MMO Business Roundup: Chicken Drumstick, 9000 zombies, Valorant Mobile, Pantheon hiring, Secret World’s novels

This week in MMO Business, our focus is on the chicken drumstick and its upcoming MMO debut, the latest RPG to join the Pantheon of Free-To-Play games, a big US announcement from a major MMORPG, a new job opening from a MMORPG publisher, and a new third-party tool designed to make your MMO experience more fun.

Hello everyone, the past week in MMO news has been a good one, full of new content, new players, and in-game awards. But it was hard to pick only a few.

Welcome to our semi-annual overview of MMO news and topics. Chicken Beard: Yes, I’m afraid that’s the case. Vice’s Motherboard blog has published an in-depth article about a video game cheating empire called Chicken Drumstick, which has apparently made up to $70 million taking down PUBG Mobile. The news itself was already out there (we reported it ourselves a while back), but in Motherboard’s post we talked to one of the developers about the cheat and told how the heist ended when the police caught up with them. It’s wild. Incredible: Co-founder Rob Whitehead reported on a recent playtest in which 9,000 artificial intelligence bots competed against more than 4,000 players. If you’ve ever wondered why not more MMOs do this (and why those that do seem to struggle to get it right), this blog might give you a hint, as Whitehead explains the technical challenges of the game and how to build a game architecture that works with density. Riot Games : Valorant has turned a year old, shock me today’s post, and Riot is celebrating by announcing that it has managed to attract a total of 14 million players on PC. We expect this number to grow as the game is released on new platforms, starting with Valorant Mobile, which was announced today. Pantheon rents: Visionary Realms has posted a job opening for a environment artist and world builder to work full-time on the late Brad McQuade’s MMORPG. Mystery novels: If you enjoyed the Secret World of Blodwedd Mallory books, you should definitely read the sixth book in his endorsed series, A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky , on sale now! A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky (Book 6): book promotion has begun! #SecretWorldLegends #TheSecretWorld Thanks to @HolloPointSWL, @jamiegael, and Sophie Claussen for your wonderful contributions! – Blodwedd Mallory (@BlodweddMallory) May 26, 2021 Do you have any other commercial MMO finds in mind? Advice from our readers on what you want to see lit up is welcome! View

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