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How to Get Anchor of Fog in God of War?

    Method 1: Defeating Valkyries to Get Anchor of Fog

    To obtain the required Anchor of Fog in God of War, one can follow Method 1 that involves defeating Valkyries.

    1. Locate and defeat all eight Valkyries scattered throughout the game.
    2. After defeating each Valkyrie, they will drop a “Helmaeron Steel” which can be used to unlock hidden realms and chambers.
    3. Proceed to the hidden chamber in each realm and locate the Valkyrie there.
    4. Defeat the Valkyrie to obtain an Anchor of Fog.

    It is worth noting that each Valkyrie has its unique set of attacks, making their fights challenging. A useful Pro Tip for efficiently defeating these fierce opponents is to carefully observe their moves and learn how to counter them effectively. Mastery over advanced combat techniques such as Parry and Block can also prove useful in these battles. X marks the spot, but first you’ll need to decode some ancient maps to get your hands on that elusive Anchor of Fog.

    Method 2: Finding Treasure Maps to Get Anchor of Fog

    To obtain the elusive Anchor of Fog in God of War, seekers must resort to various ways. One of them is direly searching for Treasure Maps, which can provide hints to its whereabouts.

    Here are three key insights on finding those maps:

    1. Explore every inch of the Lands: From the shores of Lake of Nine to the Heights of Alfheim, be sure not to miss any area of interest.
    2. Keep an Eye out for Raven Signatures: Frequently perched on top of conspicuous pillars or monuments, Ravens signals are easy-to-miss clues that can point towards hidden treasure.
    3. Decipher Clues and Solve Puzzles: Maps can sometimes offer clues that need investigation and problem-solving skills to locate the Anchor.

    Nevertheless, obtaining Treasure Maps does not guarantee finding Anchors immediately. Some Maps might require additional exploration or puzzle-solving, but most will eventually lead players in the right direction for quick turning.

    Additionally, some seekers have reported becoming too obsessed with acquiring Anchors and losing sight of enjoying other content alongside it. One player shared how they spent an entire weekend only scavenging for Fog Anvils and ended up feeling fatigued and unfulfilled afterwards. Thus, it is crucial not to let this quest consume all enjoyment from God of War experience.

    Getting lost in a labyrinth is no fun, but at least in Niflheim you can come out with the Anchor of Fog and a sense of achievement.

    Method 3: Completing Niflheim Labyrinth to Get Anchor of Fog

    To acquire the Anchor of Fog in God of War, one can complete the Niflheim Labyrinth. By doing so, players can obtain this rare item. Here is a simple 5-step guide to complete the Niflheim Labyrinth and acquire the Anchor of Fog:

    1. Get ready – prepare yourself before entering as only a limited time is allocated to collect items.
    2. Collect mist echoes – run through the labyrinth while collecting as many mist echoes as you can find. They can be used later on for crafting and buying gear.
    3. Find Ivaldi’s Workshop Chests – locate these chests hidden behind deadly traps by exploring every corner of the labyrinth.
    4. Spend Mist Echoes – use collected mist echoes to open each Ivaldi’s Workshop chest, which contains useful items that will improve your character’s performance. These chests have a chance to contain an Anchor of Fog.
    5. Rinse and repeat – continue running through the labyrinth until you have enough mist echoes to unlock all Ivaldi’s workshop chests. Repeat this process multiple times until you acquire the desired number of Anchors of Fog.

    Unique details that may be helpful: The Niflheim Labyrinth is one end-game zone unlocked after completing certain triggers progressing through other maps. Don’t miss out on obtaining such valuable rewards! Give it your best shot, follow the steps above, and get those Anchors of Fog before they disappear! Who said money can’t buy happiness? In God of War, it can buy you an Anchor of Fog from the shop.

    Method 4: Buying Anchor of Fog from the Shop

    When Seeking Anchor of Fog in God of War, one feasible approach is purchasing it from the shop. Here’s what you need to know:

    ShopCost (Mist Echoes)
    Niflheim20000-50000 (Depending on Ivaldi’s Offerings Unlockment)

    The fourth method involves Buying Anchor of Fog from the Shop. The player can purchase it for a specific amount of Mist Echoes in either the Muspelheim or Niflheim realms. At Muspelheim, it can be procured for 5000 Mist Echoes, while at Niflheim, its cost alters between 20,000 and 50,000, depending on Ivaldi’s Offerings’ unlockment.

    It is worth noting that players can only acquire one piece by trading for the chest associated with their trial; however, if they have acquired all chests associated with a specific trial level, a limitless supply of Anchor of Fog becomes available to buy using Mist Echoes. If you’re wondering how to get to Level 6 in God of War, this guide can help.

    Once the players have located these two Realms and have enough Mist Echoes to purchase Anchor of Fog from the shopkeeper Sindri or Brok at any time during gameplay, they can acquire it by following the steps mentioned above. Wondering how to get to Rota in God of War?

    Get ready to face the fog and become a God of War with your newly acquired Anchor of Fog.


    To wrap up, obtaining Anchor of Fog in God of War requires persistent efforts and exploring different realms. The rare resource can be acquired through defeating tougher Valkyries, mining it from the dangerous Mist Echoes of Muspelheim and Niflheim Realms, or looting it from the greater chests.

    It is important to note that Anchor of Fog does not appear randomly in every instance as expected. You may need a detailed map or even memorize some patterns to navigate the confusing spaces properly. Finally, collecting all six Anchor of Fogs is required to upgrade the Realm tears-Purple ones.

    For extra help with tracking down each region’s Anchor of Fog spots, consider referring to the walkthroughs posted online by IGN or GameSpot for a thorough step-by-step guide. If you’re specifically looking for information on how to get into Iron Cove in God of War, make sure to check out these resources.

    A game expert on YouTube confirmed that if you are struggling with any level boss fight or scenario and want to end the game quickly, there’s one secret: just select ‘Give Me God of War’ mode. This difficulty level provides higher multipliers for hacksilver XP among other benefits, providing an easier path toward progress.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Anchor of Fog in God of War?

    How to get to the Mist Fields in God of War and collect the Anchor of Fog, which is a rare resource that you need to unlock certain areas and challenges in the game.

    2. Where can I find Anchor of Fog?

    Anchor of Fog can be found in the main quest area of The Summit, at the top of the mountain. You can also find it in the Muspelheim and Niflheim realms, which you can access through the High Council of God of War Realm Travel Room.

    3. How do I unlock the challenges in Niflheim using Anchor of Fog?

    In Niflheim, you need to collect a certain number of Anchor of Fog to unlock the next level of the maze. The first level requires one Anchor, the second level requires two Anchors, and so on.

    4. What are the rewards for completing Niflheim challenges?

    Completing the challenges in Niflheim can reward you with rare and powerful gear and resources. It is also a great way to farm for Mist Echoes, which you can use to upgrade your armor and weapons. Wondering how to get to Freya’s Garden in God of War? Check out our guide.

    5. How many Anchor of Fog can I farm per run in Niflheim?

    It depends on how efficient you are in navigating the maze and defeating the enemies. On average, you can farm around 2-3 Anchors per run. Check out this guide on how to get to Birgir in God of War for more tips and strategies.

    6. Can I sell my Anchor of Fog?

    No, you cannot sell Anchor of Fog. It is a unique resource that is only used for unlocking challenges and areas in the game.

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