Modern FPS multiplayer games are so exhausting!

Honestly, I find modern multiplayer FPS games too complicated. I could honestly write an essay on this topic, but instead I will try to summarize it in points to avoid confusion as much as possible. I just want to respect your time as much as possible – I’m not the smartest tool in the shed.

  • They piss themselves with microtransactions. Coins, battle passes, in-game bonus points, raffle boxes, trading cards, tradable/buyable cosmetics, etc. It’s just a load of crap to screw your wallet and give vampires like Bobby Kotick annual severance payments of a quarter of a million dollars during pandemics (no, I’m not making that crap up). Son of a bitch. This.
  • Developers change games all the time, often in fundamental ways, leaving you completely pummeled and killing off careful gameplay. A recent and infamous example is the series of unwanted TTK patches in Battlefield V. There is always a new patch that creates a powerful new weapon or play style. It’s no coincidence that developers can fix insignificant XP or reward exploits in the game the same day they’re discovered, but new broken, overpowered weapons keep popping up and not getting fixed until months later: They do this to artificially engage with the streamers and tentacles watching them.
  • Cobblers have trouble unlocking, usually with a completely broken track, of course. Challenges are often completely unnecessary and downright sadistic. A notorious example is the DLC weapons in recent games in the Battlefield series.
  • In the same vein, it seems to take much longer to level up, which is clearly meant to encourage microtransactions. It takes much longer to level up in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as a franchise tile from the golden age of the PS3/Xbox 360 years. Plus, there’s always a daily assignment to speed things up, but often the requirements are downright boring and silly (like getting five headshots in a game with a plastic spoon while Alec Baldwin gives a rimjob to a runaway stagecoach in Siberia).
  • A highly aggressive skill-based matching system, but only applicable to ranked playlists and also used in recreational game modes. Usually only the bottom 20% of players benefit. Gone are the days of using strange weapons and experimenting with various unsustainable play styles: You’re more likely to get screwed if you don’t hang out on meth notes. The lobby is no longer the diverse, motley crew that used to give the game momentum: Now everyone is more or less the same. Not only does this kind of matchmaking detract from the fun of the game, but it’s absurdly easy to exploit and smurf. People who don’t play these games constantly complain that we just want to go back to pub dominance, but they gloss over the fact that literally 99% of gamers are also crushes at some point. Also, some games are just not designed for competition. SSBM belongs in games specifically designed for competitive play, not the occasional Call of Duty playlist. Critics of this view will also maliciously ignore the fact that unskilled players can also protect themselves on leaderboards that are, by definition, designed to keep everyone on the same level.
  • Very often games come out in a completely flawed state, forcing you to follow the forums or Reddit to figure out when it’s really worth playing the damn game.

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