How to Get to Blighttown in Dark Souls (Easy Guide) –

Blighttown is a level in the game Dark Souls, it is one of the most difficult locations to reach and has poor visibility. It is located below Blight City on an old railway track. This guide will provide insight as to how you can get there without too much pain.

Blighttown is the first area in Dark Souls. It’s a dark, dingy place with a swamp and poisonous fog that surrounds it. The most common way to get there is by going through the graveyard of an old church. You’ll find yourself at the bottom of a long staircase in what appears to be a large room.

How to Get to Blighttown in Dark Souls (Easy Guide) –

In all of FromSoftware’s games, adventuring and dying go hand in hand, but what sets them apart is their exploration and pathfinding methodology. In the original Dark Souls, there are still lots of surprises to be found. 

Blighttown is a difficult location with many thorny routes and deadly beasts. However, getting there is a stronger discomfort in the buttocks. However, because to the numerous deaths and sufferings you’ve through to get here, this will have no effect on your mental state.

The only way to get to Blighttown is via the Depths or the Valley of Drakes, both of which are incredibly hazardous and terrifying. It is, however, the key to unlocking a significant portion of the game. 

There are many ways to go to Blighttown in Dark Souls. However, before embarking on the route, it is preferable to prepare for the adventure ahead.

What Should You Do To Get Ready For Blighttown?

The Blight Town is a perilous place where you must keep alert at all times. You’ll face a slew of new foes as well as a never-ending barrage of difficulties. As absurd as it may seem, falling from great heights has a real possibility of killing you. 

There are also several jumpscares around the region, many of which contain toxic creatures that may kill you in less than two strikes. The Blowdart Sniper is a good illustration of this, since it may sneak up on you and strike before you realize it. As a result, it’s a good idea to get the Spider Shield in the Depths before heading to Blighttown. 

Because of their high progression value, be sure to pick up every object you can discover in Blighttown. Make your own judgment and toss out any unnecessary items. 

What Is The Best Way To Get To Blighttown?

Blighttown may be reached through three different paths. In the following detailed guide, we will cover all of them:

The Route of the Depths


Near the Domhnall of Zena lies the gateway to Blighttown. He is a historical Zena adventurer who sells one-of-a-kind artifacts, armor, and crystal weaponry. However, in order to get to him and the entryway, you’ll need to locate a Key.

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The Gaping Dragon, the boss of the Depths, will be rewarded with this Key if you beat him. To ensure an easier victory, eliminate the channeler before fighting him. But who are we fooling, right? It’s Dark Souls, so don’t die too often, okay?

Blighttown’s entrance from the depths

You’ll need to take the first right out of the sewer bonfire’s passageway. Go down and search for a concealed ladder from there. Continue upon it and down a lengthy stairwell until you come to a damaged metal gate across the chamber. After you open it with your key, you’ll be in Blighttown. You will not be able to return from the same entrance since this is a one-way excursion.

The Darkroot Basin Route is a route that takes you through the Darkroot Basin


This route begins after the demise of the Taurus Demon, a Minotaur-like creature. He may generally be found on the top of the wall in the Undead Burg, facing Undead Parish. Reduce the difficulty of this battle by using the Gold Pine Resin.

After you’ve fought the Taurus Demon, travel to Andre of Astora and continue your trip from there. He’s in the basement of the ancient church that links the Undead Parish and the Darkroot Garden.

Blighttown to Undead Parish

To get to the Darkroot Garden, use the ancient church road and turn right. Continue traveling until you reach the Darkroot Basin’s absolute bottom. Look for a Black Knight by a cliff. You don’t have to go toe-to-toe with him. Instead, use the elevator to the Valley of Drakes in the cave. 

While fighting the drakes, stay on the road. Keep a close eye on your footwork since falling isn’t going to help you. With that stated, continue walking across the valley until you reach Blightttown. This approach is often shorter, but it is also much more challenging. 

You may take your time battling the drakes, but it’s best to flee since death is prevalent here. 

Route to the New Londo Ruins


When you arrive at the Valley of Drakes, you will have a choice of two routes to go. You have the option of following the Darkroot Basin or the New Londo Ruins. With that out of the way, here’s how this path works.

Once you’ve arrived at the cave’s entrance, proceed until you reach the end of the wooden platform. A key will be visible on your left side. It will be stuck on a chest, and you may get it simply clicking on it. To get to the New Londo Ruins, cross a nearby wooden bridge. 

New Londo Ruins Have Arrived in Blighttown

To enter New Londo Ruins, use your key to unlock the gate. Simply follow the directions in the Undead Parish to Blightown path to the elevator. Alternatively, you may unlock the door using the Master Key. 

Blighttown’s quests


Once you have reached Blighttown, get ready for a series of adventures and hardships. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what you’ll be facing early on. With that said, here are the available events and Blighttown’s quests.

  • The Front Door
    • We’re going down
    • It Isn’t a Bee Sting
  • The Upper Staircases
    • Unusual Locations
    • a secure environment
    • Hot Dogs
    • Take a Chance on a Cool Weapon
  • The Lower Staircases
    • Please, Ninja
    • Shield of the Eagle
    • Flea Slayer is a glorified term for a person who kills fleas.
  • Swamp of Blighttown
    • It’s My Swamp.
    • Invaded
    • Bloodsuckers
    • Walls with Holes
  • Domain of Quelaag
    • Away From The Marsh
    • The Spider’s Lair is now open to the public.
  • The Bell Tower of Blighttown
    • Dong, dong, dong
    • Respectfully, Your Majesty
    • Detour Possible
  • Getting out of Blighttown
    • Finally
    • Stings
    • Detour at the End
    • Finally, Let’s Get Real
  • Return to the Firelink Shrine
    • The First Steps
    • New Londo Rest Stop
    • There is no cry if there is no fire.
    • Frampt’s Ascension
    • Bonfire with the closest proximity

Overall, getting to Blighttown isn’t difficult. It is, however, the way ahead that is important. With your present stuff, you should be able to survive quite a long, but it will only go you so far. If you have the opportunity, improve your equipment.

The “dark souls walkthrough” is a guide that will help players get to Blighttown in Dark Souls. The guide is easy and quick, so players can complete the game quickly with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shortcut to Blighttown?

A: Yes, you can use the D-Pad and left thumbstick to navigate your way through Blighttown.

How do I get to Blighttown from firelink shrine?

A: If youre in the Lothric castle area and want to go to Blighttown, you can use the elevator on your left. It will take you down from where you are.

How do I move to Blighttown?

A: You can find Blighttown by following the story of Dark Souls on a map or in-game.

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