I made an infographic about champions that can stack infinitely

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According to patch 11.4, at least 12 of the 154 champions have the ability to stack infinitely. These skills can give a bonus of AD, AP, armor, magic resistance, etc. or even gold and XP.

So this is what they look like when they have a lot of batteries:

Don’t confuse them too late!

According to my computer chart, these are the champions that can get unlimited values

  1. Too bad.
  2. Weigar: AP and ‘s Cooldown.
  3. Thrash: Armor and AP.
  4. Zion! Maximum health.
  5. Bard: Too bad.
  6. Good: Attack distance, attack speed bonus, damage and damage.
  7. Shivana: Armor and magic resistance.
  8. Senna: AD, attack distance, critical chance and loss of life.
  9. Swain: Maximum health.
  10. Cho Hole: Health, attack distance, size and maximum damage.
  11. Silas: Steal Cho Hole to get those stats.
  12. Antiquity: Cult (used to earn bonus gold when killing enemy champions).
  13. The footbridge: Silver hoses (used for upgrade).
  14. Zilean: Time in a bottle (used to provide the experiment).

In addition there are other champions who can fly or support this stat

  1. Viego: Stealing from champions who have infinite stacks.
  2. Neko: Imitates all champions, some with shock effect.
  3. Calista: The only champion who can bet on opposing champions.
  4. Undercarriage: Stealing armor and magic resistance.
  5. Mordecaiper: He steals the stats of 10% of the champion’s enemies.
  6. Rell: She steals armor and magic resistance, but can get a bonus effect from the hit, giving her allies a bonus of armor and magic resistance.
  7. Tariq: The shielding capacity can be adjusted to the maximum health of an ally.
  8. Yuumi: Give yourself an AD or AP (adaptive) bonus, depending on the champion allies you attach.

You will notice that there are certain restrictions on some champions:.

  • Bard: You no longer get bonus effects at 100 bells.
  • Good: The maximum attack range is 750.
  • Shivana: Each time she and/or her team kills the same Elemental Dragon, the next time the damage must be reduced by 7%, making it difficult for her team to be eliminated in a subsequent game.
  • Cho Hole: The maximum range and size it can achieve are 200 and 100% respectively.
  • Trot and Gamplank: The maximum amount of gold that each champion can receive is 100,000 (see the training tool).
  • Zilean: He cannot give XP bonus if he and all his teammates are level 18.
  • Neko: With most useless champions in this list, she may see an ally show up with stats, but mostly she can’t interact with them.
  • Viego, Trundle and Mordecaizer: Can steal statistics in a short time.
  • Rell: Like Viego, Trundle, and Mordecaizer, she can retain her armor and magic while constantly affecting her enemies.

TLDR: In short, a total of 22 champions can have an infinite number of things. Don’t confuse them too late!

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I made a computer chart about champions who can stack infinitely for League of Legends games.

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