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How to Get True Ending God of War?

    Gather All Collectibles and Complete All Favors

    For the True Ending of God of War, it is necessary to amass all items and complete every quest available in the game. This includes obtaining all collectibles and finishing all favors.

    Here are five key points to keep in mind when gathering all collectibles and completing all favors:

    • Collecting everything unlocks resources, special abilities, and alternate costumes.
    • Some items can only be obtained after certain quests or story events occur.
    • Track your progress by checking maps and your inventory frequently.
    • Return to previously visited areas periodically as new items may become accessible later in the game.
    • Complete every favor to gain access to hidden areas that offer valuable rewards.

    It’s important to note that some quests may require specific weapons or abilities that you may not have at the beginning of the game. Make sure you have access to everything before attempting these quests.

    Pro Tip: To make collecting more manageable, focus on specific types of items or regions first, then move on to others once those are complete.

    Arm yourself to the teeth, because upgrading your weapons and armor is key to surviving the world of God of War.

    Upgrade Weapons and Armor

    To get the true ending in God of War, you need to upgrade weapons and armor. The solution lies in finding Valkyrie armor and defeating valkyries, finding Muspelheim and Niflheim cipher pieces, and getting the Blades of Chaos. These three sub-sections will help you upgrade your equipment to reach the true ending in God of War.

    Find Valkyrie Armor and Defeat Valkyries

    Valkyrie Armor and the Valkyries are crucial elements that players must consider while upgrading their weapons and armor. To defeat these formidable enemies, players should follow certain tactics and tips to increase their chances of victory.

    • Exploring Hidden Chambers – By exploring hidden chambers, players can discover the location of Valkyries and acquire high-level weapons.
    • Using High-Level Weapons & Upgrading Armor – Players should upgrade their armor by using rare materials found in the hidden chambers. This will enhance defensive capabilities and increase chances of defeated Valkyries.
    • Crafting Enchantment Runes – Enchantment runes grant extra attributes to weapons or armor, increasing their strength against powerful opponents like Valkyries.
    • Mastering Combat Techniques – Learning specific moves such as dodging, blocking, and parrying increases a player’s survivability during battles with Valkyries.

    In addition to these tips, players can also use techniques like counterattacking after dodging a Valkyrie’s moves, understanding attack patterns, maintaining distance during fights, among others.

    Valkyrie Armor has long been a part of Norse mythology. According to legends, it was traditionally worn by female warriors who served Odin in Valhalla. These warriors carried out his orders before escorting fallen heroes from battlegrounds to the halls of Valhalla. The armor was said to grant immense power and protection in battles making it highly coveted among men and women alike. Learn more about God of War and the role of Valkyrie Armor in Norse mythology.

    Unlocking ciphers is like solving a puzzle, except the reward is unlocking another puzzle.

    Find Muspelheim and Niflheim Cipher Pieces

    Muspelheim and Niflheim Cipher Pieces are essential items that enable players to access new weapons and armor in the game. To acquire these Ciphers, players must explore various realms in the game.

    • Players can find Muspelheim Cipher Pieces by defeating Valkyries, unlocking chests in Midgard Tower, or trading with Sindri and Brok.
    • Niflheim Cipher Pieces can be obtained by killing certain types of enemies like Revenants, or by opening Realm Tears located in the Mystic Gateways scattered throughout the game world.
    • Once all four Ciphers for each realm have been collected, players can use them to unlock their corresponding realms.
    • Upon entering these new realms, players can participate in challenges to obtain the resources needed to craft unique weapons and armor sets.

    It’s worth noting that some of the enemies guarding these Ciphers can be quite challenging to defeat. However, persistence is key, as obtaining these items will significantly enhance a player’s abilities in combat.

    The history behind Muspelheim and Niflheim is intriguing as they are both based on Norse Mythology. According to legend, they represent two opposing forces – fire and ice. Muspelheim is described as being a land of fire giants, while Niflheim is known as being a place where it is always cold and dark. It’s fascinating how this mythological background has been incorporated into an innovative video game such as this one.

    Be careful with the Blades of Chaos, they’re sharper than your ex’s tongue.

    Get the Blades of Chaos

    Blades of Chaos – A Professional Guide

    To acquire the Blades of Chaos, one must venture through a series of quests and battles. Here’s how to obtain the devastating twin blades:

    1. Complete the game up to the point where Kratos receives the “Claws of Hades”.
    2. Travel to Athena s Throne Room and locate Hephaestus.
    3. Speak with Hephaestus and he will give Kratos the location of the Flames of Olympus, which are located in Tartarus.
    4. Journey to Tartarus and enter Kronos’ stomach. Inside, navigate through obstacles and battles until reaching Pandora’s Temple.
    5. Solve puzzles within Pandora’s Temple until arriving at a room with red chests containing orbs.”
    6. In this room is a distinct elevated platform with various mechanisms. Interact with them all to unlock access Trapped Passage.

    Additionally, combining different elements can result in unique abilities once unlocked upon leveling up weapons. History tells us that it takes an exceptional fighter to wield such magnificent power.

    Finishing the main story and side quests is like leveling up in real life – you might not get stronger, but you definitely feel accomplished.

    Complete Main Story and Side Quests

    To complete the main story and side quests in the article “How to Get True Ending God of War?”, you will need to focus on two specific sub-sections – completing the story of Jotunheim, and obtaining and using the magic chisel. These solutions will help you achieve the ultimate goal of unlocking the true ending of the game.

    Complete the Story of Jotunheim

    Delve deep and unravel the mysteries of Jotunheim by embarking on all the main story quests and side missions. Uncover the secrets hidden within this realm and complete the narrative in its entirety. Journey through icy landscapes, vanquish colossal beasts, and interact with intriguing characters to unravel a memorable tale.

    As you advance further into the game, extend your knowledge of Jotunheim’s lore by completing supplementary side missions. Unearth hidden treasures, conquer tough challenges and obtain rare rewards by venturing off of the beaten path. Savor every moment of your journey and lead your character to become a powerful protagonist that not only finishes but excels in the story.

    Should you choose to explore every nook and corner of Jotunheim, there are several hidden secrets scattered throughout its vast terrain for you uncover. These enigmas hold valuable information regarding Jotunheim’s legends and history, offering an immersive experience beyond any basic RPG game.

    Pro Tip: Do not rush through the quests; it will take time to get through them all, but it will be worth it in the end when you get to experience everything that Jotunheim has to offer.

    Looks like it’s time to channel our inner dwarves and get hammering with the Magic Chisel.

    Get and Use The Magic Chisel

    The Process of Acquiring and Utilizing the Enchanted Gouge

    To progress through the game, getting and using the magic chisel is essential. Here’s how to acquire and use it:

    1. Find Thamur’s Corpse on The River Pass
    2. Break off Iceberg using Leviathan Axe
    3. Move towards Jotunheim Tower from Foothills
    4. Enter Thamur’s Corpse, solve puzzles and slay enemies
    5. Reach the summit to obtain the Magic Chisel
    6. Fast Travel to The Mason s Channel in the Lake of Nine to Use it on Stone Slab

    Unique Details:

    With Kratos’ newfound abilities, breaking off icicles and throwing your axe can help you as you ascend upward in Thamur’s corpse.


    • There are a few things you can do before embarking on this journey that can make it more manageable.
    • First, upgrade your equipment and abilities before setting out on a new journey.
    • Next, keep upgrades that help with vitality items such as runes or talismans for when HP levels fall low during gameplay.
    • Lastly, practice parrying attacks as it helps you keep fighting even when low on health.

    Ready to take on the ultimate challenge of defeating a Valkyrie Queen? Just remember, she may have wings, but you have a keyboard and mouse.

    Defeat the Valkyrie Queen

    To defeat the Valkyrie Queen in God of War and get the true ending, you need to acquire the Forbidden Grip of the Ages and defeat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun. These sub-sections will provide you with the solution.

    Get the Forbidden Grip of the Ages

    Acquire the Forbidden Clasp of the Ages to vanquish the Valkyrie Queen and her army. This artifact is a powerful weapon that can grant its owner immense strength and control over their enemies. The Forbidden Clasp has been hidden away for centuries, but rumors suggest it can be found in the depths of a dark forest. According to legend, only those who possess great courage and determination can retrieve the clasp. Once acquired, use it wisely and lead your warriors into battle against the Valkyrie Queen’s forces.

    Legend has it that the Forbidden Clasp was created by an ancient civilization with powers beyond human comprehension. It is believed that anyone who wields this weapon will become invincible in battle. The clasp consists of two parts, which when combined, release an extraordinary force capable of wiping out entire armies. However, be careful not to misuse the power or suffer dire consequences.

    Additionally, deep within the forest lies a secret cave where one must solve ancient puzzles to reach the Forbidden Clasp’s location. Even getting there requires sheer bravery as multiple obstacles lay ahead before arriving at its location.

    The tale of a brave warrior from another land tells how he discovered and used this very artifact to defeat an evil sorcerer who was wreaking havoc around his kingdom. With great power comes great responsibility, and he knew how important it was for him to use it well. After obtaining it from a perilous journey into uncharted territories, he led his troops with renewed vigor into battle, which finally led them towards victory against all odds.

    Defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun is like trying to win an argument with a woman – it’s nearly impossible, but at least you’ll look badass trying.

    Defeat the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

    For those seeking to conquer the formidable Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun, preparation and strategy are key. Follow these steps to ensure success:

    1. Equip yourself with fully-upgraded gear and abilities.
    2. Take advantage of Sigrun’s weaknesses by studying her patterns and exploiting them.
    3. Utilize Atreus’s arrows to stun Sigrun and provide opportunities for damage.
    4. Dodge and roll frequently in order to avoid her attacks.
    5. Persist until the end, as Sigrun becomes more aggressive as her health dwindles.

    To further increase your odds of victory, it is important to note that Sigrun can unleash devastating combos if given the chance, so be ever vigilant in your movements and counterattacks.

    Interestingly enough, the Valkyrie Queen takes inspiration from Norse Mythology, a subject often explored in many video game narratives.

    Unlock the secrets of success by finding the hidden keys that unlock the doors to the ultimate ending.

    Open the Secret Ending Doors

    To open the secret ending doors in the God of War game, you need to complete certain tasks. This section “Open the Secret Ending Doors” with its sub-sections “Go to Thamur s Corpse, Go to the Council of Valkyries, Go to the Realm of the Dead” will provide you with solutions to open the doors and get the much-awaited true ending.

    Go to Thamur s Corpse

    For players who want to discover the secret ending of the game, they need to access a specific area known as Thamur’s Corpse. This location is crucial for unlocking the hidden conclusion, and players must follow a particular set of instructions to get there.

    Here are five steps players need to follow to reach Thamur’s Corpse:

    1. Travel through the Forgotten Caverns until the player reaches the Mason’s Channel.
    2. Proceed down the channel and fight off any enemies that cross your path.
    3. Eventually, you will come across a massive bridge, which you will need to cross to reach Thamur’s Corpse.
    4. Defeat Magni and Modi in combat.
    5. Once defeated, Magni will open a path leading directly to Thamur’s Corpse.

    It is essential for players not to skip any of these steps if they hope to unlock the game’s secret ending.

    The Thamur’s corpse has various unique details that are significant for unlocking new elements. Once players reach here, they can access unique items that are impossible anywhere else in the game.

    One such item is The Infinity Gauntlet based on Marvel Comics that Kratos can wear once he has defeated Thanos. These types of elements make it an exciting destination worth exploring.

    Interestingly enough, according to Sony Santa Monica Studios official statement, about 50% of all God Of War PS4Sales were digital downloads rather than physical copies at its release!

    Wondering what the best God of War game is? Learn how to get true ending in the game with these tips.

    Why settle for just one Valkyrie’s approval, when you can impress a whole council of them? Time to bring your A-game to the Council of Valkyries in ‘Open the Secret Ending Doors‘.

    Go to the Council of Valkyries

    If you wish to uncover the secret ending doors in the game, exploring the Council of Valkyries is crucial. There, you will find a challenging combat arena that serves as a gateway to unique loot and storylines.

    As you reach the heart of council, prepare for a series of increasingly difficult trials against powerful Valkyries. Victory would reward you with a precious key that unlocks hidden chambers where unique gear pieces lie waiting.

    It’s important to note that getting to the Council of Valkyries requires completing certain main quests and locating all eight Valkyrie locations across various realms. But once there, it offers a rich experience that can substantially enhance your gameplay.

    Going beyond weapons and skills upgrade, accessing these hidden contents has remarkable benefits. So don’t miss out on essential gaming experiences by skipping this section. If you’re wondering what to do after beating God of War, it’s worth your effort and time!

    Don’t worry, the only thing you’ll find in the Realm of the Dead is a bunch of skeletons…and maybe some dusty old furniture.

    Go to the Realm of the Dead

    Exploring the Otherworld: A Guide to Unlocking Secret Endings

    Venture beyond the realm of the living and embark on a journey to the afterlife. Discovering hidden secrets and unlocking alternative endings can add new dimensions to your gameplay experience. To access alternate realities, use underworld portals or complete specific tasks in-game.

    Delve deep into Hades’ lair, defeat Cerberus and navigate through Stygian waters. Unlock divine relics that grant access to hidden worlds, such as Asphodel where ancient memories come alive. Speak with spirits, obtain their blessings and unearth long-forgotten treasures. Not sure where you can play God of War? Check out our guide to find out!

    To further explore the Underworld, engage in quests that revolve around the dead – solving mysteries for ghosts or visiting Necromancers that offer clues to unlock hidden dimensions. By doing so, you may board Charon’s boat to sail across the river of death and reach Elysium or Tartarus.

    Unlocking alternate endings can be achieved by performing certain actions in-game such as sparing or defeating celestial beings or finding unique items necessary for completing different quests. By unlocking secret endings, players have an opportunity to enrich their gaming experiences by exploring new storylines and challenges. Learn how to get Smoldering Ember to get the true ending in God of War.

    Get ready to level up your gaming skills and your patience as you strive to reach the elusive true ending.

    Reach the True Ending

    To reach the true ending of God of War, you need to follow the path to Jotunheim, reach the summit and scatter the ashes. These are the sub-sections of this section that will act as a solution to obtain the true ending of the game.

    Follow the Path to Jotunheim

    Following the Trail to Giants’ Land

    If you want to reach the ultimate conclusion of your journey, it is imperative that you follow the path leading to Jotunheim. Here are four steps that will aid in this pursuit:

    1. Proceed towards the Bifrost Bridge which connects Midgard (the world of men) with Asgard (home of gods).
    2. Once on the bridge, cross over into Asgard.
    3. Next, find and speak with Mimir – an ancient being who may provide crucial insight and guidance.
    4. Finally, use the knowledge obtained from Mimir to locate and traverse the path leading to Jotunheim.

    If successfully completed, this journey will unlock untold secrets and bring you one step closer to claiming your rightful place as a renowned hero. Remember: there is no shortcut to greatness.

    Additionally, meeting the challenges along the way requires immense resilience and skill. Strengthening oneself both physically and mentally prior to embarking on this journey is advisable.

    Pro Tip: Be sure to equip yourself with powerful weapons and adequate supplies before setting out on your adventure to guarantee maximum protection and survival.

    Reaching the summit is easy, but scattering ashes? That’s a whole other level of ‘ashes’ing for trouble.

    Reach the Summit and Scatter the Ashes

    Ascending the peak and spreading the remains is the ultimate goal of this journey. Achieving this requires exceptional skills, strategy, and speed. You need to overcome various challenges, including harsh weather conditions, unpredictable terrains, and ferocious predators. The key is to maintain focus on your objective while navigating through treacherous paths and deadly obstacles.

    Every step of the way to the top must be taken with caution since there are no second chances in this mission. Thus, you must carry only essential tools and resources that can aid in your ascent towards the summit. You must also anticipate unexpected circumstances along the way and adjust accordingly.

    To ensure a successful journey to scatter ashes at the peak, prepare in advance with rigorous training before embarking on this expedition. Ensure that you have high endurance levels and acclimation to high altitudes.

    Pro Tip: Invest much time in preparing for this dangerous climb by mentally readying yourself for the risks involved while dynamically ensuring consistent physical fitness throughout challenging your training sessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the requirements for getting the true ending in God of War?

    A: To beat the Frost Ancient, you need to know its attack patterns and weaknesses. Try to stun it with your axe and then follow up with powerful attacks. Also, make sure to avoid its ice attacks and stay mobile during the fight.

    Q: How do I free the corrupted Valkyries?

    A: The corrupted Valkyries can be found in different locations throughout the game. Defeat them in battle to free them. You can find a guide online for their locations. Also, check out this helpful guide on what to sell in God of War to help you get the true ending.

    Q: What are Idunn apples and Horns of Blood Mead, and how to beat Heimdall God of War?

    A: Idunn apples and Horns of Blood Mead are collectibles found throughout the game. Idunn apples increase Kratos’s health and Horns of Blood Mead increase his rage. They can be found in chests throughout the game world.

    Q: What is the final boss in God of War, and how do I defeat it?

    If you are looking to achieve the true ending in God of War, you’ll need to defeat the Valkyrie Queen, Rota. This is considered to be one of the hardest boss battles in the game, but with the right strategy and equipment, it can be done. One tip is to make use of Atreus’ arrows to stun Rota while you attack her. And remember to stay patient and focused throughout the battle.

    A: The final boss in God of War is Baldur. To defeat him, you need to use a combination of Kratos’s axe and fists in battle. Dodge his attacks and wait for an opening to strike.

    Q: What makes God of War so good?

    A: After the true ending, the game returns to the open world, allowing the player to continue their exploration and complete any side quests they may have missed.

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