Monster Hunter’s 10 Best Armored Arms: World’s

Among other things, the monster hunter set a number of things in motion: Apart from the small games of this type, there is a big difference in playing styles for each of the 14 types of weapons in the world.

This difference is most noticeable in their long-range weapons, such as bows and archers, which turn the hunting game into third-person shots in no time.

Long-range weapons are among the most complex and nuanced of all, forcing the hunter to take different factors into account when choosing the tool best suited to his work.

Effective range, types of ammunition, blankets, modifications… the list goes on!

I thought it would be a good idea to consider at least some of the most popular and powerful options for the release of MHW: Aisborne.

For those new to the game, as well as long-term players who want to go from scrum to distance, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten to give you an idea of what to expect and what to build on.

10. Empress Styx gun HBG


The Imperial Cannon Styx is probably the best option for using Pierce ammunition, although it also supports other useful types such as Fragmentation and even Sleep Ammunition.

It offers high damage in combination with a 10% affinity bonus to support this precise and critical ground attack of the HBG.

Their special type of ammunition is the Wyvernsnipe, which can be used against the same samples as conventional Pierce ammunition.

That is, those who have a long body through which a bullet can pass do maximum damage, like Xenozhiv.

9. Anya Arch III Onion

The problem with bows in MHWs is that they are best suited if their elementary damage is used wisely.

For this reason, and not the best bow in general, you should choose a good bow for everyyacht.

Anya Arch III is my choice for the best fire injury arch.

This primitive weapon, with its powerful coatings and firing darts, can cause considerable damage and astonishing fire damage.

It’s also very easy to do! Excellent option if you want to negotiate with Kirin or Waal Hazak.

8. Karma LBG

Made of Odogaron parts, this light machine gun is as easy to use as it is to make, which earned it a place on this list.

It can quickly fire normal ammunition 2, which can cause astonishing damage, as well as access to stun and dormant ammunition. Both are excellent on LBG.

It also has a 30% affinity gain to help you plan critical strikes, which is excellent for critical status augmentation that gets the most out of these SARS-infantry ammunition options.

It’s also one of the most popular LBGs in the game!

7. Vulture Blasuka HBG

This powerful and heavy archer is, as you may have noticed by the horns, made of the black monster Diablos. And it’s really only for the dangerous beast.

It has a very high untreated damage, which theoretically should be compensated by its 20% negative affinity.

The fact is that the most important type of ammunition you will use with this HBG is the Wyvernsnipe; the type of explosive ammunition that is not affected by proximity.

This handgun is overloaded if you know how to aim the shots. Start practicing.

6. Legia Snowmobile Onion

The Legia Shearwater is by far the most elegant arch on the list.

It’s like Legiana has only been put in the wild so we can cut off her wings and use them to make this beautiful hunting tool.

At the same time, it’s more than a pretty sight. It’s also my choice for the best ice element arch. Partly due to the incredible ice damage and access to the cover of the Sleepy and Poisonous Boom, but also due to the ease of navigation.

I recommend it against Diablos, Odogaron, Lunastra and especially against Kulve Taroth. Agriculture, the hunters!

5. Flash-Tarot Shot LBG

As soon as you have enough space on the farm, you will have access to point 5 of our list.

Taroth Blitz Shot is in every way an improved version of Karma LBG.

Although it has a 10% negative affinity you have to deal with, it also has a much higher base damage and the ability to generate ammunition/element free for it, giving it the highest DPS available on the LBG.

It also has a large decoration slot for later adjustments.

A great weapon in case the RNG gods decide to give you a drop.

4. Stormy Wolverine Tarot HBG

If they don’t, they might be kind enough to let you have it.

The Assault Gluttony of Tarot is supposed to connect to the primary, subconscious part of our brain that still wants to possess the nobles in Call of Duty.

It’s literally a gilded rifle that will remind you of the good old days!

Although he has access to Wyvernsnipe and a 10% increased affinity, I recommend it because of the extent of the damage and the large size of the 3 mm pliers. So you make a Swiss cheese out of the Nergigante.

3. Dragonfly III

My choice for the best bow in the game is a menacing but accurate weapon designed specifically for hunting Ancient Dragons with their low level Ancient Seal and Star Element damage.

This is especially useful in multiplayer mode, where you and your teammates can get out and really enjoy the Sleepy Arrow and Paralysis pads.

It even has a few small decorative slots to help you reach your ideal building. Cool!

2. Empress Shell Styx LBG

It’s a majestic-looking weapon that will be the best LBG in the MHW.

To begin with, it has raw star damage, 10% affinity boost and two decorative slots to go.

It also has access to a variety of patterns such as Thunder, Water, Slice and even Drag, making it a very versatile shotgun that you can take with you on any yacht.

However, what really distinguishes it from weeds is that it is already integrated with essential reserve firepower.

This LBG will be an asset to any shooter, whatever his objectives.

1. Black Feeder HBG

This Deviljho weapon is perhaps the most powerful HBG in the game, but also the most broken weapon in general.

It’s so good that the losers stopped using it because it had an insignificant effect on the hunt.

Although it has a negative affinity of 35%, which usually allows you to compensate with your physique, you can get around it by using only explosive weapons such as bunches or sticky ones, so you can concentrate on maximizing the damage.

With this thing in the New World, you can certainly salt everything.

Don’t forget to equip him with reverse modes, otherwise you’ll never land more than once!

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