Messiah Complex Marvel Legendary 27th Expansion Coming

The first expansion for Marvel Legendary, the board game of Marvel superhero battles and collectible card games is coming soon. The expansion will include new heroes, villains and more exciting content.

The “marvel legendary messiah complex” is a new expansion for the game “Marvel Legendary.” The expansion will be released on December 27th, 2018.

Messiah Complex Marvel Legendary 27th Expansion Coming

18 January 2022 – The next step in the progression of one of the greatest deck builders is coming from Upper Deck. On January 19th, the Messiah Complex Marvel Legendary 27th expansion will be launched.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, which was first launched in 2012, is still one of the finest deck building board games and one of the best superhero board games. The planet has drastically grown in that period.

The annihilation of mutants has come to an end with this new addition, and the adversaries of the last X-Men never sleep! You’ll join the ranks of the remaining mutant heroes in a race against new Masterminds and Villains to discover a very unique youngster who symbolizes hope for mutants, based on the iconic Marvel crossover narrative arc.

With this 200-card deluxe addition, you may experiment with new schemes and a plethora of new material, including the reintroduction of sidekicks, who are back by popular demand. It’s up to you to preserve mutantkind, which is on the point of extinction and being ravaged by baddies!

Below is a description of the many mechanics that have been teased and how they will be used in the forthcoming Marvel Legendary expansion:

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Now it’s time to move on to the next material! Messiah Complex features a few new terms that are incredibly fascinating. Some are designed specifically for certain Super Heroes. After all, without a term like Clone, how could we expect to do justice to a hero like Multiple Man? Yes, some of your favorite Super Heroes may now imitate themselves!


The Stepford Cuckoos and Multiple Man are clones. M and her sisters have the ability to duplicate themselves. All of them make use of the new Clone keyword, such as “: Clone.”

  • Clone indicates that you may get a second duplicate of this card from the HQ. You can get a duplicate from the Hero Deck and shuffle it if there are none in the HQ.
  • “Gain” simply means “toss it in the trash.”

“When You’re Recruited” Clones

“When Recruited: Clone,” some Heroes say. This implies that as soon as you acquire this Hero, you must instantly use the Clone ability. After you’ve placed the recruited Hero in your discard pile and refilled its HQ slot, do this.

  • Only utilize a “When Recruited” ability when you recruit a Hero, not when an ability allows you to “gain” or “place” a Hero in your hand. As a result, the copy you get via “When Recruited: Clone” will not allow you to get further copies.
  • “When Recruited —: Clone,” for example, some Heroes say. Only use this ability if you’ve already played a Hero this turn before bringing in this card.

XMEN Messiah Complex Recruited Clones

And if something works for the “good people,” it must also work for the “bad guys,” right? What could be scarier than swarms of baddies who continue to multiply? Marching relentlessly ahead, apparently unstoppable!


“Ambush: Clone” on a Villain indicates that it searches the Villain Deck for a clone of itself and enters the city, disregarding any other Clone effects. That deck should be shuffled.

Move on if you can’t discover a Clone duplicate of a Villain (or Hero).


A TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a SHATTERS THE OPPOSITION.

Are you ready for another installment of Legendary: Messiah Complex? So, let’s see what else the new keywords have to offer!

Here’s a thought: how would you want to have the absolute ability to vaporize something? Then our next keyword could be a good fit for you. Shatter is here to greet you!


Even the most powerful fortifications may be shattered by seismic shock waves or sonic shrieks. “Shatter a Villain in the Sewers,” or even “Shatter the Mastermind,” are phrases used by certain Heroes.

XMEN Messiah Complex Shatter

Some Villains also say things like “You may pay 2 to Shatter,” which makes them simpler to vanquish.

  • “Halve that enemy’s current. (round up to the closest full number.)” meaning “Halve that enemy’s current. This effect will persist until the conclusion of the current turn.
  • You may Shatter the same Villain several times, each time halving (rounding up) their stats.
  • On a Mastermind, “Shatter a Villain” will not work.
  • “Shatter the Mastermind” is a one-time battle with that Mastermind.
  • A few cards also allow you to Shatter a Hero in the HQ, half their current cost in the same method (rounding up).

Time and time again, history has shown that a well-trained and well-organized army can frequently overcome the odds and defeat a much larger force. The Greek Phalanx, Roman Legions, and today’s Special Forces are all examples of this. With the addition of TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a, Legendary now has this level of accuracy!

TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a

X-Force is known for precise strike force tactics. X-Factor Investigations likewise plans their missions to the finest detail. With this new keyword, some Heroes say things like “TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a 445: You get +3 .”

XMEN Messiah Complex TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a

  • This ability can only be used if you have two Heroes with a cost of 4 and one Hero with a cost of 5.
  • You can count the “TACTICAL FORMATION is a term that refers to the formation of a” card itself.
  • Heroes in your hand and Heroes you’ve previously played this round are included in “heroes you have.”

Have you ever wondered what lurks in the shadows? Do you ever have the creepy feeling that you’re being followed? Do you feel like you’re being followed? You do, of course. That’s how we all feel at times. It’s no longer merely a sensation when you play Legendary. You’re on the run! And whatever is out there is looking for food, and you are its target!


“Ambush: Prey on the fewest” is a phrase used by several Villains. Each player shows their hand once this Villain enters the Sewers, and you check who has the fewest cards. You then “prey” on that player by placing this Villain in front of them.

XMEN Messiah Complex Prey

  • That Villain may still be fought by any player as usual. If no one defeats that Villain by the conclusion of the preyed-on player’s turn, that Villain’s “Finish the Prey” ability is used against that player. The Villain then enters the Sewers, oblivious to the Ambush effects.
  • Important: After that player draws their fresh hand at the conclusion of the round, use the “Finish the Prey” ability.
  • Return Lady Deathstrike to the Mastermind space once she finishes the Prey, or if you combat her while she’s Preying on a player. If you attack her when she’s Preying, you’ll still have to use one of her tactics.
  • Multiple adversaries may attack a player at the same time.


Sidekicks are beloved by long-time gamers, and the publisher has finally discovered a method to bring them back! That’s right, with the new Messiah Complex Deluxe Expansion, a whole new collection of Special Sidekicks makes their triumphant return to Legendary!


This collection includes new “Special Sidekicks,” including X-Men students, X-Force recruits, and X-Factor members. Shuffle them face down into a Sidekick Stack when you’re ready to play.

A player may spend 2 to recruit a Sidekick from the top of the Sidekick Stack once every round. Return any Sidekick to the bottom of the Sidekick Stack once you’ve used it.

  • You may still employ Superpower abilities depending on the Hero Class of that Sidekick since you “played” it. However, now that it’s gone, it’s no longer one of “your Heroes” or “the Heroes you have.”
  • Put the top card of the Sidekick Stack into your discard pile if a card reads “gain a Sidekick.” This does not count against the per-turn limit of one Sidekick recruit.
  • Shuffle all of your Sidekicks from other Legendary® sets, such as Legendary®: Secret Wars Volume 1 or Legendary®: Civil War, into a single face-down Sidekick Stack.

XMEN Messiah Complex Sidekicks

Devin Low never fails to surprise me with the new things he comes up with to keep Legendary fresh, exciting, and engaging. Mr. Low’s newest variation on this excellent game — double-sided Schemes – is now available in Legendary! And you thought Legendary was a game with a lot of replayability? We now have mechanisms in place that prevent us from knowing how a game will conclude until the middle of the game. How’s that for a little more intrigue?


Mutant foes often conceal their actual intentions until it is too late. All four Schemes in this collection are “Veiled Schemes,” and the flip side will indicate “Unveiled Scheme.” Start with the “Veiled Scheme” side facing up when using any of these Scheme cards. “This Scheme Transforms into a random Unveiled Scheme” will appear at some time. This implies you’ll get rid of the Veiled Scheme and replace it with a random “Unveiled Scheme” from among the ones you possess. You might choose the flip side of the Veiled Scheme you began with at random, or the Unveiled Scheme side of a different card at random.

XMEN Messiah Complex Schemes Source:

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The “marvel legendary doctor strange expansion release date” is the 27th expansion for Marvel Legendary. This expansion includes 2 new heroes, 2 new villains, and a whole lot of new cards.

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