According to a recent report from DigiTimes, Intel is considering introducing a “Lunar Lake” processor to compete with AMD and Apple by 2024. This new CPU would mark Intel’s third and final Moore’s Law-powered processor in the current 14/16nm node.

In the coming year, Intel will reportedly be announcing the new “3-Nanometer” process, which will reportedly deliver faster performance and better battery life than current-generation processors. Apple is rumored to be releasing their own next-generation processors, codenamed “Lunar Lake”, with a 10nm process, which will also deliver better battery life than current processors. In a race to beat their competitors, Intel needs to be the first to release a next-generation processor using the new 3-Nanometer process.

Back when AMD launched its 7nm product line, the company said that its next-generation process would be the only one that could compete with the current-generation Intel Core i9. AMD’s then-CEO Lisa Su claimed that “the new 7nm process will enable the industry to address the key limitations of the 14nm process with a transistor density of more than 5 billion transistors per square millimeter.”

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has expressed confidence in his company’s ability to regain the chip crown from AMD in four years.

Intel will eventually achieve this in 2024 with a new generation of CPUs codenamed Lunar Lake, according to a supposed roadmap released by a user called mooreslawisnotdead (not to be confused with YouTube leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead, but some of his earlier claims are allegedly repeated here).

These CPUs will allegedly be made using TSMC’s 3-nanometer technology and will have a mix of Lion Cove and Skymont cores, which are claimed to offer a significant performance boost above AMD and Apple’s choices in terms of both performance and power efficiency.

According to the rumored roadmap, Lunar Lake will be replaced by a new generation of CPUs known as Nova Lake. These CPUs are expected to have a 50 percent performance boost due to a brand-new, cutting-edge architecture—the most significant since Intel Core in Q1 2006.

  • Q4’21 / Q1’22 Alder Lake (Golden Cove/Gracemont) – expected to be competitively poor versus AMD/Apple products at the moment.
  • Raptor Lake (Raptor Cove / Gracemont) Q3’22 / Q4’22 – 10% CPU performance increase and 8/16 configuration bring Intel back up to speed, although AMD and Apple are expected to update their products as well.
  • Meteor Lake (Redwood Cove / Crestmont) — Intel’s first real chiplet or tile-based design, released in Q2’23. Various dies based on TSMC/Intel processes. With single digit speed increases, there is more of a node decrease. With Zen 4+ / 5, AMD will expand its dominance once again.
  • Arrow Lake (Lion Cove / Skymont) Q4’23 – A new compute tile with an 8/32 configuration will be available for high-end enthusiast goods. At the time, it was on par with AMD’s products, although it was outperformed by Apple in terms of power efficiency.
  • Lunar Lake (Lion Cove / Skymont) Q4’24 — According to Nikkei, this is the product that will utilize TSMC 3nm. A significant performance boost is anticipated, with the goal of catching up to or surpassing AMD and Apple in terms of performance and power efficiency.
  • Panther Cove [tentative]/ Darkmont/ Nova Lake – 2025 Since the Core architecture was launched in 2006, this will be the most significant architectural shift in CPU design. Intel is working on a whole new architecture from the ground up, similar to Ryzen, with up to a 50% increase in CPU performance from Lunar Lake. Glenn Hinton has returned for the same purpose.

1628043260_506_Intel-Rumored-to-Beat-AMD-and-Apple-with-3-Nanometer-LunarImage credit: Intel

Someone on Reddit with the handle mooreslawisnotdead just uploaded an Intel roadmap that goes all the way until 2025. There are several products/code names on this roadmap that haven’t been discussed previously. It’s possible that the roadmap is entirely true or that it’s a work of fan fiction. That, I suppose, is up to you to determine. The user’s account has now been deactivated, but not before I copied this information.

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In a recent interview, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich divulged some information about the company’s roadmap, and it looks like the company may be ready to release a new type of “high-performance” processor in three years. The ‘Lunar Lake’ processors will offer up to 5 times performance improvement over their current-generation ‘Broadwell’ chips. Intel’s next-gen processors will be built on a “3-nanometer” manufacturing process, and will have up to 5-fold increase in performance for 4K gaming, virtual reality, and 4K video playback.. Read more about intel raptor lake and let us know what you think.

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