How To Get Ostara Festival Tokens In AC Valhalla

It’s festival time again at Creed Valhalla Assassin! This time the Ostara Festival takes you to the Scandinavian countryside with many prizes and items to win and buy. You will also have the opportunity to receive items and gifts related to the event. The event should take place from the 18th. March to April 8, 2021 will take place. To get the above events, you need to earn Ostara Festival Coins in AC Valhalla. Follow this simple guide to learn everything you need to do to earn holiday chips and how to use them in the game.

How to get Ostara festival coins in AK Valhalla.

These coins entitle you to exclusive merchandise and gifts.

There are a number of ways to earn chips, some very difficult and some very easy. These are all methods you need to know.

Interacting with Norvid in the festival shop

You can choose to interact with Norvid, who owns the store for all new festival items. He asks you to place an order and also gives you 20 coins to use in his shop.


This is probably the easiest way to collect chips in the game. You can earn up to 40 chips in this challenge. It only takes 2 minutes, and you can keep it if you want to earn chips quickly.

Let’s party

This is the message Norvid gives you when you talk to him. Your task is to decorate 5 places around Ravensthorpe. If you do this, you get 50 chips. However, this search cannot be repeated.

Brown’s Folly

This is the lowest reward as you will only receive 10 tokens. And then you have to deal with a drunk Avor. This operation can be repeated, but we do not recommend it as it is a waste of time and not worth the effort.

Viking battle

This is a recurring task for which you will receive 140 tokens. As the name suggests, you have to fight enemies. You can go ahead and make small changes to what you’ve put out.

Egg hunt investigation

This is impossible to reproduce and it takes a long time. You have to find 15 Easter eggs and get clues for them. If you do this, you will get 140 tokens for the same action. You don’t have to finish in one sitting and can take your time.

Quest for spiritual defence

This is another unique task. This also gives you 140 tokens. For this you have to set off 8 fireworks around Raventhorpe. As the title suggests, you will have to fight against ghosts.

The search for the Queen of May

To do this, you need to look for a unique opponent that you have never met. If you beat your opponent, you receive 140 chips. It also has a unique scenario.

Use of Ostara coins

Festival vouchers can be redeemed in the Norvid Festival Shop. You can get all these things for a total of 1000 tokens, so it’s a good idea to collect them quickly. These are the items that will be available during the festival.

  • Ravens – Colored Ravens – 240 pieces for the festival

Calculated cosmetics

  • Flower arrangement (small) for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Temple of Flowers diagram (small) for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Schematic of a small tree trunk for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Set up a small firetrap for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Victory Tree Warrior for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Schematic of the Tree Spear Warrior for the price of 30 festival pieces.
  • Wooden warrior device for the price of 30 festival coins
  • Colorful tree diagram for the price of 140 festival coins
  • Powerful Woodland Warrior pattern for the price of 30 festival tokens

Tattoo cosmetics

  • The price of the Ostara weapon is 70 festival coins.
  • The Ostara Torso pattern for the festival price of 70 chips.
  • Back-Ostaire scheme for the price of 70 festival chips.
  • The Ostara schedule chapter for the price of 70 festival coins

Hair cosmetics

  • Flowery hair (blond) for the price of 20 festival coins
  • Flower hair (light brown) for the price of 20 festival coins
  • Flower hair (dark brown) for the price of 20 festival coins.
  • Flower hair (red) for the price of 20 festival coins.
  • Flower bar for the price of 20 festival coins

That’s all you need to know about the Ostara festival plays at AC Valhalla. Let your style run wild by unlocking heirloom outfits and learn how to enter the mad monk’s lair.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is now ready for you.

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