How to increase My Ballplayer attributes in MLB The Show 21

When you create your player in MLB The Show 21, he is not yet ready for the big leagues. They must begin their journey by playing Road to the Show and making themselves the best player they can be. Whether you’re a pitcher, position player or all-around player, you have a long road ahead of you, filled with trials and challenges. Find out how to improve your player’s skills in MLB The Show 21.

When you create a player in MLB The Show 21, you create a character that can be used in both Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. As the player improves, they retain this ability between game modes.


Reload is a new feature of MLB The Show 21 that helps you perform better on the field. First, the bonus system includes several archetypes that determine where your player will have the most success in the games. You can unlock higher class bonuses by earning them in map packs or buying them at the market in the Diamond Dynasty era.


To the right of the perks are various equipment items that can also be purchased from the card games or on the market. What you select in these sections will be worn by your player in the match when he selects this load. Like perks, outfits give a nice boost to various attributes when equipped.


Route to display

The best way to improve your basic skills as a ball player is to play. On the way to the show, you control all the situations your player gets into and receive small wins based on his performance. If you do something right, for example. B. an excellent pitching contact, you will see a green plus indicating that the property has increased slightly. If you do something wrong, like. B. you swing at a pitch that is a ball, you get an orange minus for static. At the end of the game you will see a screen that gives you an overview of how your attributes played in this game.


Moreover, throughout the game you will be challenged from time to time. If you excel in any of the requested areas, you will receive a small bonus in the areas in question.

Your relationship with your teammates also affects your character traits. The more you play with other players on the field (and succeed in the game), the stronger your relationship with them becomes. The best relationships give you small bonuses for different aspects of the game.

It is important that you play your games all the time. Simulated games have no effect on players’ skills, so don’t waste your time on them. On your days off you have the opportunity to strengthen one or two attributes by training. Some of these options let you play a short mini-game, while others automatically give you a boost.


The last important factor to increase the attributes of Road to the Show is to work well on a double power increase. From time to time, your manager or another coach will talk to you or the team about an aspect of the game they want to focus on. In future games, you will receive double winnings in these areas.

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