How to make a beacon in Minecraft – Follow These Simple Steps

How to make a beacon in Minecraft?

A Beacon in Minecraft is the best way to keep track of your items in your world! You can set up a Beacon by placing any object you want in your screen, and then tapping the arrow next to it. When you click on an object, Minecraft will open up the menu and then list the objects. You then have the option of placing any other objects you want, and clicking the “place” button at the bottom!
Here’s the recipe for making a Beacon in Minecraft:
There are three different ways on how to make a Beacon in Minecraft – all use one of the following methods:
Method 1: Place an Item in the World
This method will make all items in Minecraft, including chests. You place anything on a map that you want to place inside of the Beacon, and then you’ll need to place your item. Here’s a video showing this method in action:
This method will only work if you have a map with all items. If your map does not have any items, the method will not work. If you have a map with a lot of items, and a lot of objects, you can try to build some base on one point of the map and place a beacon on the middle. Once you have a Beacon you can click the icon next to your Beacon to start moving your items around – don’t click on your item yet to activate the function. The Beacon is invisible to players!
Method 2: Place an Item on the Top of the Map (with the bottom part still visible)This method is pretty much the same as Method 1, but instead of setting up a beacon you’ll have to place an item on the top of the map. You’ll then need to click the topic, and it’s contents will appear on the bottom of the Map. Once they have the item, they will go out into the world. You can use the item as an entry point when you want to place a map item there. I have a video showing this method in action:
Method 3: Place an Item on Bottom of the Map (without the bottom part still visible)
This method is similar to Method 1 and uses the bottom area of the map as the location of an object.
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How to make and use a beacon in Minecraft PE MCPE 016:

What is a Beacon?
A Beacon is a type of structure, or device, that you can build from one of many kinds of resources on your Forge. Each Beacon can be made of anything (except stone). They are generally used for crafting or decorative purposes and are usually built to fit the Minecraft Forge and the block they are connected to. If you want to make a beacon with a single ore or resource (or use a Beacon for both), you must place multiple Beacon resources on your Forge. A beacon will be consumed and destroyed when the block it is connected to is destroyed.
What does a Beacon do?
What does a Beacon do
A Beacon uses energy from one of the resources you are connected to. It does one of two things:
When your Beacon consumes the resource, it sends a signal to another Beacon. That signal will be read to a nearby block, or other devices, on the player’s side and if they have a connected Beacon, it will emit a sound and alert you.
When you click on the Beacon with a key (which you use for the Beacon resource), it sends its message, which is then passed to another Beacon. A beacon will continue to consume the given number of resources until it runs out of energy.
A beacon consumes a resource if you press the key. When that resource is consumed, the key will be returned to your inventory. The Beacon will continue to consume the same resources until it runs out.
What resources can make a Beacon?

There are many different resources you can make a Beacon from in Minecraft PE:
1. An ore.
2. A Block.
3. An enchantment or potion.
4. A stone block.
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What types of resources can I make a Beacon with?
The types of resources you can make a Beacon are the following:
1. A Mine or Stone Block.
2. A Stone Block on the other side of a Beacon from you.
3. A block enchanted with a Beacon.
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