How to Upgrade Weapons in Destiny 2, Get New Weapons?

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We created this article to help you learn how to upgrade weapons in Destiny 2. If you are a Destiny 2 player and want to upgrade your weapons, you can read this article and get all the details about weapon upgrades.

To upgrade a weapon in Destiny 2

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How can I upgrade a weapon in Fate 2?

If you own weapons and armour and want to unlock mods for these items, you can try a few different ways, for example killing enemies, collecting bounties and completing missions.

Combat statistics

If you want to upgrade your weapons in Destiny 2, you need to know the combat stats. You must know the battle statistics. Each character in this game has combat stats that are calculated based on their armor level and weapon power. These statistics are divided into two different groups, B. Attack and defense.

Destruction factor

Each weapon has a base damage value. You can easily increase the value by simply adding a status to the attack. Upgrading your weapons helps you in another way.

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Types of weapons and armour

After discussing the full information about weapon upgrades in Destiny 2, you can learn more about weapon and armor types. There are five different types of equipment in the game:

  • Normal white objects
  • Rare bruises
  • Articles in exotic orange
  • There’s nothing unusual about green
  • Purple legend

The background color is visible when you move the mouse pointer over an inventory item. You can equip the weapons and armor you want to upgrade. You must do this before claiming a reward from a bounty or mission. You don’t have to worry about upgrading your weapons until level 20, because you can upgrade all of them with legendary raid weapons.

How do I get a new Destiny 2 weapon?

If you know how to upgrade weapons in Destiny 2, you might be wondering how to get new weapons:

In this game, there are several ways to get weapons. The fastest way for players to find the arms dealer in the tower. There is a certain gunsmith on the far right at the starting point of the tower. Besides these, there are other methods of finding weapons in Destiny 2. You can find random weapons in the solar system. You can get rewards by playing PvP or by participating in battles where you can earn weapons. You can use engrams. You can make money. You can also lead a raid.

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How to use graffiti to find rare weapons in Destiny 2

The encoded images are glowing crystals that will help you in various ways, you can easily enlist their help to get weapons as well as armor. You can easily find engrams thrown by defeated enemies. Most opponents give up after one defeat. An engram can easily indicate the type of element it refers to. The exact location of the engram will be revealed once you bring it to the cryptarch in the tower.

You can also buy all weapons, including primary weapons, even armor, special weapons, and heavy weapons. When you trade the engram, it increases your reputation in Cryptarch value. You can also buy engrams to cheat and get better weapons. You can find legendary weapons in the rare weapons.


This is a comprehensive guide to weapon upgrades in Destiny 2. We now want to conclude this article with the hope that you have received the complete information about this guide. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments section. We’re happy to answer your questions about how to upgrade weapons in Destiny 2.

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