Learning Beyond the Classroom with Huawei ICT Academy

Huawei ICT Academy is a unique program, geared toward helping students explore and understand the benefits of stand-alone devices and apps. The program is specifically designed by Huawei, for use in classrooms, and aims to increase students’ knowledge in terms of networking, mobile development, and operating system operations.

We’ve all heard about the different ways to learn in the classroom. We’ve all also heard about the different ways we can learn from textbooks, videos, and other media. But what about learning in the real world? Huawei’s new ICT Academy has just released its latest video installment, and it takes you and your favorite devices out of the classroom and into the real world.

Huawei Philippines recently recognized the significant contributions and exemplary performance of its industry and academic partners by awarding the ICT Talent Partner of the Year 2020 award to STI College, which has the highest number of students passing the Huawei certifications offered by Huawei ICT Academy. 

Developing Filipino ICT Talents at a Young Age

STI College, a tech-driven educational organization with a wide network of campuses throughout the Philippines, recognizes the challenges that students pursuing ICT-related courses confront. Despite the country’s increasing acceptance and usage of digital technologies, the education sector’s digitalization initiatives are hampered by a lack of broadband penetration and sophisticated technology access. Students often fall short of fulfilling the industry’s skill needs, owing to a lack of current knowledge and qualifications, such as virtual training and certification.

At the moment, STI College has the greatest percentage of students passing Huawei certifications.

STI College rose to the occasion by preparing students to enter the workforce, prepare for the future, and live a fulfilling life. To this end, STI created the Enrollment to Employment System, which provides students with relevant education, labor market skills, work readiness, and job placement help. 

The first stage is to develop learning systems, which guarantees that the curriculum material is current and relevant to the job market. In addition, STI utilizes the Academic Delivery System to ensure that highly trained and certified faculty members, as well as state-of-the-art campus facilities, follow the standardized courseware and curriculum. In order to educate students for their ideal professions, STI incorporates in-demand ICT technology into its courseware resources. 

Student Certification, the third stage, ensures that students are ready for work via rigorous testing, evaluation, and credential programs. Students are offered the chance to participate in on-the-job training with STI’s renowned partner businesses before leaving the safety of their four-walled classrooms.

Bringing Students and Future Employers Together

STI College provides Huawei ICT technologies training, promotes students to get Huawei certifications, and develops talents with practical skills for the ICT industry and the community via its collaboration with Huawei ICT Academy. Huawei assists STI College in incorporating in-demand ICT technologies into its curriculum, allowing students to better prepare for future certifications. The Academy provides more than 100 certification examinations and 22 specialized areas to help STI students chart their future trajectories.

So far, 299 students have received certification from STI College in five technological domains: cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence, routing and switching, and storage. Huawei guarantees that its courses meet the requirements of the ICT sector in general and its partner businesses in particular in order to ensure that students have jobs after graduation.

An industry certification verifies students’ abilities and preparedness to enter the ICT profession. Every certification is valid for three years, and the students’ identities are listed as Huawei Certified ICT Associates on Huawei’s web database (HCIA). This increases students’ labor market competitiveness as well as school employment rates.

Regine Gila Cabeltes, a STI College alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, recognized the advantages of being Huawei-certified shortly after completing her study. “Being a Huawei Certified ICT Associate helped me in obtaining the position I desired. In the business where I work, the technologies taught in the HCIA courses are widely used. It seemed like I was taking a certification test while I was answering technical questions during my job interview,” Cabeltes said.

One of the instructors at Huawei ICT Academy is Prof. Beronika Pea, the ICT and Engineering Courseware Development Head at STI College. In 2020, the Academy awarded Pea an Excellent Instructor with a Level A Award. “We are honored to be a part of the ICT Academy. Huawei has given us the tools we need to help our instructors and students improve their ICT skills. We want to produce more competent and industry-ready graduates as a result of our collaboration,” she added.

Contributing to the ICT Industry’s Development

For most job searchers, establishing a career in today’s competitive sectors has become a difficult task. Employers are also having a hard time locating the appropriate individual for the job. Too frequently, there is a significant gap between what an industry requires and what a graduate has to give.

Given the present condition of ICT talent development in the Philippines, Huawei ICT Academy and STI College have pledged to provide Filipino students with the necessary information and abilities to prepare them for future careers in the sector. Mr. Todd Liu, President of Huawei Philippines’ Enterprise Business Group, said that the partnership’s long-term goal is to bridge the talent supply and demand gap, resulting in the long-term growth of the Philippine ICT sector.



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