REVIEW – A new year, a new MotoGP game, and the changes this year are so minor that I don’t even know how to fill the pages at this point. In summary, Milestone has basically taken ideas from previous games and RIDE and pushed them through here with some updates.

The game (which officially doesn’t work on Windows 7, but it’s…


In practice, it is sufficient to copy xinput1_3.dll from the Windowsssystem32 directory and paste it into the motogp21Binaries directory as xinput1_4.dll. Trust me, it sounds stupid, but it works ;-). These days, Milestone starts like any other game: Brightness, sound settings, character creation with eighteen faces, and on top of that you can customize the paint job of your bike (if it’s not the factory team), the rims, and the riders in general. There is a manual with five beginner tasks and eight advanced tasks, so they finally listened to what I was talking about. But after that, there’s another item on my list of basic advice that speaks in volume….. But I’ll get back to you on this.

In the career you can build your team members, which is very similar to the WRC games. From the team leader to the technical director to the chief engineer, you can choose who joins the team and over time you can hire the best people. Development points (engine, chassis, aerodynamics, electronics) are awarded every week, and you can also contribute to development through testing and free practice, as is often the case in Formula 1 games. If you want, you can start working in MotoGP right now. You get kudos (for the best teams) and credits (for adjustments and staff salaries) during weekends, so it’s the same as the games above.

I’d also like to mention that if you turn on the settings when you get off the bike, it doesn’t automatically restart (this can still happen every time with a small transition scene). Instead, your rider gets up and you have to walk back to the bike to pick it up, which is an automatic process. That’s good. The difficulty level can still be set as a percentage (20-120), and if you take too many shortcuts you get a long lap penalty, which is also new in MotoGP this year. The PlayStation 5 used DualSense capabilities, but I purposely wrote the platform used in the title…


Every year I start the MotoGP by riding on a track (usually Le Mans, but Assen is also a good starting point), changing all the physical parameters as much as possible and seeing if the track is rideable. And yes, I can. I think I’ve been saying this for years, but this amateurish mistake is still there. If they changed the suspension of the engine, maybe they should focus on realism too! Also, the menus are still minimal, users claim the ultra-wide resolution (21:9, 3440×1440) doesn’t work, the graphics look a few weeks old, and I also feel like the physics and processing have gotten worse. At least it hasn’t changed in favor of the bench fans, and the brakes feel incredibly good. However, I think the sound could have been better, the background music is forgettable. The commentary and animation of the pit lane are carried over from last year, so we can say that the presentation is the same as before. At first, artificial intelligence seemed disastrous. I don’t mean that they ignore your presence in the corners and eliminate you, but that they seem to have removed you from the LOT, not to mention the cuts. Is this the next step?

I’ll also mention three things that really annoyed me. So at the beginning of the game there were already two DLCs for five euros each. The first is a paid cheat (VIP Multiplier Pack, more reputation points and career mode development…), the second is a cosmetic DLC with five unique witnesses (John Hopkins, Laguna Seca 2005; Valentino Rossi, Assen 2007; Casey Stoner, Philip Island 2009; Jorge Lorenzo, 2009, location not stated, lol; Daniel Pedrosa, Aragon 2011). So Rogue and cosmetic DLC, and on top of that the game is a live service. I’ll just quote from the press release: MotoGP 21 will only get better over the months, with new content introduced via patches. The first day is only the beginning of the race! And no, I didn’t get any of the DLCs. Unlike Codemasters, Milestone still has plenty of room for improvement. Plus, I tested it: If you run on the track without being on the bike, you will be pulled up by the other riders.


Last year I kindly gave this game a 6/10, but this year it gets a 5/10, and it should be glad it doesn’t get a 4. The game could work as paid DLC, but only for next-gen consoles (the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series were not on the market a year ago). I don’t think Milestone has taken a big step forward. I have the impression that it has remained in the same place. I’d say skip this game, because there’s no point in buying it every year.
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+ The physics could be improved for professional players… ?
+ Tutorial
+ Now you can run to your bike.


– Live Service Updates
– Paid scams, money for exclusive…
– He still has problems that should have been solved long ago… and I wrote the same thing a year ago…

Publisher: Important steps

Developer: Important steps

Genre: Adaptation of the MotoGP video game license

Date of publication : 22. April 2021

REVIEW – A new year, a new MotoGP game, and the changes this year are so minor that I don’t even know how to fill the pages at this point. In summary, Milestone has basically taken ideas from previous games and RIDE and pushed them here with some updates.   The game (which officially doesn’t work on Windows 7, but it’s… Implementing in practice : Just copy the xinput1_3.dll from the Windowssystem32 folder and paste it as xinput1_4.dll into the motogp21Binaries folder of the game. trust….

MotoGP 21 – A man on the right track

MotoGP 21 – A man on the right track



A week of departure and a big fall

Gameplay – 5.2
Graph– 3.7
Physics – 7.6
Music/Audio – 7.1
Environment – 1.4



A week of departure and a big fall

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