Hunt: Showdown Update 1.23 – Patch Notes 1.5.1

All players will receive a new update for Hunt Showdown today. Here are all the details on the Playstation, PC and Xbox patch from the 27th. April.

You can now download and install the Hunt Showdown 1.23 update. Unfortunately, we do not know the size of the file.

Hunting notes Notes 1.23 / 1.5.

Comparison of improvements

matching of skills

Added skills option to the Lobby screen. If this option is enabled, you will only play with players of the assigned skill level. Please note that choosing this option may reduce the number of players in your game.

If this option is disabled, we will first try to match you with players in your assigned qualification group. If such a game is not available, we look for a game with as many players as possible, starting from those who have also disabled the Skills option.

Ratios for different types of groups

We have added a coefficient that increases or decreases the PvP group rating based on type.

Drop in PvP ranking after an absence

We’ve introduced a temporary reduction in your PvP rating if you’ve been inactive for a while, to give you a chance to regain muscle memory and make it easier to return to the hunt without any unfair encounters.


  • Improvements to custom audio blast ammo.
  • Improved suspicious-sounding henhouse status to better distinguish it from hibernation status.
  • Mixture improvements and adjustments for Winfield variants (1876m, Centennial and 1887). That century is now a distant memory, while in 1887 the volume was reduced. Both weapons should now be more in line with others in their class.


Reduced XP cost in all categories of the weapon book (all variants and custom ammo). This change is intended to encourage experimentation and variation in your cargo choices.


matching of skills

  • Added a skill field in the Bounty Hunter and Quickplay lobbies.
  • The option is enabled by default and cannot be removed:
  • The players are still in training mode
  • Random groups
  • This option is disabled by default in Quickplay.
  • When this feature is enabled, you will only play with players from your team’s PvP rank group.
  • If this option is disabled, a search for players in your team’s PvP ranking will be performed first. However, if a complete match cannot be found, it will be drawn from the players who have also disabled this option.

Developer Comments:

This change is designed to give players more control over their playing experience and to ensure that they are paired with players of similar skill level. It is important to note that these changes will also affect the PvP bracket, which may vary depending on the region you log into. This setup should ensure that there are enough players during the game, but keep in mind that it won’t be perfect. We will monitor progress closely and make changes as necessary.

Search for partners per group

Random groups will follow the standard rules for skill-based matchmaking, with some minor changes to the way PvP group rankings are calculated.

To make the partner selection process as fair as possible, we added additional factors to calculate the group score. Each of the five group types (Solo, Random Duo, Random Trio, Guest Duo, Guest Trio) takes into account the average score of all participants and some additional multipliers. For example, a single player does not have the same PvP value as a team of three players, where each team member has the same PvP value as a single player.

Drop in PvP ranking after an absence

Rank reduction (temporary PvP rank reduction), applied when you have not hunted for a while. This applies to the next 10 games you play when you return. Once you complete these 10 games, this expiration date will be removed and your PvP rank will be calculated as normal.

For more information on the changes to player search, see our latest [blog] ( ).


Non-standard ammunition types : Visual adjustment

The visuals on the equipment panel in the HUD have been modified and improved to enhance the visibility and readability of the various ammunition types. We’ve also fixed some inconsistencies with this update.

We also made some changes to the hardware screen to improve the readability of the currently used patterns. (Changing the default symbol size, removing useless + symbols, correcting some alignment issues).

Roster: Visual configuration

Changes have been made to the visual display of hunter possession points on the list screen – overview page to improve readability and scrolling.

Performance and stability

  • Several bugs in the client have been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where some explosives made a (non-lethal) head-butting sound when hitting/destroying an object.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing album properties from being dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where Scrapbeak could leave the boss’ cave in some cases. (He just wanted some fresh air after being stuck all game).


  • Problem solved where the legendary Scavengers Snare concertina bomb appeared as a white box model in the sky.
  • Fixed an issue where the single-shot weapon’s ammo supply was not replenished when it was restored.
  • Fixed a problem where explosive projectiles did less damage to big red doors.


  • Fixed a problem where parts of the Plague Doctor broke off and stayed on the brood (like a floating tin can).


  • Fixed an issue where dual ownership of a legendary pair of Dead Ringers caused one of the skins to be duplicated instead of using the separate skin.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect unlock conditions for custom ammo.

The World

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to use weapon oil multiple times.
  • Fixed bug that brought players back to the menu when Cypress Lodges generated an album.


  • Fixed an issue where the ammo on the kill screen changed depending on the custom ammo the assassin was holding.
  • Fixed bug where the scroll bar next to the hunter list was in the wrong position.
  • The formatting of the banner call in German has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong equipment was shown during a performance.
  • Fixed an issue where single shot weapons showed the wrong skill in the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where filter information between weapons and normal ammo was not transferring correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD wouldn’t disappear when switching from one normal ammo weapon to another.
  • Fixed bug where the match timer in memory was always visible in the match queue.

  • In some cases, when an enemy combatant survives a headshot by explosives, the sound of death by headshot can still be heard.
  • In some cases, the service clock on the region selection screen is not updated correctly.
  • Crows near the ball can be invisible.
  • In some cases, it is not possible to initiate a melee attack immediately after a weapon/tool change.
  • AI-induced bleeding death may look like suicide on the death screen damage report.
  • In some cases, when you deal damage to multiple AIs in a row, some success markers may not show up even though the damage has already been dealt.
  • In some cases, you may get stuck in a heavy melee animation. Go to another article with a solution to this problem.
  • Some textures/LoD may change intermittently during the game.
  • If you are killed by another player, but they leave the game, then the kill view will not be available.
  • In some cases, death by headshot is not displayed correctly on the death screen.
  • Some scrum movements may not connect smoothly because the camera angle between the client and the server does not match.
  • In some cases, the tokens may appear on the floor of the cave, but you should still be able to interact with them properly.
  • Scrapbook takes no damage from fire sources in Madness mode.
  • In some cases, Assassin clones can remain blocked and not attack players.
  • In some cases, the user interface may freeze and it may take some time to update the meta action (buy/equip/hire hunters).
  • The penalty text for leaving the group is shown on top of the button instructions on the lobby screen (German language).
  • In cases where you are interacting with a cue, the sound of the cue will be looped from the beginning of the ban.
  • In Gunslinger, if you activate a weapon while firing, you can no longer get into a melee fight.
  • In some cases, it takes the fencer too much effort to return to the ADS after the reload is cancelled.
  • Chain shots are less reliable in rifle mode than in hunting mode.
  • In some cases, switching to another weapon (looting) can cause an abandoned weapon to fall to the ground.
  • Butcher continues to attack after being knocked out by a bomb.
  • When switching from one firing position to another on the LeMat, you may feel a strange short circuit that prevents you from returning to your previous position.
  • In some cases, when all the consumption slots are full, you will not be able to buy any other refreshments than those in the first slot.
  • In some cases, your health bar will remain on the screen even though it appears to be undamaged. This is due to a small fire, but not due to proper display. If there is any minor damage, it will be updated and display the correct information.
  • Unlocking a legendary item can often change the order of items in the list when you change the loadout.
  • In some rare cases, a spider can get stuck under the ground after jumping on a player.
  • When banning a boss, there may be a delay.
  • In some cases, the ejection report may contain incorrect information. This is a purely visual problem. As expected, normalcy continues in the background.
  • Test/Training… If you die by fire or poison, you can rise again in the same condition.
  • In some rare and very specific scenarios, the projectile ball may not explode.
  • In some cases, players can attack the AI during the waiting screen.
  • Viewer mode : The target state of the player does not always match what is seen in the spectator mode.
  • In some rare cases, the wellness package may multiply in a folder, preventing you from viewing it properly.
  • In some cases, if a player is killed and cannot be revived (Red Skull), the last death will not be counted in the total death count, but the player you killed will still be credited for the death.
  • Review: In some cases, when you replay a previous test mission, you may appear with less health than expected.
  • Pressing the Alt key repeatedly can cause the fighter to lose control.
  • In some cases, the weapons come from the ADS.
  • Display issues may occur if hidden statistics are enabled after the update has migrated to the live server. (The fake arrows are shown when someone looks at your profile).
  • In some cases, the crosshair of the knife may disappear during the game.
  • Killing a hunter after you die (while still in the game or on the kill screen) sometimes can’t give you credit for the kill.
  • Calls that were automatically approved overnight no longer appear as pop-ups when you next log into the game.
  • Some players may have problems with stuttering. We are actively working on these issues.
  • The toxic effects of the beehive and spider may persist beyond the expected duration.
  • The Training tab may become stuck among other user interface elements when you exit the training selection screen. Opening the Training tab solves this problem again.
  • In some cases, performing multiple actions in quick succession in Shooter mode can cause players to melee instead of shoot as intended.
  • In some cases, for example with reduced performance or a lot of activity in the game, the sound may crackle slightly.
  • When equipping a fighter, the slot selection cannot move to the next slot after the contraband has been exchanged for a newly acquired item.
  • In some cases, canceling the cooldown will cause you to melee by holding down the right mouse button instead of firing.
  • If you die from a poison cloud or poison mine, a blank death screen appears.
  • You can’t see the poison trap if your hunter has a warning sign.
  • Shooting a closet bomb floating on the water (with a shotgun) can cause swarms in many cases.
  • In some cases, crows respond to player sounds later than expected. If there are many hiding places between you and the crows, they may also be difficult to hear.
  • If you try to join a Quickplay game, the indicator Wait after leaving may turn red again, forcing you to press Play again.
  • Questions: Fighters who are damaged by other players but receive a lethal blow from the AI count. This is unintentional and should only be added to the total if the fatal hit is made by the player.
  • Various PvP leaderboard arrows for other players can be displayed on the kill screen and the overview screen.
  • In some cases, when you try to loot a hunter, you may get the message Full Ammo, which prevents you from looting a dead hunter.
  • Questions: Killing 50 bosses is not counted as a hit and not a turn.
  • Inconsistencies in sensitivity may occur when using the arrow mode. Melee and weapon turnover is something else.
  • A quick pass between the ROV and the hip with the fan can sometimes cause the fire to go out.
  • In some cases, after the weapon is recovered or if the weapon is replaced with a Winfield-equipped weapon, the server will register that it has no ammunition.
  • Beertape on window frames can cause problems with windows popping open.
  • Tutorial: After charging, the charge may not be correct.
  • In some cases, a looted item will remain in the blue Quickplay boxes even after another player has taken it. You cannot interact with these elements.
  • Sagittarius: In some cases, players can shoot by pressing the melee button after performing a combination of actions.
  • In some cases, the Butchers don’t have enough leeches and don’t respond to players.
  • In some cases, the reticle does not change dynamically when switching from one target search mode to another and remains locked at smaller sizes.
  • In some cases, if you can’t loot a weapon, it’s because the client registers that it fell in a different place than shown on the screen.
  • Sagittarius: Performing a heavy scrum during a sprint stop will result in a return to the wrong position (must return to the hip shot position).
  • Quick game: Loading a new tool can also replace an existing empty tool instead of taking up the next available slot.
  • Some weapons allow two heavy melee attacks in a row before you lose stamina.
  • By performing several specific actions at once, players can be unintentionally taken down.
  • In some cases, ADS is not possible after the ignition mode is changed to Winfield opening.
  • The penetration values related to the draw slider are incorrect (the shot is lighter than expected).
  • Sliding weapons sometimes fall close together, making it difficult to loot the right weapon.
  • The separation wire can damage players through walls.
  • Quick game: Lifting a weapon when switching to a larger weapon will cause the wrong item to be replaced.
  • In some cases, using ladders can cause players to teleport or get stuck in other parts.


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