I’m honestly saddened that we as WoW fans are treated the way we are by the Company that makes our favorite game.

World of Warcraft has been around for over 15 years, and it’s guaranteed to be with us until the end. However, Blizzard seems intent on treating their loyal fanbase like they’re just some unappreciative fools that deserve nothing more than contempt.

The “ceo of activision” is a person that leads the company that makes the game World of Warcraft. The CEO has recently come out and said some really disrespectful things about WoW players. I’m honestly saddened by how we as WoW fans are treated by this company.

The game’s current condition. The company’s present situation. We paid for Shadowlands and WoW after the fact. I’ve been paying for material on a monthly basis (Or lack there of). Those who had subscribed to the game at this period have stuck it out and supported Blizzard. Only to be confronted with yet another retail item. Time and time again. This never-ending loop will continue to repeat itself. Because people keep buying it. and buying it. and buying it. and buying it. and buying it. and buying it. and buying it And, well, guess what? They have permission to do so. It is their money, and they are free to spend it anyway they like. It merely irritates me, which is OK. Have you noticed that the quality of current shop products is improving? People would remark, “Oh wow, I need that!” if the ads were more targeted. The Cat is a fictional character. Then there’s the Murloc bag. I got a feeling we’ve reached the crest of the hill and are being driven over the brink.

I check this sub practically every day simply to see how the game is going, but what I receive in return is much more valuable. Validation. It was confirmed that unsubbing was the best option. Blizzard’s utter scumminess is so clear. I think I’ll be totally vindicated in 10-20 years when a Blizzard documentary on what really happened during these days is out.

The thing that makes me sad is when I read comments from folks who are entirely unaware that they are being used. Blizzard is exploiting loyal clients by slowly and deliberately siphoning off more money. Isn’t it possible that if 4000 individuals purchase a cosmetic, the price of making this item will be covered? Couldn’t these shop goods be created in a matter of hours or days by a single developer? Printing money based on the trustworthiness of your players. It’s revolting to me that there’s nothing that can be done because the trash gets purchased by people who don’t care in the first place. To them, $20 is nothing. To be honest, 20 dollars isn’t a lot of money. A Blizzard executive, on the other hand, considers $20 from thousands of dedicated fans to be another boat.

If Wow happened to be in a nice location. The game was good for you. The creators interacted with the community, and the game was generally favorably regarded. Then sure, I’d agree that buying these tiny cosmetics to support the game is a good idea. However, this is not the case. Purchasing shop stuff after paying all of the game’s basic fees effectively tells Blizzard that they can spit in our soup and we’ll still eat it. Despite the fact that every single shop item they’ve released has been received with enormous hostility, people continue to purchase it. I’ll never comprehend. I think the quiet majority is the winner in this case.

I have no ill will toward anybody who purchases these products. As I have said. People have complete freedom over how they spend their money. This circumstance makes me sad. I wish my favorite game had better morals and, I suppose, in-game morals.

-I’m just a sad and dissatisfied World of Warcraft fan.

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“I’m honestly upset that we as WoW fans are treated the way we are by the Company that creates our favorite game.”

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“Wow game designer” is a term that has been used to describe the company that makes World of Warcraft. The company, Blizzard, has made WoW fans feel like they are not important and treated them poorly. Reference: wow game designer.

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