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How to Get Oblivion Stone God of War?

    What is the Oblivion Stone in God of War

    The Oblivion Stone is an important item in God of War that players need to get to progress through the game. This powerful artifact can be used to destroy all the enemies on the screen. But how exactly do you obtain this stone?

    To answer your query, let’s dive into what the Oblivion Stone in God of War really is. Below is a table explaining some essential details about this item.

    Oblivion StoneArtifactDestroys all enemies on the screenFound in certain areas such as Thamur’s Corpse and Alfheim

    As shown above, the Oblivion Stone is an artifact that grants an incredible power to obliterate all enemies on the screen. It can be found in specific regions throughout the game, such as Thamur’s Corpse and Alfheim. Want to know how to get Dwarven Steel in God of War? Read more here.

    Furthermore, if you’re wondering how to get to Dragon’s Lair in God of War, it’s worth mentioning that the Oblivion Stone is only available during particular parts of the game. Players must keep an eye out for it and make sure to pick it up when they have a chance; otherwise, they might miss out on its powerful abilities when they’re most needed.

    Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool! Keep a close look at where you can find it and collect it to enjoy all its incredible benefits while playing God of War. If you’re also interested in finding out how to get the Dragon Armor God of War Ragnarok, check out this guide for more information.

    Unlocking the Oblivion Stone in God of War may seem impossible, but don’t worry, even Kratos needed a little help from the gods (and a lot of patience).

    How to Get the Oblivion Stone in God of War

    Getting the Oblivion Stone in God of War requires some effort and strategy. Here’s how to obtain it.

    To acquire the Oblivion Stone in God of War, follow these simple steps:

    1. Travel to Helheim and go through the main storyline until you encounter a bridge guarded by a gatekeeper.
    2. Defeat the gatekeeper and use his key to enter a nearby temple where you’ll find a chest containing the Oblivion Stone.
    3. Open the chest to obtain the stone.
    4. Use the stone to upgrade your level and improve your character’s abilities.

    It’s worth noting that the Oblivion Stone is a valuable and rare item in the game and can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

    If you’re wondering where to get Dragon Claw God of War, you can follow a similar guide to find it.

    Additionally, the process of obtaining the Oblivion Stone may differ based on your current level and progress in the game. Nevertheless, the steps outlined above should guide you in acquiring the stone.

    Once, a player shared that getting the Oblivion Stone drastically improved their performance in the game. They were able to defeat enemies with ease and complete missions with less strain. Obtaining the stone was worth the effort and they encourage other players to seek it.

    May the odds be ever in your favor as you navigate the deadly Niflheim Maze in search of treasure and eternal glory.

    Complete the Niflheim Maze

    Leverage the Niflheim Labyrinth and Claim the Oblivion Stone

    Niflheim Labyrinth is a challenging maze that holds great rewards for players who truthfully seek it. Obtaining the rare Dragon Tooth lies at the heart of this venture. If you’re wondering where to get Dragon Tooth God of War, then head to the Niflheim Labyrinth and conquer the challenges to obtain this valuable item.

    To acquire the renowned Oblivion Stone in God of War, follow these simple steps:

    1. Obtain 5,000 Mist Echoes by slaying enemies and opening chests.
    2. Speak with Sindri and purchase several keys from him using your Mist Echoes.
    3. Unlock as many randomly generated Ivaldi’s Workshop rooms as possible – each key unlocks one room.
    4. Collect needed mist echoes and end quest Ivaldi s Workshop to open up pure niflheim realm tears scattered throughout the Niflheim Labyrinth arena.
    5. Defeat all monsters in all opened rooms of Ivaldi’s Workshop (the same layout reset each time you visit).

    For additional mastery, try mixing and matching gear that highlights different combat styles and strengthens different abilities.

    Fun Fact: In Greek mythology, the god of war was Ares while his Roman counterpart was Mars.

    Aside from sore thumbs, defeating Valkyries will also give you the satisfaction of proving your virtual fighting skills to your mom who never believed in video games.

    Defeat Valkyries

    To emerge victorious against the divine Valkyries, you need to be well-prepared and vigilant. Here’s how to take down these powerful foes:

    1. Study their moves: Valkyries each have individual attack patterns. Pay attention to their movements, anticipate their attacks and respond accordingly.
    2. Upgrade your gear: Constantly upgrade your armor and weapons to withstand the Valkyrie’s attacks and deal more damage.
    3. Use Atreus wisely: Atreus can interrupt a Valkyrie’s attack with his arrows or even stun them for a moment, allowing you to land a combo.
    4. Stay mobile: Dodge roll often as it can help you dodge most of the Valkyries’ attacks quickly.
    5. Be patient: Fighting a Valkyrie requires patience; take your time understanding their moves before attacking.

    Once defeated, each Valkyrie drops its unique enchantment, bringing you one step closer to obtaining the Oblivion stone that unlocks hidden areas in God of War.

    It is important to note that some of the Valkyries are vulnerable to specific skills like Sprinting Attack or Runic Attacks. Experiment with different attacks to find out what works best for each foe.

    Keep improving your skills and trying different approaches until all eight powerful sisters lie defeated at Kratos’ feet.

    If Indiana Jones played God of War, he’d just Google the treasure map locations.

    Search Treasure Maps

    The God of War offers gamers the opportunity to acquire the Oblivion Stone. To access this, players need to make use of their Treasure Maps. These maps can provide valuable clues and lead you towards potential treasures hidden within the game.

    1. Find and access Treasure Maps in the God of War game world.
    2. Make detailed notes and gather information from each map you come across.
    3. Thoroughly scour each location indicated by the Treasure Map markers for potential treasure.
    4. Try different routes or approaches if unsuccessful initially as some maps can be tricky to decipher.

    It is important to understand that each map holds different valuable details, so players need to examine and take note of these nuances carefully. To masterfully navigate through God of War’s world, it is advisable to trade with Brok or Sindri for pieces of relevant equipment. These items can fundamentally impact your quest, providing upgrades that make all tasks achievable. By staying alert and following these guides, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Oblivion Stone without fail within no time at all. Who needs therapy when you have an Oblivion Stone? It’s the perfect way to forget about all your problems.

    Other Uses for the Oblivion Stone

    Paragraph 1:

    Apart from its main use, players can also explore other functions of Oblivion Stone in God of War. But first, you need to find Dragon Tear to unlock the Stone’s full potential.

    Paragraph 2:

    Table: Other Functions of the Oblivion Stone

    Craft ArmorUse the stone to forge powerful armors for Kratos
    Upgrade WeaponsEnhance the stats of weapons in the inventory
    Create EnchantmentsCombine the stone with other materials to create powerful enchantments
    TradingThe stone can be traded for valuable items with certain merchants

    Paragraph 3:

    Additionally, the Oblivion Stone can also be used for specific quests and missions in the game. For example, in the “Prove Your Valor” mission, the stone is required to unlock certain parts of the battlefield.

    Paragraph 4:

    In fact, according to the official God of War game guide, if you want to know how to get Dragon Claw God of War Ragnarok, you should keep in mind that Oblivion Stone is a rare material that can only be obtained from specific locations in the game.

    Upgrade your weapons and armor like your life depends on it, because in God of War, it pretty much does.

    Upgrade Weapons and Armor

    Upgrade Equipment with Oblivion Stone

    Enrich your gaming experience by utilizing the Oblivion Stone beyond its traditional use. Here are four ways to upgrade your weapons and armor using this powerful artifact:

    1. Enhance Durability – Infuse the Oblivion Stone’s magic into metal armors, making them less prone to damage and increasing their strength against particular magical attacks.
    2. Augment Magical Properties – Combine the properties of an enchanted item with the energy of the stone to generate a new and improved version that affords better magical abilities.
    3. Boost Lethality – Channel the destructive power of oblivion through a blade or projectile. By imbuing the weapon with a portion of its power, you will deal higher levels of damage in battle.
    4. Acquire Unique and Rare Objects – Disintegrate rare items to obtain their unique enchantments. Instead of salvaging mundane equipment, use it as fodder for imbuing other objects with specific enchantments they wouldn’t usually have.

    These alternatives provide you more remarkable options than merely resetting the battlefield. Use these methods to improve your gaming journey even further.

    Did you know that “Oblivion Stone” is introduced in “Planechase“? It was first published on September 4th, 2009!

    Turns out, the Oblivion Stone is worth more than just a few measly coins at the marketplace. Time to cash in and upgrade that armor!

    Sell for a High Amount of Hacksilver

    With the power to reset the battlefield, the Oblivion Stone is highly sought after in the world of God of War. Its value lies not only in its ability but also in its worth as a lucrative trading commodity.

    • It can be sold to Brok or Sindri for a high amount of Hacksilver– enough to fund for expensive upgrades.
    • The returns from selling multiple stones can be maximized by accessing higher-level merchants with greater spending capacity such as Ivaldi’s workshop.
    • Oblivion Stone can be traded at specific locations Odins ravens or dust piles scattered across each region create an opportunity for additional hacksilver, and other rare items.
    • Oblivion Stone is useful in buying artifacts; hidden throughout the game that unlock legendary gear providing players with an edge over more challenging scenarios
    • When used sparingly, it contributes significantly towards enhancing Kratos’ health meter, which affects his overall performance during battles, ultimately resulting in cheaper medical bills and insurance premiums!

    Be mindful that certain quests and side missions may have unique requirements or rewards that justify holding on to certain Oblivion Stones. It is suggested that players research before choosing to sell any Oblivion Stones.

    Centuries ago when certain zones were terrorized by bloodthirsty beasts among others. The people came up with the concept of using “Obliviate stones” around their villages and regions the meticulous use of these stones proved successful in keeping the enemy at bay. Over time these stones became a valuable resource and started trading hands until someone discovered their true value above and beyond their original use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Oblivion Stone in God of War?

    A: Oblivion Stone is a powerful item that can be used to upgrade Kratos’ equipment and enhance his abilities in God of War.

    Q: Where can I find Oblivion Stone in God of War? Are you looking for a guide on where to buy God of War?

    A: To get the Dragon Tear in God of War, you can follow these tips. Oblivion Stone can be found in various locations throughout God of War, including hidden chambers, treasure rooms, and through defeating certain bosses.

    Q: How can I get Oblivion Stone in God of War?

    A: To obtain Oblivion Stone, you must first explore various locations throughout the game and defeat powerful enemies and bosses. You can also purchase Oblivion Stone from certain merchants in the game.

    Q: How many Oblivion Stones do I need to enhance my equipment in God of War?

    A: The number of Oblivion Stones needed to upgrade your equipment in God of War varies depending on the item and the level of enhancement. Generally, you will need several Oblivion Stones to fully upgrade an item.

    Q: Where to find dragons in God of War Ragnarok to get the Oblivion Stone?

    Check out this guide for all the information on where to find dragons and get the Oblivion Stone in God of War.

    A: Using Oblivion Stone to upgrade your equipment in God of War can enhance Kratos’ abilities, increase his damage output, and improve his overall combat effectiveness.

    Q: Can I sell Oblivion Stone in God of War?

    A: While it is possible to sell Oblivion Stone in God of War, it is generally not recommended, as the item is extremely valuable and can be used to enhance your equipment and abilities.

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