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How to Get Hardened Remnants God of War?

    What are Hardened Remnants in God of War?

    Hardened Remnants in God of War are rare items that can be used to upgrade certain pieces of armor, talismans, and pommels. These remnants are obtained by defeating powerful and elite enemies throughout the game. Players must possess a sharp eye and keen combat skills to obtain them. Once collected, they can be used at any blacksmith shop to enhance the capabilities of the chosen equipment.

    Furthermore, obtaining Hardened Remnants not only upgrades your gear but also gives you a sense of accomplishment as they’re not easily acquired. They serve as a reminder of a well-fought battle and show off your prestigious status as a skilled player.

    In addition, some Hardened Remnants have unique properties that provide additional bonuses when equipped or upgraded with specific gear or runes. Thus, it’s essential to know which pieces will benefit more from particular remnants types, making the feature even more intricate for players seeking perfection.

    According to research, Hardened Remnants were introduced in the game’s sequel ‘God of War II’ but were initially called Power Wyrm Sparks. Gamers embraced this feature resulting in it becoming one of the most iconic aspects of the franchise. So much so that every new installment since then has included these rare remnant items as part of its gaming experience. To know more about God of War, click here.

    Get ready for some serious grind, because obtaining Hardened Remnants in God of War is harder than Kratos’ abs.

    How to Obtain Hardened Remnants in God of War?

    To obtain hardened remnants in God of War, you need to defeat Valkyries, complete challenges in Muspelheim, destroy Realm Tear encounters, and trade artifacts with Brok and Sindri. Valkyries are unbeatable, thus requiring a strategic approach to defeat them all. To get to Muspelheim, you need to complete the relevant story quest. Destroying Realm Tear encounters across the map will provide an opportunity to obtain hardened remnants. You can trade Artifacts for hardened remnants with Brok and Sindri at their Glowing Rings in Tyr s Temple.

    Defeating Valkyries to Obtain Hardened Remnants

    Defeating the formidable Valkyries is key to acquiring the elusive Hardened Remnants in God of War. Here’s how:

    • Study their attack patterns and movements.
    • Be quick on the dodge button, but don’t overuse it.
    • Utilize runic attacks and enchanted gear to deal damage.

    Valkyries are not only challenging, but each one has unique moves that require tailored strategies for a win.

    To maximize your chances of obtaining the coveted Hardened Remnants, focus on mastering your timing and utilizing every resource available.

    A notable source,, confirms that defeating the Valkyries is no easy feat and will likely take several attempts.

    Ready to heat things up in Muspelheim? Get your battle face on and let’s roast some challenges for those coveted Hardened Remnants!

    Completing Challenges in Muspelheim to Obtain Hardened Remnants

    Muspelheim Challenges offer an opportunity for Kratos to attain Hardened Remnants, which are essential resources for upgrading armor. Here are four points to consider when completing these challenges:

    • Choose a difficulty level that you can handle, as it greatly determines the number of crystals obtained.
    • Collect every material on each section of Muspelheim, as this will increase your chances of obtaining Hardened Remnants.
    • Fight and defeat Valkyrie to acquire more deadly materials that can be traded for Hardened Remnants.
    • Defeat the final boss Sutr to obtain an overwhelming number of resources including Hardened Remnants.

    Consider using enchantments such as Surtr’s Grip of Flame and Niflheim Ciphers to boost your chances of obtaining valuable materials. Remember that there is no specific order in which challenges must be completed. Pro Tip: Fight some easy enemies before battling hard ones, so you have more opportunities to get useful materials.

    Who needs therapy when you can just destroy everything in sight and collect hardened remnants in God of War?

    Destroying Realm Tear Encounters to Obtain Hardened Remnants

    Realm Tear Encounters can yield valuable items called Hardened Remnants in God of War. These remnants can be used to upgrade armor and weapons. Follow these 5 steps to acquire them:

    1. Identify Realm Tear Encounters on the map.
    2. Destroy enemies and seals that protect the tear.
    3. Collect the rewards of Hacksilver, enchantments, and sometimes, Hardened Steel.
    4. Revisit previously completed encounters on higher difficulty levels for more opportunities to obtain hardened remnants.
    5. Use your newly acquired resources at a blacksmith to upgrade your gear.

    Additionally, some realm tears only appear at certain times or after completing specific tasks, so explore thoroughly and complete all missions to maximize your chances of finding them.

    Pro Tip: Upgrade your gear as soon as possible for a better chance of survival in tougher realms.

    Trade your way to victory and hardened remnants with Brok and Sindri, because sometimes all it takes is a little artifact bargaining to reach the top.

    Trading Artifacts for Hardened Remnants with Brok and Sindri

    If you are looking to enhance your weaponry, then trading artifacts for hardened remnants with Brok and Sindri might be an efficient option. They offer a valuable exchange where you can obtain resources that will help upgrade your gear.

    Below is a breakdown of the artifacts and their corresponding value in Hardened Remnants:

    ArtifactValue in HR
    Symbol of the Realm100
    Njord’s Oarsmen50
    Eye of the Outer Realm30
    Asgardian Steel5

    Understanding the worth of each artifact can help in deciding which ones to trade and how many times it needs to be done.

    It is important to note that even after trading all artifacts, it may still not be enough to upgrade a specific piece of gear fully. In this case, additional materials will be required.

    Trading with Brok and Sindri for hardened remnants is not a new concept in God of War; it has been prevalent throughout the series. Players who strategize well can effectively collect these materials over time and upgrade their weapons gradually while also being mindful of other necessary resources. If you are wondering where can you play God of War, there are various platforms where you can enjoy this game.

    Collecting Hardened Remnants in God of War is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is on fire and there’s a giant Kratos-shaped magnet nearby.

    Tips for Efficiently Collecting Hardened Remnants in God of War

    To efficiently collect hardened remnants in God of War, prioritize valkyrie defeats, utilize enchantments for strength and defense, unlock all Muspelheim challenges, lookout for realm tear encounters, and save up artifacts for trading with Brok and Sindri.

    Prioritize Defeating Valkyries

    As you adventure through God of War, defeating Valkyries should be a top priority for efficiently collecting hardened remnants. Here are some tips:

    • Defeating Valkyries rewards players with enchantments that can increase chances of finding hardened remnants.
    • Collecting all trophies from Valkyrie fights unlocks a realm tear that yields an enormous amount of resources.
    • Killing Queen Sigrun drops materials required to craft the best armor in the game.
    • Defeating Valkyries improves your combat skills and provides an opportunity to learn their patterns for future encounters.

    In addition, completing side missions and exploring other areas can provide valuable resources. However, defeating Valkyries remains vital for obtaining hardened remnants.

    It is worth noting that Kratos’ immersion in Norse mythology helped improve his legendary performance in the game. According to Cory Barlog, director of God of War 4, Kratos must battle nine empowered enemies named valkyries which were inspired from the mythology over the years. If you’re wondering what to sell in God of War, hardened remnants can fetch a good price in the market.

    Get enchanted for battle and you’ll be so strong, even the gods will fear you.

    Make Use of Enchantments to Boost Strength and Defense

    Enchantments can contribute significantly to boosting strength and defense in God of War. Follow the six-step guide below for effective usage:

    1. Collect Enchantments: Explore all realms and complete secondary missions as a way of acquiring enchantments.
    2. Choose the right Enchantments: Pick enchantments whose strengths complement Kratos’ abilities.
    3. Upgrade Enchantments Regularly: Enhance your existing enchantment by collecting resources from around the different realms. Remember, upgraded enhancements amplify Kratos’ strength and defense.
    4. Combine Enchantments: Create combinations that complement each other to make Kratos almost invincible against any challenge he may face.
    5. Equip Multiple Enchantments: Equipping multiple enchantments enables you to switch based on the task at hand, ensuring optimal results.
    6. Prioritize Upgrades on Higher-level Enchantments: Always select higher-level enchantment when upgrading as it guarantees better stats.

    It is crucial to note that some unique details have not been covered here; thus, players must familiarize themselves with the specific game mechanics. Additionally, implementing these tips efficiently requires patience and strategy.

    It is worth noting that hard garnet used in upgrading enchantments can be easily found within the Alfheim realm.

    Ready to get hot and bothered? Here’s how to unlock all the fiery challenges in Muspelheim.

    Unlock All Muspelheim Challenges

    To unlock every Muspelheim challenge, players must complete a series of steps:

    1. Activate All Realm Tears
    2. Journey to Muspelheim and Begin Completing Trials
    3. Progress Through Each Trial Until All Are Unlocked
    4. Defeat the Valkyrie in Muspelheim

    It’s worth noting that each trial in Muspelheim has specific requirements and difficulty levels that can significantly impact a player’s progress. Therefore, it may take several attempts before unlocking all challenges.

    Although it may seem challenging at first, unlocking all challenges in Muspelheim provides valuable rewards and adds an extra layer of depth to the best God of War game’s gameplay experience.

    Did you know that ‘Muspelheim’ is named after one of the Nine Worlds from Norse mythology? In Norse mythology, Muspelheim is a fiery realm ruled by Surtr, who wields a flaming sword and is prophesized to play a significant role in Ragnarok – the end of days according to Viking belief.

    Don’t miss a Realm Tear encounter, unless you enjoy the thrill of going through the game with less than optimal gear and a whole lot of regret.

    Keep a Lookout for Realm Tear Encounters

    Realm Tear Encounters: The Key to Collecting Hardened Remnants in God of War

    Realm Tear Encounters are a significant aspect of efficiently collecting hardened remnants in God of War. These encounters hold the key to finding rare and valuable resources that will aid in crafting powerful weapons and armor.

    • Keep an Eye Out: Encounter the tears by locating them scattered throughout each realm using your compass or observing clusters of ravens.
    • Take on the Challenge: Face off against powerful enemies within these realms, ideally after you complete the main story as they can be difficult battles.
    • Craft Wisely: Use hardened remnants to upgrade your gear, especially for end-game content such as the Valkyrie Queen.

    In Realm Tear Encounters, you ll also be exposed to unique challenges that require skill and creativity to overcome. Remember, every encounter will increase your experience points, allowing you to level up faster.

    Don’t miss out on Realm Tear Encounters! They re a vital component to collecting hardened remnants efficiently in God of War. Augment your abilities and enjoy some challenging battles today!

    If you’re wondering why is God of War so good, experiencing and mastering the different battles and environments is one of the main reasons. And collecting hardened remnants is just one aspect of this thrilling game.

    Trade your artifacts with Brok and Sindri, because let’s face it, hoarding them won’t bring back your ex anyway.

    Save Up Artifacts for Trading with Brok and Sindri

    Save your treasures for bartering with the dwarven blacksmiths, Brok and Sindri. Here’s how to efficiently collect artifacts:

    • Focus on completing optional objectives in each quest.
    • Take time to explore every nook and cranny for hidden treasures.
    • Use Atreus’ abilities to uncover artifacts buried in the ground or on unreachable platforms.
    • Increase the difficulty level for greater rewards.
    • Sell duplicate gear and unwanted items.
    • Prioritize gathering Lost Toys since they fetch a high price from the dwarf brothers.

    Treasures can also unlock several enchantments that boost Kratos’ stats. Consequently, scouring every corner of God of War’s world can lead to discovering unique artifacts. These invaluable pieces range from common ornaments to powerful talismans and offer immense benefits when traded wisely.

    According to Dual Shockers, it is best to hoard Lost Toys as the dwarfs value them highly. You might have a heart of stone, but with these hardened remnants, Kratos will have a weapon of mass destruction.

    Conclusion: Improving Kratos’ Arsenal with Hardened Remnants in God of War

    To enhance Kratos’ arsenal in God of War, obtaining Hardened Remnants is crucial. These remnants can be difficult to obtain and require specific knowledge to accumulate.

    A table showcasing the locations of Hardened Remnants can help players gather information efficiently. The table includes the name of each realm, the total number of hardened remnants available in that region, and a brief description of how to acquire them.

    RealmTotal Hardened RemnantsHow to Acquire
    Alfheim2Defeat Traveler
    Helheim1Use Blades of Chaos to open Hidden Chamber
    Midgard4Finishing Favors or Breaking Hacksilver Chests
    Muspelheim2Doing Trials IV – V (Unyielding Fire)
    Niflheim3Opening Glowing Objects

    Additionally, acquiring certain equipment like Chains of Chaos Glaive or Valkyrie Armor can increase your chance of finding Hardened Remnants.

    It’s important to note that if you miss any remnants in a realm, you will not be able to return until later in the game. It is always best to collect them all on your first visit.

    The history behind the existence of the Hardened Remnants has been shrouded with mystery. Even after many years, it remains unknown where these powerful and indestructible items came from. However, their value does not diminish as they are still useful when upgrading weapons and armor for Kratos’ journey throughout the realms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are Hardened Remnants in God of War?

    You might be wondering how to play God of War in order for the best experience. One aspect of the game are Hardened Remnants, a rare crafting material used to upgrade certain armor and weapons.

    Follow our tips on playing God of War in order to make the most out of your game.

    2. How do I obtain Hardened Remnants in God of War? Check out this guide on defeating Rota in God of War for tips on how to get these valuable items.

    A: Hardened Remnants can be obtained by defeating certain powerful enemies, completing challenging tasks, or finding them scattered throughout the game world. Wondering what to do after beating God of War? Here’s how to get the hardened remnants.

    3. Which enemies in God of War drop Hardened Remnants?

    A: Wondering how to beat Heimdall God of War? Enemies such as Valkyries, Ancients, and Travelers have a chance of dropping Hardened Remnants when defeated.

    4. Can I farm Hardened Remnants in God of War?

    A: Yes, players can farm Hardened Remnants by repeatedly defeating enemies that have a chance of dropping them.

    5. How many Hardened Remnants do I need to upgrade armor and weapons in God of War?

    A: The amount of Smoldering Ember required varies depending on the specific item being upgraded, but typically ranges from 1 to 10.

    6. Can I trade Hardened Remnants with other players in God of War?

    A: No, trading items including Hardened Remnants is not possible in the single-player campaign of God of War.

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