• Ms Khushali Chauhan to lead the eComm vertical
  • This marks the emergence of NextGen leadership, to drive the online foray
  • Increased emphasis on seamless logistics, data-analytics & smooth customer experience

Ahmedabad (Newswire Gujarat): JadeBlue Lifestyle India Ltd today announced a revamped thrust of it’s eCommerce foray. The revamped online foray will lay a strong emphasis on seamless logistics, data-analytics and smooth customer experience.

With roots going back to 1981, the company was founded in 1995 by Mr Jitendra Chauhan & Mr Bipin Chauhan, who dedicatedly focused on creating and delivering the best quality Menswear to customers. The 1st JadeBlue retail outlet was launched in 1995 and since then has grown to a network of 22 JadeBlue stores. The private label – Greenfibre – has a network of 38 stores.

Speaking on the eCommerce push, Ms. Khushali Chauhan, Head- JadeBlue online, said – “JadeBlue’s revamped online push comes at an exciting time, when both offline & offline brands are vying for providing immersive and diverse experiences to customers. It is a privilege to lead the initiative and I hope to translate the brand’s legacy of excellence into the online experience also. The opportunities are immense – Assocham says the Indian Retail market will reach $1.1 trillion by 2020 – at JadeBlue we believe that those who deliver the best customer experience will reap the benefits of this market. Towards this goal, we are leveraging technologies to deliver better experiences, ensure seamless logistics and convert buyers into loyal customers.”

Elaborating further, Mr Bipin Chauhan (Managing Director, JadeBlue) added, “The marketplace scenario is quite complex currently – both in the nature of business and with every player angling for increased market share. Online giants are building offline store networks and established offline brands are going online to acquire customers & market share. Having built a network of 22 JadeBlue & 38 Greenfibre stores, expanding online is a natural progression for us. We are looking at an expanded customer base through online channels. I believe our cumulative expertise, experience and customer insights acquired over almost 40 years in the trade will stand us in good stead, as we reboot our online foray. Staying focussed on giving superior quality products and giving a good customer experience will surely help us acquire& build a strong customer base”.

JadeBlue Lifestyle India Ltd is a complete Menswear solutions provider, with 14 private labels offering a wide range in premium menswear, from formals to casuals to ethnic wear.

About JadeBlue LifeStyle:

JadeBlue Lifestyle India Ltd was founded in 1995 by Mr BipinChauhan & Mr Jitendra Chauhan. The store network comprises of 22 JadeBlue and 38 Greenfibre stores. JadeBlue Lifestyle is a complete Menswear solutions provider, with 8 in-house brands offering a wide range in premium menswear, from formals to casuals to ethnic wear.

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