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Let’s gather the still working exploits. Here are what i found.

  1. Car jumping cascade. You know you can give multiple commands in a row with the shift+ command. Good Jump has 3 exploits to his name. First, it ignores the restart during the execution of the command. You can split up your fleet and order each ship to jump into an unprotected system, leave a starbase and then return to the rendezvous point to dive again.
  2. Another one with jumping training. When you give chain commands, the jump command does not take the distance into account. This way you can send your fleet anywhere to get things done, and then get close to your point of departure again. The jump will be made no matter how far you’ve come in this period. Let’s assume, of course, that the checks are not interrupted.
  3. The last one with jumping training. You can postpone the jump and issue new commands without breaking the chain by using the first key combination. Shift+Control enables you to place orders first in the chain of command. Technically, you can give the order to subdue the entire enemy and then return to base, and if something unpleasant happens, you can just use this option. You can also give the jump command at once and interrupt it again and again using this method.
  4. Lack of heroism in battle. First we’ll tell you how to make it manually. Missing in Action can be created for any military fleet by cutting them off from the original system. And the easiest way is to limit the system or systems that make it possible. This way the ship cannot find its way and offers the Missing in Action option. The only problem is that you can’t restrict systems, but you can always destroy your own starbases and make the system ownerless. Now, the first feat is quite simple. As long as the ships are in that state, you pay 0 for it.
  5. The second advantage of Missing in Action is speed. Without the jump drive it’s a lot faster than a normal ride, but what if I told you you could go even faster?
  6. On the Fleet Manager tab, you can change the original system for fleets that are not in use, and they will appear in the system on time, i.e. they will be changed when they reappear. So you can send them to the nearest base, and then convert the original base at the other end of the galaxy, and they’ll be there. By reaching the nearest base.
  7. There’s another trick I gave you that’s missing from the action. Probably the hardest part, but it makes your ships invincible. Until you reload the game, or the enemy fleet dies.
  8. If you have completed civilian service, the granting of full military service also gives you full citizenship. If you do this correctly, you can provide full citizenshipstallt pops by default.

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Contribution. Let’s collect all the skills that still work. This is what I found for the Stellaris game.

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