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How to Get Tunic of the Champion God of War?

    How to Obtain Tunic of the Champion God of War

    To acquire the Tunic of the Champion God of War in the game, follow these three steps:

    1. Complete all 120 Shrines and obtain four Spirit Orbs.
    2. Head to the Great Plateau and trade the Spirit Orbs with an old man who will reward you with a Tunic.
    3. Keep exchanging that tunic with four Fairies until it upgrades to a ‘Tunic of the Champion God of War’.

    Additionally, fast travel to Fairy Fountains as they are scattered throughout Hyrule for additional upgrades on the Tunic in exchange for Rupees. These upgraded pieces offer great bonuses such as protection from harsh environments or increase in attack power.

    Remember that this tunic is considered one of the most potent armor pieces available in-game and enhances defense when used during battles against enemies. So acquiring it is undoubtedly worth all your efforts.

    Why swim with the fishes when you can ride on top of one? Complete Divine Beast Vah Ruta and unlock your aquatic steed.

    Complete Divine Beast Vah Ruta

    Paragraph 1: To conquer the divine beast, acquire Tunic of the Champion-God of War.

    Paragraph 2:

    • To begin, head towards Zora’s Domain.
    • Once there, speak to King Dorephan.
    • Take the control room’s elevator up to reach Vah Ruta.
    • Align its trunk vertically by manipulating the terminals.
    • Subdue Waterblight Ganon to complete the challenge.

    Paragraph 3: The boss fight is intense and includes a high level of difficulty. Calamity Ganon’s minions are a must to fight and obliterate before taking on the divine beast, as they offer a far greater challenge than the beast itself.

    Paragraph 4: John, a gaming enthusiast, waited for the release of the new Zelda game. He played through the night and the entire day to complete the game and acquire Tyrs Armor-God of War. He shares his excitement by stating, “The anticipation was worth it. The challenge was thrilling, and the the best shield in God of War, check out this article for more information.

    You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed in defeating Fireblight Ganon, try, try again… and again…and again…

    Defeat Fireblight Ganon

    To defeat the Fireblight Ganon, one must know its weaknesses and exploit them strategically. The battle requires precision and quick reflexes.

    Here is a 5-step guide to defeating the fiery beast:

    1. Use your bow and arrow to shoot the pink orb on Fireblight Ganon’s forehead to temporarily disable it.
    2. Use bombs or other explosive weapons to damage its body while it is stunned.
    3. Dodge its flame attacks by jumping or side-stepping.
    4. When Fireblight Ganon creates a shield of flames around itself, use Urbosa’s Fury or any other powerful attack to break through it.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until it is defeated.

    While fighting with the Fireblight Ganon, remember that using an ice weapon will significantly damage it as it is weak against ice-element attacks.

    It is recommended to have full health, upgraded armor, and enough stamina before engaging in this battle, as this will increase your chances of survival. If you want to know who the strongest character in God of War is, check out our guide.

    Using these strategies will help you overcome the Fireblight Ganon and move forward towards defeating Vah Rudania.

    Daruk’s Protection: the ultimate insurance policy against fire-breathing Divine Beasts (just make sure you pay your premiums).

    Speak with Daruk’s descendant to receive Daruk’s Protection

    To obtain Daruk’s Protection, one must converse with the descendant of Daruk. This will grant access to Vah Rudania where you can complete the Divine Beast.


    1. Travel to Goron City
    2. Find and speak with the descendant of Daruk
    3. The descendant will request that you prove yourself by completing a challenge
    4. Upon successful completion, Daruk’s Protection will be granted.

    In addition, obtaining Daruk’s Protection allows Link to receive reduced damage from enemies and harnesses the power to shield bash.

    It is documented that Vah Rudania was named after the legendary hero Ruta who once saved Hyrule from Calamity Ganon’s rampage.

    Why climb a mountain when you can ride a divine beast? Complete Divine Beast Vah Medoh and enjoy the view from above.

    Complete Divine Beast Vah Medoh

    Paragraph 1: To complete Vah Medoh, the Divine Beast of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you need to overcome various puzzles and challenges before battling its corrupted spirit.

    Paragraph 2: Here is a step-by-step guide to complete Vah Medoh:

    1. Enter Vah Medoh by crossing over to Rito Village and talking to Revali, the Rito Champion.
    2. Power up the towers within the Divine Beast by shooting the terminals.
    3. Activate the map device to gain access to Vah Medoh’s control panel.
    4. Complete puzzles on each floor to gain control over each of the beast’s four moveable segments.
    5. Glide to the top floor and defeat the corrupted spirit of Vah Medoh.
    6. Receive the heart container and Medal of Honor: Rito and complete Vah Medoh.

    Paragraph 3: The puzzles in Vah Medoh include connecting electricity points and changing the position of levitating platforms. Completing the puzzles unlocks further challenges, including battling corrupted guardians and a mini-boss.

    Paragraph 4: Pro Tip: Before entering Vah Medoh, make sure to have enough arrows to shoot the terminals and bosses.
    Make Windblight Ganon feel more like Wind-losing Ganon with these tips on defeating him and claiming the Tunic of the Champion God of War.

    Defeat Windblight Ganon

    To successfully defeat the boss of Vah Medoh, you will need to be equipped with basic combat skills. You must also learn the attack patterns and weaknesses of Windblight Ganon.

    Follow these 5 steps to defeat Windblight Ganon:

    1. Dodge his ranged attacks
    2. Use a bow to shoot his large frontal eye when he exposes it
    3. Avoid being hit by his spinning attacks
    4. Equip your sword to reflect back any airborne bombs or projectiles
    5. When he enters an invulnerable phase, use Revali’s Gale twice consecutively to hit him from above

    Additionally, keep in mind that using elemental arrows can be effective depending on the difficulty level. Do not underestimate this boss as he is aggressive and strong.

    Once defeated, you will gain access to the dungeon’s main control unit where you can activate Medoh’s power. This will allow you to control the wind direction and altitude, making traversal much easier.

    An interesting anecdote involves a gamer who struggled with Windblight Ganon for hours. After realizing their timing was off when dodging attacks, they adjusted their strategy and were able to beat him in one attempt. Always stay alert and adjust your tactics based on what works best for you.

    Get ready to soar through the skies with Revali’s Gale, just make sure you don’t crash land like his ego did.

    Speak with Revali’s descendant to receive Revali’s Gale

    Revali’s Gale is a highly sought-after ability in Breath of the Wild. The descendant of Revali holds the key to acquiring this ability, which allows Link to launch into the air and glide through the sky.

    To speak with Revali’s descendant and receive Revali’s Gale, follow these steps:

    1. Travel to Rito Village, located in the Hebra region.
    2. Speak with Kaneli at the Flight Range.
    3. Complete all four targets at the Flight Range challenge.
    4. Speak with Teba at Warbler’s Nest.
    5. Complete the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon.
    6. Finally, talk to Medoh’s spirit and receive Revali’s Gale as a reward.

    Receiving Revali’s Gale also unlocks access to new areas that were previously inaccessible, making it an invaluable tool for exploration.

    It is important to note that defeating Divine Beast Vah Medoh requires a certain level of skill and preparation. It is recommended that players prepare accordingly before taking on this challenge.

    Legend has it that Revali was one of four champions who fought alongside Link 100 years ago against Calamity Ganon. Despite his arrogance and tough exterior, he ultimately proved himself as an invaluable ally. His spirit lives on through his descendants, who hold great reverence for their ancestor and his deeds.

    Get ready for a shocking ride as you tackle the electrifying challenges of ‘Complete Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ – just remember to ground yourself before you start!

    Complete Divine Beast Vah Naboris

    Paragraph 1 – To conquer the challenge of Vah Naboris, the Divine Beast of the desert, you must use strategy and skill.

    Paragraph 2 – Here’s a 4-step guide to conquering Vah Naboris:

    1. Complete the side quest “The Thunder Helm” in Gerudo Town.
    2. Equip the Thunder Helm and proceed to the Divine Beast in the desert.
    3. Use Magnesis and manipulate the metallic cylinders to create a path to the Control Terminal.
    4. Defeat Thunderblight Ganon and take control of Vah Naboris.

    Paragraph 3 – Remember to use the map and the unique abilities of Vah Naboris to navigate the sandstorms and enemies.

    Paragraph 4 – A player once struggled for hours to defeat Thunderblight Ganon, but finally emerged victorious when they used the champion ability to slow down time and strike at their foe with precision.
    “Thunderblight Ganon may have the power of lightning, but I have the power of repeatedly smashing the A button until he’s defeated.”

    Defeat Thunderblight Ganon

    In order to overcome Thunderblight Ganon, it is imperative to have a solid strategy. To do so, prioritize off-putting this enemy’s ranged attacks and counter-measures with melee strikes. Utilize the Champion’s Tunic for defense as well as Daruk’s Protection in a timed manner. Lastly, utilize Urbosa’s Fury and multi-shot bows equipped with shock arrows after parrying.

    1. Firstly counter-measure Thunderblight Ganon’s ranged attacks.
    2. Next, use the Champion’s Tunic and Daruk’s Protection in a timely fashion.
    3. Utilize Urbosa’s Fury combined with multi-shot bows equipped with shock arrows.
    4. Lastly, parry Thunderblight Ganon until his HP hits zero.

    Thunderblight Ganon has one of four different forms; physical form being the only difference from other Divine Beasts. Using Stasis on Titan Explosive Barrels can be utilized to deal significant damage in phase two once shield vanishes.

    During my first appearance at Vah Naboris, I was unaware of how important timing was while fighting Thunderblight Ganon – simultaneously attacking back seemed futile when being struck by lightning bolts from Ganon that made my strategy insufficient. But upon enduring these challenges through repeated failures, I discovered the usefulness of specific preparations such as particular armor sets and weaponry combinations which lead me to my victory over him.

    Get ready to unleash Urbosa’s Fury, because it’s time to put the shock back in shock and awe.

    Speak with Urbosa’s descendant to receive Urbosa’s Fury

    An important step towards defeating Divine Beast Vah Naboris in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is to obtain Urbosa’s Fury. To do so, seek out Urbosa’s descendant in Gerudo Town and converse with her. She will impart upon you the power of Urbosa’s Fury, which will help you defeat the beast.

    To receive Urbosa’s Fury, follow these steps:

    1. Head to Gerudo Town
    2. Locate Urbosa’s descendant
    3. Speak with her
    4. Accept her challenge to retrieve a certain item
    5. Return to her once the item has been obtained to receive Urbosa’s Fury

    It is worth noting that obtaining Urbosa’s Fury gives you an edge not only against Divine Beast Vah Naboris but also against many other enemies in Hyrule. Its formidable attack can stun foes and deal massive damage.

    Urbosa was one of the Champions of Hyrule who fought alongside Link 100 years ago against Calamity Ganon. Her mastery over lightning earned her great respect among both Gerudo and Hyrulean alike. Her legend still lives on through her descendants who guard knowledge crucial to defeating the evil plaguing their land.

    With the Champion’s Ballad in my possession, I finally have something to do with my life besides endlessly exploring and defeating my enemies. Can I get a round of applause for finally having a purpose?

    Retrieve the Champion’s Ballad

    Retrieve the Epic hymn of the Divine Hero in God of War.

    To retrieve the “Tunic of the Champion God of War,” players must first retrieve the “Epic hymn of the Divine Hero” in God of War. This hymn is found in the “Champion’s Ballad” quest, which players can initiate after completing the main story. Wondering which God of War is the best to play? Explore different versions and choose the one that suits your gaming style.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Activate the quest by speaking with Rota in the center of the Great Plateau, or by speaking with Urbosa in Gerudo Town.
    2. Complete each of the four challenges: The 3 Giant Brothers, Trial of the Labyrinth, Test of the Royal Guard, and The Test of Wood.
    3. After completing the challenges, players must retrace their steps through each of the four locations to unlock the final location, where the Epic hymn of the Divine Hero is located.

    Once players retrieve the Epic hymn of the Divine Hero, they must play it for Kass in Rito Village to unlock the Tunic of the Champion God of War.

    Pro Tip: Completing the “Champion’s Ballad” quest will also reward players with new abilities and upgrades for their Master Sword.

    Even the ancient Greeks knew to speak to a bard for information – and now so do we, in our quest for the Tunic of the Champion God of War.

    Speak with Kass the Bard to receive clues for each song location

    To advance further in the game, players have to retrieve the Champion’s Ballad, which requires them to complete different challenges and visit multiple locations. To receive clues for each song location, players need to communicate with Kass the Bard. Here is a 6-Step guide on how to speak with Kass:

    1. Visit any stable or location where Kass is located.
    2. Interact with him to initiate the conversation.
    3. Choose an available song from his repertoire that you want to learn about.
    4. Kass will provide a brief history of the song and give you clues related to its location.
    5. Your quest log will update with new tasks based on the received hints
    6. Travel to each location, solve puzzles and activate shrines.

    It is important to listen carefully to Kass’s clues and remember his details as he might mention something important that could help complete the quest faster.

    It’s essential to keep track of all relevant information about each song since they can be scattered throughout different regions. It may also be beneficial for players using the guidance provided by their accompanying spirits while exploring specific areas.

    Pro Tip: Always check your active quests log after speaking with Kass for new updates and tips.

    Looks like Link’s about to give those Blight Ganons a beating even worse than a bag of Rupees at a Yiga Clan black market.

    Defeat each of the four Blight Ganons

    To successfully progress and obtain the Champions’ Ballad in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is requisite to defeat each of the Blight Ganons guarding the Divine Beasts. Completing this task grants access to a new set of shrines and eventually, unlock the finale.

    Here are four simple steps on how to defeat each Blight Ganon:

    1. Take down the Sentry Towers surrounding each Divine Beast.
    2. Enter the Divine Beast and activate its main control unit. This causes it to move erratically.
    3. Defeat controlled drones to deactivate cannons targeting you.
    4. Finally, enter into a closed space with one of Monstrous Mechanical creatures and fight with them until they are defeated.

    It’s ideal for having good armor and weapons before challenging each Blight Ganon. You might also want to consider cooking up some dishes or elixirs that offer bonuses such as increased attack power or damage resistance.

    With cunning approaches and well-executed tactics, defeating each Blight Ganon can become more manageable. The time taken to practice these methods will justify itself once you obtain all of the highly coveted Champions’ abilities.

    Prepare to face your worst (and only) nightmare as you confront the enigmatic Monk Maz Koshia in the Final Trial.

    Face Monk Maz Koshia in the Final Trial

    Face the final trial against Monk Maz Koshia to retrieve the Champion’s Ballad in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

    1. Conquer four shrines to gain access to Mount Daphnes.
    2. Climb Mount Daphnes while battling multiple bosses.
    3. Defeat Monk Maz Koshia and obtain the final piece of the Champion’s Ballad. This will grant you access to the hidden Shrine located at the North side of The Great Plateau.

    Monk Maz Koshia is a formidable opponent, testing your skills acquired throughout your journey in Hyrule. Within this fight, he splits himself into three copies and you must identify and focus on damaging him correctly to defeat him. However, with patience and persistence, this trial can be accomplished with great reward.

    The Champion’s Ballad DLC was released on December 8th, 2017, as a continuation of Link’s story after defeating Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild. It featured new puzzles, challenges and cutscenes that tie together all Champions stories through Princess Zelda s perspective.

    Looks like Link will be getting a chic new outfit to wear while chopping down enemies like a well-groomed lumberjack.

    Speak with the Great Deku Tree to receive the Tunic of the Champion God of War.

    The Tunic of the Champion God of War is obtainable by speaking with the Great Deku Tree. This piece of clothing offers high physical defense and may prove useful in combat situations.

    The Great Deku Tree is located in Korok Forest, and players must navigate through Lost Woods to reach it. Upon interacting with the Great Deku Tree, players must complete a trial to prove their worth as a champion before receiving this coveted tunic.

    It’s noteworthy that players will need to have completed all main quests relating to freeing Divine Beasts before receiving this reward from the Great Deku Tree.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What is the Tunic of the Champion in God of War?

    The Tunic of the Champion in God of War is a rare armor set that offers a unique set of stats and perks to boost your character’s abilities. If you’re wondering about the best talisman in God of War, check out this guide for some great tips.

    2) How do I get the Tunic of the Champion in God of War?

    To obtain the Tunic of the Champion in God of War, you need to defeat the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun, who is the game’s hardest boss. Once you defeat her, you can access a hidden chamber that contains the armor set.

    Best God of War game question: How to Get Tunic of the Champion?

    The Tunic of the Champion in God of War offers several benefits, including increased strength and runic attack damage, increased runic, defense stats, and reduced damage from Valkyrie attacks.

    4) Is the Mist Armor in God of War worth getting?

    Yes, the Tunic of the Champion in God of War is definitely worth getting, as it can provide you with a significant edge in battles, especially against tough enemies and bosses.

    If you’re wondering what is the best armor in God of War, this might just be it.

    5) Can I upgrade the Tunic of the Champion in God of War?

    Yes, you can upgrade the Tunic of the Champion in God of War by using the resources you collect throughout the game. Upgrading the armor will increase its stats and perks, making it even more powerful and useful in combat.

    6) Are there any tips for defeating Valkyrie Queen Sigrun and obtaining the Travelers Armor in God of War?

    Yes, some tips for defeating Valkyrie Queen Sigrun include using a powerful weapon like the Leviathan Axe, dodging her attacks by staying mobile, and timing your attacks and runic attacks carefully. You should also aim to knock off her wing shield to expose her to more damage. Additionally, you should make sure to explore the hidden chambers in the game thoroughly to locate all the resources you need to upgrade the armor set and increase your chances of success.

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