Ideas to Make Nuke Launches More Interesting

I don’t know about the others, but I thought managing Nuke became less and less fun as the game progressed. Yeah, there are now Wendigo Colossus spawning with Queen Burn and Earl as another target, but I think the appeal of nuclear weapons has faded for me. I remember that in the beginning, when Whitespring exploded, it was actually a server-wide event. I’ve thought about it and I have some ideas to make it more interesting, what happens after the launch of a nuclear bomb. I doubt all this will happen, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

  1. Start by reducing the blast radius – say by half, while making it twice as lethal. Then add a stimulant here. Maybe the flora was irradiated twice (or triple) during this period. Maybe super-high XP enemies. The extra raids should be challenging, but worthwhile. Over time, the nuclear zone expands but becomes less lethal (and these incentives diminish), allowing lower-level actors to still benefit from the existing nuclear zones. Eventually the whole thing turns into a radial storm and then fades away.
  2. Nuclear Enemies – Take some of the game’s unique enemies – I think of Mothman, Super-Mutant Behemoth, Deathclaw, etc., and create a high-level nuclear variant that is born when a nuclear weapon explodes. Which depends on where the atomic bombs land. These can be the above mentioned enemies at high XP level or a boss like SBQ. However, make sure there are no advertisements on the server, unless someone sees it for the first time, something like Player Name discovered Nuclear Mothman in The Forest. These enemies should be legendary and may have guaranteed the scarcity of spawning grounds (e.g. at events like Fasnachtnacht and Holiday Scorched that you can’t get otherwise).
  3. Ammunition that doesn’t explode – I’m thinking Megaton from Fallout 3 – a nuclear bomb lands and then nothing. He’s just sitting there. But, if you go nuclear, you can open it for some rare items/plans/requirements/currency (I’ll have the developers create a reason for that in the game). EVERYTHING – like Megaton, there is an option to detonate a nuclear bomb that will kill not only you, but all players in the nuclear zone (I think it just explodes without warning). Basically you create a race to get to the nuclear bombs to get what’s inside before someone decides to detonate them. It should be completely random when it happens, with something like But nothing happened!
  4. Rad’s Ghoul Cult – It would be really cool if there was a faction of unwanted spirits who only appeared in nuclear areas when they were active. As soon as the bomb goes off, they will be there to suck up the good ravens and plunder the supplies. Make sure that they are EXACTLY hostile towards the person who threw them, and if you are, they will trade with you and give you any free/lost supplies. This would give a new dynamic to the nuclear zones, as well as an incentive to launch a nuclear bomb.

In fact, I think we need more reasons to throw nuclear bombs into the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll play SBQ or Colossus Problem when they come out (later, if it’s a full team), but I see no reason to do anything other than that, to make something of it that I would do too often.

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The post Ideas for making a nuclear bomb starts more interesting for the fallout games.

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