Here is a complete list of all the trophies, their names, ranks and what you need to collect them in Destruction AllStars.

The highly anticipated vehicle combat game Destruction AllStars has been released exclusively for the next generation console, the PlayStation 5. The game is developed by Lucid Games and has nearly 30 trophies that players can collect throughout the game.

Since the game is only just out and hasn’t explained how to win trophies yet, we’re going to detail everything you need to know about all the trophies, including their name, rank, and what you really need to collect them in Destruction AllStars.

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Destroy all stars: List of all trophies

There are currently 29 trophies that players can unlock in Destruction AllStars. Without further ado, let’s see how you can unlock platinum, bronze, gold and silver trophies in the game.

1 The Pantheon Platinum Discover all Destruction AllStars trophies
2 Probie Bronze Win all featured goals for an event.
3 The greatest respect Golden Win all star goals in the Ultimo Barricados series, Mutual Respect.
4 Approvals Golden Get a score of S or higher in all cases.
4 There are no free rides Bronze Fill all the tutorials in the fripple with any character.
6 The collision of stars and cars Bronze Complete and win a tutorial on chaos.
7 The explosion dominates Bronze Complete and win the Carnado tutorial.
8 Last AllStar Bronze Complete and win the tutorial on the grid.
9 Bankety Bank Bronze Complete the hamster training and win.
10 Balls hit graph Golden Execute 100 errors in each mode
11 The hero we don’t deserve Silver Destroy the opponent’s car in an online match.
12 Ghost Silver Do 100 stealth damage in Cypher and do no damage in online matches.
13 Immaculate Silver Block 100 damages with uncontested shielding by using a circuit breaker in an in-line section.
14 Fort Silver Hold a full shield in the Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online game.
15 Ball Silver Fragment of 2 vehicles in a fragment with Sabre in a line match.
16 Flamethrower Silver Encourage an entire team with Cerberus in an online match.
17 approaching Silver Fire up 3 AllStars with Wildfire in an online contest
18 The perfect career Silver Destroy 3 enemies with CRASHendo in an online game
19 First Acquaintance Silver Destroy 3 enemies with one use of Mr. Sparkles Crusher in an online game
20 List of results Silver Get 3 targets in a single application of Xero X-Ray in an online contest
21 The ultimate precision Silver Removal of 3 targets in a slot bet number in an online game
22 No way out. Silver Crush all your opponents with Barong’s countdown feature in an online match.
23 chewed Silver Shredding 3 cars at a time Shredding in an online game
24 Thorny Silver Take on 3 opponents at once in an online match.
25 Fast service Silver Attach drones to 3 opponents in a single mission during a line game with the Boxmobile
26 Party animal. Silver Destroy 3 opponents with Smoke Commander in a single-stake online match.
27 Gripper speed Silver Reach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online contest.
28 AllStar Golden Win 50 games online
29 Proof of participation in the contest Golden Win at least one online match with each AllStar

That’s all you need to know about the AllStar Destruction trophy list. While you’re here, you should also check out how to mute other Destruction AllStars players.

frequently asked questions

Which one is the highest: Platinum or bronze ?


Which gold or platinum comes first?

Bronze Star: Completion of at least 5 of the 8 ADR categories. Gold Star: Completion of at least 7 of the 8 ADR categories. Silver Star: Completion of at least 6 of the 8 ADR categories. Platinum star: Completion of at least 7 of the 8 ADR categories.

How much gold does platinum represent?

ria gold and platinum awards

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