Little Nightmares 2 Hats Location Guide – How to Get All Hats

This Little Nightmare 2 Hats location guide will show you how to get all the hats in the game and where to find them. There are a total of 12 hats that you can get and put on your character.

Hats are collector’s items that you can find in the game. If you start with the standard hats, you will find others in the chapters of the game, while others can be obtained through DLC.

Little Nightmares 2 Hats Location Guide

We have described below how to get the 12 hats into play.

Hat 1 – Paper bag.

This hat is the starting hat you get at the beginning of the game. This is the hat that Mono has already equipped when you start the game.

Hat #2 – Mokujin Hat

This hat can be purchased as downloadable content in the store.

Hat #3 – Fur Hat

The hat is made of raccoon fur, which can be found in the first chapter of the game called “Wilderness.” The hat itself can be found in the first house in that chapter. After you pass the kitchen of this house, continue through the hallway and turn left into the open room. The hat will be on top of the carpet, under the top light.

Hat n°4 – Nome Hat

This hat is located in the attic of the house in the same first chapter and is quite difficult to capture. Once you find the key to the attic, find the small dome inside the hat and dig around it to escape his hands. Just follow him and jump on the things he is hiding under to scare him. The dome will eventually lead you to that hat.

Hat #5 – Yellow rain hat.

You will find this hat in the first chapter, right after the first encounter with the first boss, the Hunter. After the boss, you come to an area where you have to jump over a bridge. After you jump over the bridge, you will find small cages next to a tree, while another cage attached to a tree contains the hat.

Hat n°6 – Football hat

You can find this hat in the second chapter of the game, called “School”. The hat is at the main entrance of the school, to the right of the stairs leading to the inside of the school. You can find it at the top of the boxes next to the stairs.

Hat #7 – Metal Bucket Hat.

You can find the metal bucket hat in the school library after you meet the teacher’s boss. When you enter the library, go to the shelf with the ladder, push the ladder to the right and go up the stairs to get the hat from one of the rooms on the shelf.

Hat No. 8 – Bear hat

You can find this hat in the third chapter of the game “Hospital”. The hat will be on the shelf next to the radiology room. Just climb the shelf to the top to grab the hat.

Hat 9 – Mama’s Hat

You find this hat in the same hospital, after the first meeting with the doctor. The hat is in one of the body’s lockers.

Hat #10 – Postman’s hat

You can find this hat in Pale City, where it is at the post office. Go left to the pile of letters and you will come to a small opening that leads to the mailman’s hat. The hat is pretty easy to miss because it is in a very dark place.

Hat no. 11 – Baker Boy

You can find this hat in the toy store in Chapter 4, where it is on the top shelf. Use the cart to climb up the shelf and reach the hat.

Hat #12 – Cowboy Hat.

You get this hat after completing the last chapter of the game.

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