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Dead Cliffs is a PvP map in Destiny 2. This card was introduced in the first version of the game itself. It is part of the Crucible map category in Destiny 2. The dead stones are placed in the game in the EDZ of planet Earth. Dead stones have three different types of matches: Survival, collision and control. There are a total of 12 locations on the Dead Rocks map that you should look out for. In this guide, we explain how to play and conquer the Dead Cliffs map in Destiny 2.

How to play Destiny 2’s Dead Rocks Map

Beware of snipers on the Dead Cliffs Map.

There are 12 locations on the map of the Dead Rocks. They are as follows:


This is the largest area on the map. This site consists of both an open space and a roadway. You have to be on your guard, because you can fall off the edge, which can result in death. This location also has a capture point in control mode. In confrontation mode, it has an origin point for ammo.


The console is a location in the mill. It is located on an elevated position and proves to be a good vantage point. This area is also possible if you choose to shift and flank enemies.


It is an open space with a small square in the middle. The trucks give access to the lockers, the depot and Ivy. It is also the starting point for ammo in control mode.


As the name suggests, Lockers is an indoor space. However, coverage in this area is quite limited. Your only attack is to enter this area. It also provides good vantage points in the trucks and depot that allow for sniping. The lockers also serve as a meeting place for the teams.


Ivy is in the middle of the map. This is very important from a strategic point of view, as it is the conquest point in Survival Mode.


The warehouse is another strategic space with several floors. This area has a total of 4 entrances and is therefore difficult to secure. This is the starting point for powerful ammo in Clash and the conquest point in control mode.

Broken stone

Rubble is another open area on the Dead Rocks map. That makes him a popular sniper. However, it is also the starting point for powerful ammo in survival mode.


The stage is a very important area in Dead Rocks. There’s a lot going on in this area. It is also one of the most dangerous places because it can easily fall, resulting in death. This area has many blind spots, making it ideal for luring a stealthy enemy into an ambush.


The pipes are also an open area with a small section of cover. It’s a sniper hotspot and, like Catwalk, has dangerously low railings that kill you if you step over them.


The hall is an indoor space. It has no levels because it is relatively small and has a low roof. It acts as a central space between the stage, the mill and the pipes.


The garage is a small area, but one of the most important on the map. It can serve as an easily defensible rampart. It is also the only point of entry into Back. The garage serves as a starting point for force ammunition in the event of a collision and provides guidance for steering.


Try not to get stuck in this area, as it only has one entrance/exit. But you can also use it as an ambush.

This is a complete guide to the Dead Rocks map in Destiny 2. While you’re here, you can see how to fix the Coup De Grace bug and get Cloudstrike.

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