How to make a redstone clock in Minecraft

This tutorial will show you how to make a redstone clock in Minecraft. It’s a simple way to make your own time-telling device, and it’s also a fun project for kids.

In Minecraft, you can make a redstone clock by placing redstone torches on the ground. It’s easy to see what time it is because there are torches around it.

The most helpful contraption you can build for any large-scale redstone machine is a redstone clock. Redstone clocks are usually simple to construct and integrate into your creations. They’re also simple to scale, so you can make them as large or tiny as you like, and adjust the timing to fit your requirements. Here are some of the most basic redstone clocks in Minecraft.

Clock Hopper

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Our clock is the most complex and costly to make of all the clocks on this list. It also gives you the greatest flexibility in terms of scheduling. This clock’s primary feature is that it is tileable, giving you a lot of flexibility over your timings. You may put as many of these in your construction as you like, and each one will shoot at a different time.

The things you put into the hoppers influence the time of this clock. Each item causes a 0.4-second delay. So, if you want your machine to go off every minute, you’ll need to fill the hoppers with 150 things.

To make this clock, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 2 evaluators
  • 2 clumsy pistons
  • 1 block of redstone
  • 4 torches of redstone
  • 4 wool or iron blocks
  • 2 hopscotch players


  1. Place Two hoppers facing each other, continuously transferring their items between them.
  2. Place a redstone block on top of the hoppers, then attach the sticky pistons on top of the block to move it back and forth.
  3. Place the comparators next to each hopper so that the things passing through them activate them.
  4. Next to the comparator, put a block and a redstone torch on the other side. Then, on top of the torch, lay a block and another torch facing your pistons.
  5. Finally, add as many things as you need to the hoppers. The redstone block or torches may then be connected to other machinery as required.

Clock with a Repeater

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This is arguably the most well-known and often used clock in the redstone community. It’s also the cheapest of all the clocks on our list, but if you’re on a server and keep scaling or tiling it, it may cause the greatest latency. This clock’s time can be controlled, although it’s a little more complicated than utilizing a hopper or minecart clock.

You’ll need the following items to build this clock:

  • 4 dust of redstone
  • Repeaters (2-4)
  • a single redstone torch

It’s not difficult to make this clock. Alternate your redstone dust and repeaters until you’ve created a circuit. Until you break the circuit or anything forces it to stop, the signal will keep looping through it.

After you’ve finished building your circuit, put a redstone torch next to one of the redstone dust pieces. You just want the signal to start, not to make it all the way through the circuit, so break the torch as soon as you put it. If you’re quick enough, the signal will continuously revolve around the circuit you’ve created. To lengthen the time it takes to activate, you may expand the size of the circuit and add additional repeaters.

You may link any other machine to the clock after it is up and running by simply connecting a line of redstone dust or repeaters to it.

Minecart Timer

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This clock’s greatest (and worst) characteristic is that it is readily expandable. You may grow it up endlessly as long as you have the resources to build additional rails or minecarts. The drawback to this scalability is that this clock takes up much more space than the others on this list, but it is very simple to use if you are new to redstone.

To make this clock, you’ll need the following materials:

  • There must be at least one activator rail.
  • 1 minecart is required.
  • Rails that are powered
  • Torches made of redstone
  • Dust of redstone
  • Rails for minecarts in their normal state

All you need to build this clock is a circle of tracks for a minecart to go around. Set up an activator rail at the location where you want the redstone signal to be triggered. If you like, you may use several activator rails to activate various machines. Place the powered rails near to redstone lamps to ensure the cart has enough of speed at all times.

Clock of the Observer

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This is perhaps the simplest redstone clock to construct, although it does have a few flaws. This clock will keep ticking incessantly, which may be irritating to your friends or server members, and may cause some latency if you use too many. This clock is a fast and easy repair if you need something to keep shooting all the time.

All you’ll need is a pair of observers to make this clock.

When two observers are placed in front of each other, they will begin to tick each other continuously. To activate these observers, attach any redstone device to the back of them.

The Stay True resource pack and Robobo1221’s shader pack were used to create the images in this tutorial.

Minecraft has a lot of different types of clocks. One type is the redstone clock. This tutorial will teach you how to make one in Minecraft. Reference: how to make a redstone clock mumbo jumbo.

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