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Massive Breakdown of the Season 14 Sandbox Balance Changes to Precision 450 RPM ARs and Fusions Rifles

Recently, the S14 update has been deployed to the live servers. As a result, the GameLeaks team has been hard at work trying to decipher the changes that have been made. One of the main changes that seem to be getting the most attention is the overhaul of the S14 Sandbox balance. This is a follow-up post to our last one on the subject, which focused on the changes made to the Precision 450 RPM ARs and the Fusions Rifles.

Welcome to the massive breakdown of the season 14 sandstorm balance changes to the precision 450 RPM AR’s and Fusion Rifles. This is the GameLeaks team’s first of many articles covering the new balance changes.

Content of the article

The AR numbers in the weapons statistics table have been changed to reflect the new values. Link to spreadsheet below, comparison table below.

Huge table of disaggregated firearms statistics

Modifications to automatic precision rifles (450 r.p.m.)

means Alt New
Damage to the body 17 18
Critical damage 27.2 28.8
The body has time to kill 1.47 s (12 shots) 1.33 s (11 shots)
VAT included optimal 0,93 s (6 shots 2 bodies) 0.80s (7 crits)
Accuracy corrected field time (70% accuracy) 1.07 s (4 criteria 5 bodies) 0.93 s (5 crits 3 bodies)


The crisis loss increases from 27.2 to 28.8 as long as the crisis multiplier of 1.6x remains unchanged. This brings the TtK from 0.93 with 6C2B to 0.80 with 7C. The TtK of the body shot goes from 1.47s to 1.33s. This may not seem like much, but given the good use of the Precision AR due to its inherent high recoil direction and solid shooting range, I would expect its use to increase and surpass the Adaptive AR (600 RPM) as the most used AR.

AR table with maximum illumination capacity of 450 revolutions per minute

  1. Price of the shadow
  2. BrayTech Shapeshifter
  3. Horror Story
  4. Seventh Seraphim’s gun

Other AP 450 rpm

  1. Uriel’s gift
  2. Tiger Point
  3. Breakneck
  4. Braytech winter wolf
  5. Kibu AR3
  6. The danger of caste
  7. Orimund’s Anvil
  8. A positive outlook
  9. A ringing nail
  10. Office of the Prosecutor

Range ModificationsFusion

/u/Mmonx range computer

As for other changes, fast-firing fusion archetypes can expect their base distance for damage delivery to be reduced to 2m at ADS, while adaptives get about 1.5m at ADS, which is fine, but unfortunately not quite what they need, because if you need 6 bolts to kill, the bolt distribution often kills at 15+m.

Funnily enough, if the scale is linear (which it may not be), then Glacioclasm, which is currently the strongest fusion with the longest constant combat distance, will also get about a 0.75m buff in ADS and will still, I think, be the strongest legendary fusion in PvP.

Note to self:

  1. The following table shows the values at standard magnification (1.5x) outside Glacioclasm only. Additional zooming will significantly increase the onset of damage control.
  2. Bastion currently has a kill range of about ~16m in-game, mainly because the projectile’s range increases significantly with distance. Even with the range increase, the range reduction should have the biggest effect, and I expect the shot range to be reduced by about a meter.
Archetype Damage caused by old ADS in early autumn New damage of about ADS Fall Off Start
Rapid fire (average of 30 litters) 14.7m 16.5m
Adaptive (42 Aug range) 15.2m 16.7m
Accuracy (average distance 59) 16m 17.1m
High load (55 zones on average) 15.8m 17m
Outlier – Glacioclase (area 67, basic magnification 1,6x) 16.7m 17.5m
Bastion (Zone 42) 15.2m 16.7m

List of fast and adaptive igniters that can operate in Max-Light mode

  1. Coordinator Cartesius (RF)
  2. The power of Tejun.
  3. hexadecimal system
  4. Beginning of the timeline

Message: Alloys benefit greatly from the high hit reserve and pressure increase, especially when these two skills are combined in PvP. HIR can increase damage to the point where adaptive fusions reach the threshold of 5 bolts, greatly increasing their usefulness, and UP greatly improves stability and accuracy, allowing the range of bolts to be increased.


Combined with the drop in shotgun performance, I expect fusion and bastion use to increase slightly, but as TWAB notes, shotguns will probably be used more, especially when people realize how easy it is to get high handling in ways other than DQ. Also, DMT use will increase significantly, especially on PC, but I don’t think a few yards of gain on the 120 HC will reduce its use much. The HC 140-RPM has received a significant indirect upgrade with the changes for the HC 120, so expect stronger tweaks like Palindrome and Ace of Spades. I expect a similar, if slightly more diverse, metaphor this season until we get some new exotics.

As always, these are just predictions and we will all have to wait and play along to see how things actually turn out. We’ve been surprised before and sometimes small changes take a while to take effect, especially when done in batches.

Source: Original link

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Post Massive Breakdown of Season 14 Sandbox Balance Modifications to Precision 450 RPM ARs and Fusion Rifles for the game Destiny 2.

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