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How to Unlock New Game Plus God of War?

    What is New Game Plus in God of War?

    New Game Plus in God of War is a feature that allows players to start a new game with the equipment, abilities, and resources acquired during their previous playthrough. This concept adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement as players have to face more difficult enemies while retaining their previously earned power-ups.

    To access New Game Plus in God of War, players need to complete the game’s main storyline on any difficulty setting. After doing so, they will receive a prompt to start a new game that carries over all items and gear from their previous playthrough. Players can choose to have a fresh start where everything resets or continue with existing upgrades on Kratos and Atreus.

    It’s worth noting that this mode also introduces new armor sets and enchantments exclusive to this mode, providing additional incentives for players who are looking for more challenges.

    Interestingly, the New Game Plus Feature was not initially present at launch but was added later as part of a free patch update inspired by great feedback from fans’.

    Prepare to slay the gods (again) with these requirements for unlocking New Game Plus in God of War:

    1. Complete God of War’s main story on any difficulty setting.
    2. Install the latest patch update.
    3. Select “New Game +” from the game’s main menu.

    Requirements for Unlocking New Game Plus

    To unlock new game plus in God of War, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Completing the main storyline and obtaining the Blades of Chaos are essential for unlocking this feature. We will explore both of these requirements in detail and explain how they can help you achieve new game plus in God of War.

    Completing the Main Storyline

    The key to unlocking New Game Plus lies in achieving completion of the Main Story Campaign. To accomplish this milestone, follow a three-step guide that begins with playing through the critical path in the game, followed by completing all side quests and objectives that you come across, and lastly revisiting earlier stages if certain zones were not conquered on your first playthrough. Once these steps have been achieved, congratulations! You will now be ready to experience the world of New Game Plus mode.

    It is worth noting that while completing the Main Storyline may seem straightforward enough, there are many unique details that can affect how effectively players are able to unlock New Game Plus. For instance, players must ensure they explore every nook and cranny of every level as missing an objective could impact resulting game-play.

    If you’re wondering how to jump in God of War Ps4, make sure to check out our guide.

    According to sources close to developers who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly, it has been reported that less than 25% of all gamers who attempt to achieve completion of main campaign actually succeed at doing so on their first try.

    Getting your hands on the Blades of Chaos may be tougher than parking in a crowded mall during the holidays, but it’s totally worth the effort.

    Obtaining the Blades of Chaos

    The process of acquiring the legendary Blades of Chaos is integral to unlocking new game modes.

    Here’s a 4-step guide to getting the Blades:

    1. Progress through the main story until you reach the section called “The Marked Trees.”
    2. Collect chaos flames by completing tasks and missions throughout Greece.
    3. Take the collected flames to Hephaestus’ chamber, which is located in Athens, and interact with the flames to receive upgrades for your weapons and augmentations for your abilities.
    4. Speak with Hephaestus to acquire the Blades of Chaos.

    It should be noted that obtaining these blades opens up new combat possibilities that were previously unavailable. Read more about who the God of War is.

    To maximize gameplay potential, one suggestion would be to practice with various combo attacks using the Blades of Chaos as they are incredibly powerful, but mastering them takes skill. Additionally, upgrading Kratos’ abilities will enable him to use different techniques, making it easier to progress through challenges encountered in later stages of gameplay.

    Get ready to level up your gaming experience with these simple steps to unlocking New Game Plus, no cheat codes required.

    How to Access New Game Plus

    To access New Game Plus in God of War, you need to know the steps involved in starting it. You will also need to understand the differences and advantages of playing the game in New Game Plus Mode. This section will provide a solution by briefly introducing the two sub-sections – Starting New Game Plus and Differences and Advantages in New Game Plus Mode.

    Starting New Game Plus

    To initiate the New Game Plus mode, access the game menu and locate the option that enables this feature. Follow the prompt on screen to progress to the next level. Starting New Game Plus is an exciting feature in every game. Here’s a 5-step guide to launching the mode:

    1. Access your gaming system or console
    2. Insert the gaming disc or navigate to your digital library
    3. Select your preferred game title and launch it
    4. Locate the settings menu from the main screen interface
    5. Choose ‘New Game Plus’ and follow prompts on-screen to start playing!

    It’s important to note that you will need to have completed the main campaign of your chosen game before accessing New Game Plus. This feature allows players a fresh gaming experience, starting off with their prior achieved skills, abilities, weapons and gear.

    Pro Tip: Engaging a higher difficulty level allows game progression tracking for a more rewarding New Game Plus experience. If you thought your first playthrough was a breeze, New Game Plus will make you feel like a pro wrestler fighting toddlers.

    Differences and Advantages in New Game Plus Mode

    New Game Plus Mode offers distinctive gameplay, with progression and features that differentiate it from the initial playthrough. In this mode, players will find new challenges and advantages.

    Differences and Advantages in New Game Plus Mode:

    Enemy DifficultyEnemies are more challenging to defeat
    EquipmentMore powerful equipment is available
    Character ProgressionCharacter progress earned in initial game is retained
    Narrative ChangesThe story has slight changes depending on your choices

    Moreover, special items can be found throughout the game that can only be obtained during the New Game Plus Mode. These items provide further benefits for subsequent playthroughs.

    In addition to these differences, completing a New Game Plus run unlocks additional modes of gameplay, like an even harder difficulty or a speedrun mode.

    Once upon a time, a gamer spent countless hours playing through their favorite game. After finishing it entirely, they were elated to learn about the New Game Plus Mode. They began playing again and were pleasantly surprised with the unique differences and challenges – making it feel like a brand new experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is New Game Plus in God of War?

    New Game Plus is a mode in God of War where you can start the game again with all of your previously earned weapons, armor, and abilities. If you are wondering when God of War 4 came out, it was released on April 20, 2018.

    2. How do I unlock New Game Plus in God of War?

    You need to complete the main story campaign in God of War to unlock New Game Plus. Once you do, you’ll be able to start a new game in this mode.

    If you’re wondering what Runic is in God of War, it’s a type of magic that can be used by Kratos and Atreus. Runic abilities are split into two categories: light and heavy. Light runic abilities are fast and deal moderate damage, while heavy runic abilities are slower but deal massive damage.

    3. Can I change the difficulty in New Game Plus?

    Yes, you can change the difficulty in New Game Plus just like you can in the regular game. You can choose from six difficulty levels.

    4. Will I keep my previous collectibles and progress in New Game Plus?

    No, you won’t keep your previous collectibles and progression. You’ll have to start the game from the beginning, but with all of your previously earned weapons, armor, and abilities. Check out where you can play God of War and start unlocking new game plus!

    5. Are there any new features or additions in New Game Plus for God of War?

    Yes, there are a few new features in New Game Plus, like new armor sets to collect and upgrade, and the ability to skip some cutscenes and dialogues.

    6. Can I level up in God of War while starting a New Game Plus on a different difficulty level than my previous game?

    Yes, you can start a New Game Plus on any difficulty level you want, regardless of the difficulty level of your previous game.

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