How to kill Mimics and Manglers faster in Firebase Z in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Mini-bumps are becoming increasingly popular in the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In “The Machine” mode, megatons of zombies were terrifying that could do tons of damage before falling. In the final map of Firebase Z, two more mini-bosses came into play. The mimes and manglers will multiply and become increasingly important as the turns progress. Here are some tips on how to eliminate them before they eliminate you.


The mimic will appear in front of the controllers shortly after you light the fire base. If you see a tool or bomb on the ground somewhere, it’s probably a Mimic. They change as you approach and attack.

If you get a little farther away from them, they can pull you back with their spins and give you a few hits, which can be dangerous if there is a group of zombies around, but the frequency with which they do this is much rarer than you might think.

In terms of damage, guns are the fastest way to take down a Mimic. We still think the Gallo SA12 is the best gun in this category (and one of the best in the game). If you catch him and raise his damage level, you can quickly kill a Mimic with just a few shots in your twenties. His weak point is his big mouth, so aim there to do even more damage.

Imitators also have an additional weakness against weapons with the Brain Mouth mod. This damage will hurt them a little more than the other elemental mods you’ll find. Combine this with “Ring of Fire” and you can easily shoot Mimic for a while.


Trainers do not spawn in Fire Base Z until they are 15 or 16 years old. These armored men walk slowly with a cannon on their right arm. If you get too close, they will occasionally give you a sound signal or wave. If you remove their armor, they begin to walk lightly across the map toward you, but the increase in speed is slight.

Like imitators, Manglers can be hit quickly by shotguns, especially the Gallo SA12 Pack-a-Punched. They also have a weakness against Napalm Ammo mods, so like the Brain Mouth mod on the Mimics, the Napalm will deplete their health faster.

When you shoot at a Mangler, you may think your best action is to remove his armor and beat his health, but in reality you want to focus all your shots on his cannon. If you remove the Mangler’s cannon, you kill him immediately, regardless of his health. When the enemy moves the cannon to fire, you may think it’s hard to hit, but it moves so slowly that it shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you’re using a shotgun.


For an alternative method to quickly capture not only Mimics or Manglers, but hordes of Zombies, the RAI-K84 Miracle Weapon is excellent. To get started, you need to buy a Weapon of Miracles. If you want to build one, consult our guide on the RAI-K84. If you’re lucky, you can get it from the Mystery Box or test rewards.

Make sure the Pack-a-Punch rifle is as big as possible, and when you train the group together, switch to secondary fire and fire the charge again. Immediately after landing, return to primary fire and fire into the center of the black hole, causing it to expand and explode. The explosion causes significant damage and has a large area of effect. Even before it explodes, the charge slows down the enemies that pass through it and does some damage.



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