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Monster Hunter Rise – datamined skills(SPOILER)

  1. Dealing with
  2. A shoulder strike that can withstand any attack. It prevents you from tripping or falling if you are attacked, which is useful if you are standing on the ground while loading.
  3. Surveillance tactic
  4. Forward load with the flat side of the blade. More difficult than standard equipment, but sturdy and protective. A successful Guard can be followed by a powerful Charge Attack.
  5. Hunting grounds
  6. A daring air attack that sees the bug take off on the big round table. When the attack connects, the fighter jumps and moves directly to the next charged lightning attack, which is the essence of that attack. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  7. Adamantium loaded slash
  8. A technique in which Wirebug loads forward and delivers a strong, loaded shot. It also allows you to resist attacks by hardening your body as you move forward. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  9. Real slash loaded
  10. A devastating attack with a loaded notch that causes a lot of damage by hitting twice and making a big hit with the weapon. If you hit the weak spot of the monster with the first blow, the second blow will cause extra damage.
  11. A hint of anger
  12. A kick in a unique position. It does not reach the power of a real loaded notch, but if you damage it while the weapon is being fired, it will ignite a flame in the heart of the user, reinforcing the attack.
  13. ============================
  14. Slash marking
  15. Tilt up and down as you go forward. The blade takes a vertical trajectory, which makes it a useful technique when aiming high.
  16. Double slash
  17. A drawn attack that causes a vertical and then horizontal indentation. If you move forward, you’ll be able to absorb the blows as you attack. It does more damage than the Step Slash, but there are some attacks that can be used for detection. Use it any way you want.
  18. Floating shot
  19. A quick jump, triggered by the wire. A missed move ends the attack with a notch, and a successful move can be followed by either move. Immersion improves mental retrieval, while the retrieval of mental control reduces mental retrieval by one level. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  20. Sakura Slash silk strap
  21. Wormhole attack where you use the Wirebug to overtake the target and cut through. Over time, the impact causes multiple lacerations that cause additional damage. The first control objective increases mental pollution by one level. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  22. An amazing combination
  23. Turns into a phantom blade on the third strike and beyond. Continuation of Spirit Blade III in the round table. The basic combination of the spirit sheet. Hit the target effortlessly while damaging other nearby enemies.
  24. Reimbursement of the combination of spirit drinks
  25. Turns into a phantom blade on the third strike and beyond. Split Slash > Revenge of the soul. The combined blade of the mind, which belongs to the fighting style next door. Hard to use, but powerful enough to fill the hole.
  26. ============================
  27. Hard Basher Combo
  28. A byproduct of the helmet. Shield Bash. > Hard Bash. A melee attack with only the shield. However, a direct kick to the head can offer more possibilities.
  29. Combination of exercises and erasures
  30. A byproduct of the helmet. Chill. > Slash drill. Drill Slash is a reusable attack that offers great potential in combination with elementary weapons.
  31. Extended slash
  32. A drawn attack in which you go down as you step forward. A fast and effective action that cancels out the amazing and confusing action.
  33. Slash
  34. A slippery attack that cuts the target twice. The tobogganing manoeuvre reaches a great distance, but does not have the ability to turn. Successful landing of the first shot or entering the required command while sliding will allow for another jump attack.
  35. Windmill
  36. A multi-stage attack in which Wirebug uses the pliers to launch the weapon. Any incoming attack can be aborted while the weapon is running. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  37. Metsu Shorugeki
  38. A wirebug jump attack that uses your shield to hit your target with an uppercut. At the beginning of the attack, there is a moment when you can make a protection. A well calculated counter can still increase the damage caused. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  39. ============================
  40. A demonic epidemic
  41. A rotating multiple attack carried out on the ground. Available in Demon or Archidemon mode only. Efficient operation with a reliable dashboard and great versatility.
  42. Demon’s Escape
  43. An attack by hitting both blades. If successful, you will be thrown into the air, cutting off your target by turning upwards. Very effective against large monsters and people with great weaknesses. It is easy to follow the dance with a sheet of paper spinning around in the middle of the wave.
  44. Demonic mode
  45. A movement that goes beyond its limits. While you’re active, your stamina gradually decreases as your attack and evasion ability changes to withstand each blow. The speed of movement increases considerably, allowing you to cross the field like a force of nature.
  46. Wild Demon Mode
  47. A move like no other. When you are active, your stamina gradually decreases, while your ability to attack and dodge changes to withstand every blow. They take up an attack position and launch evasive attacks.
  48. Piercing
  49. An attack in which a blade bound by an iron shield is driven into the target like a stake. The blade remains connected to the hunter by an iron hit, causing additional damage in the same place with each attack. Additional damage builds up over time and eventually causes considerable damage. (Chippeermeter recovery rate: slow)
  50. Vault of the tower
  51. Throw the mike, and you’re on him. This action doesn’t cause any damage, but in most cases lets you move through the air with your fired weapon. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  52. ============================
  53. Lateral fracture
  54. A side kick with the hammer. Can be used as a starting point to mark combos.
  55. Water hammer
  56. An attack that allows you to absorb a monster hit. Carry out this attack correctly, because you will be hit to undo the damage. If successful, a follow-up attack with a flying hammer is possible.
  57. Silk spinneret
  58. A swirling insect attack. It moves in an arc, similar to rotating air strikes on a slope, but is equally effective on flat terrain. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  59. Engine shredder.
  60. An attack with Wirebug. A simple skill that reminds us of the philosophy of crushing and then crushing. Any damage caused by an enemy attack will be cancelled if it is shot forward. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  61. Load switch : Power
  62. A special action relating to cargo attacks. Increases the required charging time, but allows more powerful actions.
  63. Load switch : Brave
  64. A special action relating to cargo attacks. It lowers the load level, but makes it possible to switch from one load to another more quickly.
  65. ============================
  66. The masterstroke
  67. A powerful attack that swings the hunting horn up and down. Effective in reducing the target’s stamina.
  68. A melodic rhythm
  69. As soon as he blows his hunting horn, he generates a Sonic Smash forward. Little damage, but effective in sedation.
  70. Melody mode : Power
  71. Action that touches cheerful melodies. Two consecutive strokes of the same note create a melodic effect. By playing with it you increase your own skills. A mode that focuses exclusively on the fight.
  72. Melody mode : Echo
  73. Action that touches cheerful melodies. Create a melodic effect using the music stick and improve your own skills at the same time. This mode is useful for applying different melody effects.
  74. Resonance bead
  75. Put Bug’s cocoon on the ground. If the same fighter creates melodic effects, the effect will also appear around the cocoon, just like a sound wave that will damage neighbouring monsters. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  76. Earthshaker
  77. An attack in which a knife attached like a stake to the iron milk is driven into the target. When he strikes, the beetle and the weapon are connected to the side. The vibrations from the sound explosion of the weapon explode in the target. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  78. ============================
  79. The anger of the anchor
  80. A defensive skill that requires a shield and a little patience. The technique consists of effectively capturing and absorbing the force of an incoming attack – a risky movement, but the greater the force absorbed, the greater the damage. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  81. Spiral thrust
  82. A lightning fast, two-step maneuver to reposition and attack. This attack uses your shield to parry, and then sends you forward with Wirebug. Use it to confuse your target and unleash a wave of punches. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  83. Sprint attack
  84. Attack with a spear. You can keep accelerating for a while and gain momentum. The attack will continue until you cancel it, lose your stamina or hit a wall.
  85. Charging the battery
  86. Charge the attack with the shield up. During the shield diversionary manoeuvres, you can move for a limited time. Attacking a monster causes considerable damage based on the shield, making it an offensive and defensive skill.
  87. Security
  88. Prepare your shield to block the attacks. A large shield can protect against many attacks.
  89. Insta-Block
  90. Rotate the shield in an arcing motion to prevent attacks. This action applies if the attack is blocked at the beginning of the goalkeeper’s turn. Failure leaves you open to attack, but success can deflect the strongest attack without being hit, allowing you to continue with Cross Slash. Ideal for fighting from the start.
  91. ============================
  92. live recording
  93. Residual heat firing attack. It discharges an elevated bulkhead, but requires extra recharging time.
  94. Pressure wave
  95. Reverse action for driving. The hunter aims backwards with the Gunlance and pushes forward to quickly get closer to the target. You can also fire again during a fight or perform an Explosive Dash.
  96. Aveo Corrector
  97. Use Wirebug to catapult yourself upwards. Do a Rising Slash on the way up and an Overhead Smash on the way down. You can charge in the air, which reduces the cooling of Wyvern Fire. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  98. Floor dispenser
  99. Use the Wirebug to move forward and jump up in an energetic recess. Scratching the weapon on the ground heats up the barrel, temporarily increasing the damage caused by projectiles, Wyrmstake and Wyvern shots. (Chippeermeter recovery rate: slow)
  100. Quick restart
  101. Shell reload action. Makes it possible to reload grenades faster after an attack. It recharges bullets at maximum power, but no wyrmstake shots.
  102. Charging the protection
  103. The restart action takes place when the display is turned on. An effective technique that protects you when reloading both projectiles and wyrmstake shots, but reloads fewer shots. Artillery weapons that use fewer cartridges are less affected.
  104. ============================
  105. Slash
  106. Move the axe blade forward and take a step. He doesn’t do much damage, but he’s versatile.
  107. oblique stroke
  108. A lung attack carried out by rolling up the axe and cutting it lengthwise. Difficult to handle, but does good damage. The next attack in sword mode turns into a Double Slash.
  109. Discharge after completion
  110. The coup de grâce for the Elemental Discharge attack. Carries out a power attack that increases the elemental energy and ends with a massive explosion. When the Activation Master is full and the target is a large monster, the action turns into a non-contact elementary discharge.
  111. Compressed output
  112. Limit switch for discharging the elements. It puts you in an attack position and gives you a quick punch with an elementary explosion. The activation indicator has no effect on this action.
  113. The invincible gambit
  114. Wirebug technique to get ahead and miss three shots. They are impenetrable to blows until the end of the strikes, making this attack a useful tool for strikes or presses. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  115. The Wyvern knife rises
  116. Use the Wirebug to fly up during the slash and finish the forward slash from the air. If the Forward Slash is successful, the Weapon Activation Master fills up, a large explosion occurs where it is connected. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  117. ============================
  118. Deficiency due to condensed elements
  119. During the charge, the elemental energy builds up on the sword, strengthening it and creating a powerful bass effect. The damage caused by the speed of the sword increases and causes additional damage. But to polish the sword with this skill, you also need a basic shield.
  120. The condensed rotary oblique stroke
  121. Activates the cell regeneration system during charging. The shield rotates and works like a rotating saw blade. This technique puts the weapon in the axe position, allowing multiple shots until the position is switched off. Prolonged strokes in the axe mode convert energy into bottles.
  122. Morph Slash.
  123. Sword to axe, axe to sword. This switching attack forms the basis of the load counter. As soon as the weapon starts to hack, or as soon as it finishes with the sword, the shield rises to block the attacks.
  124. residual slash
  125. A defensively oriented switch attack with a longer blocking action. The weapon can block attacks when it switches to Axe or Sword mode. If the attack is successfully blocked while the switch is turned on, the subsequent elementary damage is increased.
  126. Peak value of the power meter
  127. Protection technique with wire side. If the attack is successfully blocked, the vials fill up and you can perform various attack actions. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  128. Ancillary funnels
  129. Hit the axe above your head and use the kickback and the iron silhouette to take to the air. If you go there, you can set off a powerful elemental discharge. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  130. ============================
  131. The bouncing scar
  132. Longitudinal downward bending technique performed by leaning forward. This attack can cancel the movements without the orange extract. A versatile ability that can reach higher spheres with its attack.
  133. Promotion of Roundslash
  134. An attack carried out by turning forward as if from above. If you are attacked during a turn, use this force to jump. Pay attention: This only happens if you still have the necessary momentum.
  135. Slash Tornado
  136. Percussion after a blow of a bat, using the whole body to swing the weapon. The second shot is extremely powerful and versatile at the same time.
  137. tetrasal oblique stroke
  138. An attack that delivers four punches on the spot. One of those attacks is the striking of the grip seal, which can attract gunpowder syndromes.
  139. Insect reminder
  140. Emergency evasion with Wirebug that reminds you of your Kinsect. When Kinsect returns, he carries out wormhole attacks that spread the healing extracts. His stamina will fully recover when he returns. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  141. Diving Wyvern
  142. A devastating dive attack that Wirebug uses to pull you down with great force. The attack has a low damage radius, but this means the damage is highly concentrated. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  143. ============================
  144. Reload
  145. Reload. The recharging rate depends on the type of ammunition and the capabilities of the weapon.
  146. Elementary reset
  147. Charging of the images by a special mechanism. The cooling speed is slightly slower than normal, but it increases the damage of elementary shots.
  148. Go to the front.
  149. An evasive maneuver you can perform when your weapon is pulled. As shooters are hit more often, evasive manoeuvres to stay away from the target are important.
  150. Quickstep Avid.
  151. A quick evasive manoeuvre you can perform when your weapon is pulled. The distance covered is much less than the standard avoidance, but the recovery time is shorter. Ammunition fired immediately after this movement causes more damage.
  152. Ventilation vault
  153. Jump with the Wirebugs. Shots can be fired into the air. In the air you can shoot Wyvernblasts just below ground to take a direct hit on a monster. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  154. Funnel operation
  155. Manoeuvre with mesh and centrifugal force to quickly flank left or right. Also temporarily increases the attack power. Shots can be fired while driving. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  156. ============================
  157. Attack
  158. Attack with a bat carried out by striking directly with a weapon. It causes impressive damage and can even stun your target. If the shield is equipped, incoming attacks can be blocked while the attack is in progress.
  159. Dealing with
  160. Look over your shoulder with reliable functionality. Prevents recoil and grimace during attacks and is therefore useful in offensive situations. Nevertheless, the damage caused is considerable and caution is called for.
  161. A contraindication recording
  162. Possibility of mating with microphones. Absorb the attack of the monster without causing damage. Proceed with a forceful counterattack. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  163. Counter loader
  164. Possibility of mating with microphones. Absorb the attack of the monster without causing damage. Reduce the time needed to load a recording. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)
  165. Mech-Wyvernsnipe
  166. Fires a specialized shot, depending on the weapon. The number of cartridges is checked by its own sensor and is renewed over time.
  167. Healing of Mech Wyvernsnap
  168. Fires a specialized shot, depending on the weapon. The number of cartridges is checked by its own sensor and is renewed over time. Ordinary Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe projectiles do less damage, but the shots are a pleasure for the hunter.
  169. ============================
  170. Firepower
  171. A normal shot, followed by a very powerful one. Shots with a higher than normal charge level. (Do not exceed the maximum level).
  172. Absolute shooting performance
  173. A normal shot, followed by a very powerful one. Shots with a higher than normal charge level. (Do not exceed the maximum level.) Standard power shots cost more in endurance, but may stun a target.
  174. Tax level
  175. An avoidance skill that covers a wide range. While dodging, you can increase your load level and control the direction of dodging by pushing the left joystick forwards, backwards, left or right.
  176. Dodgebolt
  177. An evasion that acts as an attack. Attacking with a deceptive manoeuvre and turning into a near miss can significantly increase the charge level. You can also go forward, backward, left or right.
  178. Overview of the situation
  179. Measures to avoid crooks. After landing, crouching ensures a quick recovery of stamina. (Wire gauge recovery speed: fast)
  180. Air Target
  181. Action of shooting arrows by jumping directly to Wirebug. Extremely destructive shots can be fired from the air. A melee attack with an arrow can also be launched directly below you. (Wire gauge recovery rate: average)


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