Maplestory – Legion System Guide

The Legion system in Maplestory, also known as Maple Union, is a system that allows players to get powerful bonuses and buffs for all characters on the same server in their account.

Having a powerful Legion in the game not only increases the power of your characters, but also gives you useful items.

In this guide we will give you all the information you need about the Legion system and how to build a strong Legion.

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What is the Legion system?

The Legion system in Maplestory is a free-to-play feature that allows you to create a legion of characters that increase your stats and buff all the characters on the same server in your account.

The legion buffs you receive are determined by the composition of the characters in your legion.

You get values from the characters you put in your legion, from the spaces you put in the legion synergy grid overlapping with the character grid fragments.

These two bonuses are called the Member Bonus and the Grid Bonus, while your total Legion Bonus is called the Legion Bonus.

By placing higher level characters in your legion, you gain more bonuses to each character’s status and the ability to cover more places in the legion grid.

This is because higher ranked characters have bigger numbers in the Legion grid, meaning they can cover more fields, giving you even bigger Legion bonuses.

Having a strong Legion can be very useful in the game, as it greatly increases the power of all your characters on the same server.

Having a strong Legion at the beginning of a new character is also very useful, as it allows you to level up faster with high damage and, in some cases, EXP buffs.

Characters you assign to the Legion are called invaders.

These determine the bonuses and effects you receive from your Legion.

You can create up to five Legion presets at once, and switch between them instantly.

By default, only two presets are enabled. Plus can be unlocked for 30 days with the Legion Advance coupon from Legion Store.

In addition, these attackers passively produce legion coins for you, which you can use to upgrade your legion and buy useful items.

With all the benefits of the legion system, this is definitely an area you should invest some time in.

To unlock the legion system

Before you can unlock the Legion system in Maplestory, you must have at least 500 cumulative Legion levels on a server.

A character eligible for the Legion is one that is at least level 60 and has completed a second promotion.

For the zero class, a character must be at least level 130 to be eligible for the Legion.

Once you have at least 500 levels of characters that can become Legion on a server, you can unlock the Legion system by talking to Dame Appropriation, the Legion Manager.

It will have a quest called Introduction to the Legion where you just have to go through some dialogues.

Once you’ve done that, you get another quest called [Legion] We are Legion, which is also just dialogue.

After completing these two quests, you gain access to the Legion system.

The Toe-owning lady can be found in most major cities in the game, including in Henesys, to the left of the market sign.

Once the Legion system is unlocked, you can access it by clicking on the three-line menu icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting Manage Legion.

Legion Effects Bonus

When you add a character to your legion, that character’s effect bonuses are added to the legion’s total buffs and are thus awarded to all your characters on the same server.

The character bonus effect given by your Legion depends on the class and branch to which the character belongs.

The higher the level of a character, the higher the rank of the legacy effect and the higher the stats.

Here you can see at what levels characters reach the next effect rank in the legion system.



The zero class is special because it starts at level 100. They receive the B, A, S, SS and SSS ranks at 130, 160, 180, 200 and 250 respectively.

The classes in the game offer different types of static bonuses, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the effects of each class’ bonuses when training a new character for your Legion.

Here is a complete overview of the effect of the Legion bonus of each class in Maplestory.

If you want to build a solid foundation for your Legion quickly, we recommend training your characters to level 140 and then upgrading to that level.

When you reach level 140, you unlock an S-level effect and a second level binding ability on that character.

Legion Network Synergy

The Legion synergy grid is the grid of squares that you see when you open the Legion window.

You can open the Legion window by selecting Manage Legion from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

To add characters as attackers to the Legion, click Assign Characters, select a character from the gallery, and place his grid fragment in the Legion synergy grid.

Each square of the Legion of Synergy grid grants one of 16 static bonuses when covered.

This means that adding characters to your Legion, and thus their grid fragment to your Synergy Legion grid, will give you values corresponding to the hexes covered by the grid fragment.

The Synergy Network Legion consists of two main parts: internal and external.

Here’s an overview of what each square looks like in the different categories:

Inner grille

  • ATT Squares: +1 ATT per hex (+15 ATT Max)
  • Magic attack square: +1M ATT per hex (+15M ATT Max)
  • RTS squares : +5 STR per hex (+75 STR Max)
  • DEX squares: +5 DEX per hex (+75 DEX Max)
  • INT squares : +5 INT per field (+75 INT max.)
  • Looped squares: +5 arc per field (+75 arc max)
  • HP fields : +250 HP per field (+3750 HP max)
  • MP Squares : +250 MP per square meter (+3750 MP max.)

External grill

  • Critical Speed Squares: +1% chance of critical velocity per square (+40% max).
  • Battlefields are damaged: +1% boss damage per hex (+40% max)
  • Critical damage squares: +0.5% critical damage per hex (+20% max).
  • Ignore the DEF squares: +1% Ignore enemy defenses on the field (+40% Max)
  • Bonus fields EXP: +0.25% experience bonus per square meter (+10% maximum)
  • Buffer duration squares: +1% buffer duration per square (+40% max)
  • Abnormal Condition Resistance Squares: +1 abnormal condition resistor per field (+40 max).
  • Knockout resistance squares: Feedback resistance of +1% per square (+40% max)

Character grid fragments can be placed anywhere on the inner grid once you unlock the Legion system, as long as the fragments are naturally connected to the center.

However, you cannot place mesh fragments on the outer grid points until you have unlocked them.

The outer grid is unlocked by one field each of the inner grid.

In other words: When you reach a legion rank that unlocks the next part of the outer grid, the ring of squares that touches your current inner grid will be unlocked.

Here’s a look at the Legion rank you need to achieve before you can unlock any part of the outer grid.


Legion RowUnlocked outer bars
Nameless Legion 4First ring of squares outside the inner grid
Known legion 1Second ring of squares outside the inner grid
Famous Legion 3Third ring of squares outside the inner grid
Famous Legion 5Fourth ring of squares outside the inner grid
Heroes Legion 2Fifth ring of squares outside the inner grid

You will learn how to raise your legion rank later in this guide.

The goal when building your legion is to work your way around and cover as many squares on the outer grid as possible.

Which part of the outer square you should hit depends on your class and the current game situation.

To reach and cover as many squares of the outer grid as possible, you need a lot of characters and preferably a high level.

With many different characters, and therefore different grid templates, you can optimize your grid placements to meet your needs.

Higher ranking symbols have grid shapes that cover more fields, which means they give you more grid bonuses.

Here is an overview of the parts of the roster that each class category gives to each rank.

As for Legion grids, all classes in the game fall into one of five categories:

  • The magician
  • Thief
  • Warrior
  • Bowman
  • Pirate

The only exception is Xenon, whose characters are a combination of the Thief and Pirate classes.

Legion grade

Your legion rank determines both the number of characters you can add to your legion as attackers and the number of external rosters you can use.

More attackers in your legion gives you more legion fans and also forces you to generate legion coins faster.

There are a total of 20 Legion ranks in Capstone.

Here is a full overview of all the Legion ranks in the game and how many attackers you can assign to each rank.


Legion RowNumber of intruders
Rank Nameless Legion I9
II. Rank of an unnamed legion10
Grade III Nameless Legion11
IV. Rank of an unnamed legion12
Grade V of the Nameless Legion13
A famous rank I legion18
A famous grade II legion19
Grade III of the Legion of Honour20
A well known IV. Legion Rank21
A V-Rank known to the Legion22
Heroes Legion I Rank27
II. Heroes Legion Rank28
III. Heroes Legion Rank29
IV. Heroes Legion Rank30
Heroes legion rank V31
Legendary Legion first rank.36
Grade II Legendary Legion37
Grade III Legendary Legion38
Legendary legionnaire rank IV39
Legendary Legion rank V40

Reaching the higher ranks of Legion will take some time, so we recommend that you start working towards higher ranks as soon as you have unlocked Legion.

To increase the rank of the Legion

Raising the rank of the Legion is the key to making the Legion stronger.

By upgrading your legion rank, you increase the number of attackers you can add to your legion, thus increasing your legion fans.

There are two conditions which must be met if you want to raise your Legion rank: the total number of Legion levels of characters on the server and the Legion coins.

Your personal levels, equivalent to Legion, are the cumulative number of levels of all characters on a server on your character account who are at least 60 years old and have passed the second promotion, level 130 for zeros.

Legion Coins are the in-game currency of the Legion System and the shop you earn with your Legion.

In the Legion window, you can see how many Legion Coins you currently have, as well as the total number of Legion Levels you are entitled to.

You can increase the value of your Legion in Maplestory by talking to Lady Appropriation and then choosing .

Before you can raise your Legion rank, you must meet the requirements of your current rank.

Here is a full list of the requirements you must meet at each rank in the Legion to advance to the next rank.


Legion RowLegion coins required from previous gradeLegion level requirementsTotal requirements for Legionnaires’ coins
Rank Nameless Legion I05000
II. Rank of an unnamed legion1201,000120
Grade III Nameless Legion1401,500260
IV. Rank of an unnamed legion1502,000410
Grade V of the Nameless Legion1602,500570
A famous rank I legion1703,000740
A famous grade II legion4303,5001,170
Grade III of the Legion of Honour4504,0001,620
A well known IV. Legion Rank4704,5002,090
A V-Rank known to the Legion4905,0002,580
Heroes Legion I Rank5105,5003,090
II. Heroes Legion Rank9306,0004,020
III. Heroes Legion Rank9606,5004,980
IV. Heroes Legion Rank1,0007,0005,980
Heroes legion rank V1,0307,5007,010
Legendary Legion first rank.1,0608,0008,070
Grade II Legendary Legion2,2008,50010,270
Grade III Legendary Legion2,3009,00012,570
Legendary legionnaire rank IV2,3509,50014,920
Legendary Legion rank V2,40010,00017,320

In the table above, the previous rank’s legion piece requirement is the number of legion pieces that need to be transferred from the previous rank to the legion rank, while the overall legion piece requirement is simply a calculation of the number of legion pieces needed to transfer from the first rank to that rank.

Similarly, the required legion level is the number of legion levels you need on a server to raise your legion to a higher level than the previous one.

For most players, the general level requirement for legions quickly becomes a barrier to climbing the ranks.

That said, you should always upgrade the Legion as soon as possible to generate more Legion Coins, which are also useful for the Legion Shop.

How to get Legion Coins

Legion coins are the currency of the Legion system in Maple Covenant.

Legion Coins can only be earned via the Legion system.

There are two ways to earn Legion Coins through the Legion system: through Legion raids and through daily Legion quests.

The Legion Raid is an ongoing battle in which Legion attackers fight against powerful bosses.

Your Legion attackers will constantly be fighting this boss, even when you’re not playing the game.

Each time your attackers defeat this boss, your legion generates a legion coin that you must claim manually.

Your Legion can hold up to 200 Legion Coins at a time, so be sure to pick them up before you have 200.

To collect Legion Coins during a Legion Raid, open the Legion window, click Start Raid, and then click Yes in the window that opens. Once you’re in the Legion raid, click the Retreat button on the right, then talk to Lady Appropriation.

Lady Appropriation gives you the Legion Coins your attackers have generated since the last claim.

You can open the Legion window by clicking on the three-line menu icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting Legion Control.

The stronger the attackers assigned to your legion, the more legion coins you will generate per day.

The attack power of a Legion depends on the level of the characters you’ve assigned as attackers in your Legion, as well as the total amount of strength you use to attack items in your equipment.

Completing the daily Legion quests is the second way to earn Legion Coins in-game.

You can find the daily legion quests by talking to the Lady of the Pious.

There are only two daily Legion quests, which require you to defeat the mob itself in a Legion raid.

The first is Whip the Puppies, where you must defeat 100 dragon puppies for a reward of 10 Legion coins.

The second is Defeat the Golden Wyvern, which requires you to defeat 20 Golden Wyverns for a reward of 20 Legion Coins.

This means you can earn an extra 30 Legion Coins every day by completing the two daily Legion Quests.

To re-enter the Legion Raid and fight both the Dragon Wolves and the Golden Wyverns, open the Legion window and click Start Raid.

The monsters you must defeat in both quests are the dragons on the side platforms and at the bottom of the map, and the golden wyverns that occasionally appear and fly around freely.

Since Legion coins are very useful in the game, we recommend you to complete two daily Legion quests every day.

Legion Synergy Grid Construction

Once you’ve unlocked Legion, it’s time to add character parts to your Legion synergy grid.

When you add a piece to your grid, it becomes an attacker of your legion and gives you a bonus to its buffer effect, and you get a buffer for the fields the pieces cover.

The first piece you add to the Legion Synergy Grid must cover one of the four middle squares, with part of that piece indicating the character’s class.

Any other objects that you add to the grid must be placed so that they touch one of the objects in the grid, either vertically or horizontally.

With these simple rules, your goal is to build to the outer grids to get the most powerful buffs Legion Synergy Grid has to offer.

You can rotate and flip patterns both vertically and horizontally with the buttons that appear when you place the pattern on the grid.

To access the buttons of an item already placed in the grid, simply click on it.

The shapes are rotated and mirrored around the class symbol on the shape.

Which parts of the outer grid you should build and cover as much as possible depends on the class you play and your current game situation.

Many players use the preset feature to create multiple Legion settings for different situations, including training and patronage.

If you want to optimize your legion for certain stats based on your current characters, you can consult the Legion Solver.

Legion Coin Storage

Legion Coins can be used for two purposes in the game: to rank your legion and to buy items in the Legion Shop.

The Legion Shop is a shop you can reach through the NPC Squire Pancho Sanza. It is located next to the Lady’s Appropriation in major cities.

All items in the Legion Shop are sold for Legion coins only.

There are many useful items and upgrades that you can purchase in the Legion Store.

However, there is a limit to how much of a particular item you can purchase from the Legion Store each week.

Here is a full list of everything you can buy in the Legion store, as well as how much of each product you can buy per week.

Almost all of these items are useful to purchase based on your current needs.

On the reboot server, many players prefer to acquire as many Legion wealth buffs as possible, as they greatly help you increase your meso.

However, before you start buying items from the Legion Shop, we recommend that you first buy Legion Coins to increase your Legion rating.

Laboratory server

Lab Server was a special event in Maplestory in 2018 where players could play on a special server called Lab Server.

It was a temporary server where all the monsters were exposed to more attacks and did much more damage. Also, if you die, your character will return to level 10.

As a reward for your participation and reaching a high level on the Lab server, you will receive special grid pieces for your legion.

This allows you to see which players have characters in the Legion roster that you don’t know how to get.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to get it, and the event has not occurred since.

The regular Legion of the Lab server gives +5, +10, +15, +20, and +25 weapon/magic ATT in each class.

The Legion Advanced Lab Server gives +7, +14, +21, +28 and +35 ATT/Magic ATT weapons in each class.

Here you can see two types of Legion pieces from the lab server in each rank.

Even if you don’t have any of these lab server legion pieces, which most players don’t, you can still build an equally powerful legion.

That’s all you need to know about the Legion system in Maplestory!

With this guide, you’re now ready to build a mighty legion and unlock incredible fans.

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.


How do you load…

frequently asked questions

How do I get 6k Legion?


How do I raise my Legion level in Maplestory?

Each level is divided into five rows. The higher the rank, the more Legion members you can assign to the synergy roster. Once your character level is high enough, you can increase the value of your legion by paying a legion coin. You can earn Legion Coins by participating in a Legion Raid!

How does the Maple Legion work?

The Legion system, also known as Maple Union, is a system in the game that allows players to deploy their characters as attackers on the battlefield, with bonuses for the entire account based on each attacker’s level and performance.

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