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Not sure what else to do in Valheim? Then check out this wiki guide for the latest tips and tricks.

Valheim is brutal, and when you play this game, you don’t get a chance to relax. The game focuses on difficult survival skills. No matter how professional you are, there are difficult moments in Valheim that you will not be able to handle easily. Inspired by Viking culture, you must fight, build and conquer to become king of all. In this way, Valheim goes beyond mere survival and expands your domain. This wiki guide to Valheim will serve as a map to do more in the game. In this Valheim wiki you will find tips and tricks, the location of important items, crafting guides and more. It is divided into several sections, such as tips and tricks for beginners, searching for collectibles, etc.

Tips for beginners

  1. Quick Repair: Don’t know how to fix things in Walheim? Here you will learn how to fix them easily.
  2. How to heal: Learn how to regain your health by eating food and building a cooking station for cooking.
  3. How to catch fish. Here’s a quick guide on where to fish in Walheim.
  4. How do you build a shelter? As you begin in Walheim, you may be wondering how to build a shelter? Follow this guide to build a shelter in Walheim.
  5. Improving Skills: Want to know how to improve your skills at Valheim? Learn how to increase your skill level faster here.
  6. Teleport: Learn how to teleport and travel long distances in Valheim. Learn how it works and what to do with the portals in Valheim.
  7. What happens when you die? Do you wonder if there is an afterlife in Valheim? This guide will explain to you what happens when you die in Valheim.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Where is the Black Forest? Where is the Black Forest Biome in Walheim? Here’s what you need to know about the location of the Black Forest. This is where you will meet the Big Boss.
  2. Trading Post: Want to buy unique items from a trader? Here you can find the contact information of a trader in Valheim.
  3. Place of file: Find out how to save money in Valheim. Use this tip to track your progress in the game and also find out where to save in Valheim, here.
  4. Sharing stacks of items: Here you will find instructions on how to share items with your friends and distribute them in chests.

Guidelines for action

  1. Plant seeds, plant trees and harvest: Learn how to plant seeds in Walheim with our harvest guide. Learn how easy it is to plant trees by following simple steps.
  2. “How to farm”: Here is a short guide to farming in Walheim.
  3. Where can I find carrot seeds? Having trouble finding carrot seeds in Walheim? See exactly where you can find them.
  4. Ancient Seeds: Want to know where to find Ancient Seeds in Walheim? Check here?

Do-it-yourself and building instructions

  1. Upgrade your workspace: Want to improve your workspace at Valheim? Here’s how to improve it.
  2. Guide to making weapons and tools: Learn how to obtain flint in Valheim, which you can use to make a flint axe, flint knife, flint spear, etc.
  3. To start building and unlocking recipes: here’s a quick guide to unlocking recipes in Valheim.
  4. Handmade hammer in the shape of a deer. How do you get a mail coach, a Viking hammer like Mjolnir? Check this out.
  5. List of recipes and items: Here you will find a list of Valheim blacksmith recipes for tools, weapons, armor and other items. Build your resources based on these recipes.
  6. Torch Builder: new to Valheim and curious about how to make a torch? Look no further and follow this guide.
  7. Hanging trophies on the wall: Wondering how to hang pet trophies on your wall in Walheim? Then you belong to us.
  8. Build and upgrade your forge in level 2: Here’s a quick guide to upgrading your forge in Valheim.

Guidelines for the allocation of resources

  1. Leather waste: here is how to find leather waste in Walheim.
  2. Location of smelter: Want to know how a Walheim smelter produces iron and copper? Look here.
  3. Where to find copper ore and tin: Here is a small guide on where to find tin and copper ore in Walheim.
  4. Iron Search: Here you can read how to find and obtain iron in Valheim.
  5. Dragon Island: Here you will find everything you need to know about the Dragon Island in Valheim.
  6. Fine wood: for example, fine wood is easily obtained in Walheim by cutting birch and oak. You can make weapons and long, handmade objects with it.
  7. Stones: How to find a stone in Valheim while exploring the world. In addition, you need to know how to make picks and axe stones that you can use to extract and cut wood.
  8. Find out how to get logs in Walheim. Learn where to find logs and how to use them for construction.
  9. Making different meads: Want to know how to use a fermenter? Then you’ve come to the right place.
  10. Feathers: Find out how easy it is to get feathers in Valheim.
  11. Hives and honey harvest: problems with hives and honey harvest in Valheim? Find out how to get unlimited amounts of honey here.
  12. Ancient Bark: Wondering where to find ancient bark? Here’s a guide on where to find Ancient Bark in Valheim.
  13. Money: Here’s a quick guide on where to find money in Valheim.
  14. Bronze: Wondering how to get bronze? Follow this guide to find out how to make bronze in Walheim.

Weapons Guide

  1. Pickaxe location: wondering how to get a pickaxe in Valheim? Check this out.

Hunting Guide

  1. Surtling Cores: Learn where to find the Surtling Cores in Valheim. How to find them in the dungeons and how to kill Incredible Creatures so they drop Incredible Cores.
  2. Taming a wild boar: Here is a short guide on how to tame a wild boar in Walheim.

Instructions for the battle of the bosses

  1. Summoning the first patron: In this guide, we explain what to sacrifice on the mystic altar and how to summon the first patron in Valheim.
  2. The Elder: how to find the location of the Head Elder and how to summon the Elder to Valheim. Also get advice on how to defeat Boss Wrestling.
  3. Eiktir : How to defeat Eiktir in Valheim. Know the boss’s advice on how to defeat this enemy.
  4. Convene Moder : You’re wondering how to call the fourth boss Moder to Valheim? Check this out.

Cheat codes

  1. Unlimited objects with duplication exploit a glitch: Want to know how to get unlimited resources in Walheim? Check this out.
  2. Cheaters and console controls: You think you’re using console controls and cheating in Valheim, but you don’t know how? Here’s everything you need to know.

This is our wiki guide for Valheim, updated daily with new topics. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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