as it usually is. As a result, follow the methods outlined in this article to get the most out of your fishing excursions. 

The “lava fishing rod terraria” is a tool that allows you to fish in lava. This is useful for catching the elusive Magma Cube and other items.

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