Nine Best Ways to Get High-Quality Metal in Rust –

Survival games like Rust are often very complex and difficult to navigate when it comes to collecting resources to pull your hair out in a constant grind. Rust is no different. Here the emphasis is on the need to have the necessary materials for each creation. so that you can return to the building instead of searching for it.

Probably the best method for high-quality treatment of rusty metal is the frequent use of recycling with all its possibilities. The ability to collect other objects and turn them into useful resources should not be underestimated.

Although recycling methods are very effective, there are many other possibilities to collect high quality rusty metal as well. Once you are familiar with all the options, you can customize your gaming experience to your liking.

Whether you prefer to gather resources at your leisure or fight your way up while collecting huge rewards, Tranquility gives you the choice. Some options are better than others, so let’s look at the best solutions and mechanics you need to know to get out of the stone age and start building your Terminator army.

Basic agricultural mechanics

We’ll see the importance of tools later, but on the surface, finding resources in Rust is pretty obvious. You can use the three main types of memory axes to ferment the three main types of nodes found on the map.

These sharp axes range from stone to metal to life-saving sharp axes. Which are getting better and better. The three types of tubers you can find are sulfur ore, rock ore and metal ore. The easiest way to get high quality metal is to find metal ores and work them with an axe of your choice.

Many players use this method to mine until they have captured a valuable metal, and then move on to the next. This method is not recommended because it is not very efficient and also harms players who are looking for whole ores, not just a high quality metal that may come from multiple strikes.

Method 1: Trunk Agriculture

The funny thing is that our first option is only remotely related to the metal you will be collecting. Even if the barrels are still made of the same metal, finding a rusty barrel opens up a range of possibilities. Not only are you guaranteed to get two pieces of scrap when you find and open a bin, but you can also count on discovering other random mysterious resources that can often be recycled to make even higher quality metal.

Since barrels are a great way to diversify your collection of resources and components, you can expect to have quite a bit of competition with other players on the server. The biggest problem with hunting barrels is that they don’t show up often and you may have to go into sensitive areas to catch them. A simple solution to this is to follow a boat that allows you to hunt for barrels on the water, making resource gathering much quieter.

Method 2: Dome

As one of the many landmarks of the Rusty Dome, it is a useful place for farming, especially for new groups. War chests are a great source of various resources, and this marker helps you collect them relatively quickly and efficiently. A moderately skilled player should be able to collect 4 war chests in about 5 minutes of play with this monument.

If you also have a mini-helicopter, you can fly through the dome in one minute for maximum efficiency. The minimum requirement for the dome will be a radiation resistance of at least ten percent to prevent environmental damage during ascent.

Groups love this area to throw themselves at a new map, both with a good selection of material you’re likely to grab, plans you can find here, and pretty crazy.

Method 3: Using the correct tools

It’s a little different because it takes away too many aspects of the game from just farming for your high quality metal. Simple node farming will always be a reliable way to collect resources that you can rely on when other methods are too difficult. Just going to each node and throwing a pickaxe at it is not the most efficient way to farm.

You will want to take the time to adjust your cleaning products to increase your overall efficiency. If you use a stone hoe, you’ll get just over 75% of the resources from each node you mine, while a metal hoe and above will allow you to mine up to 100% of the resources.

The best tools to use quickly in farming are a hoe and a jackhammer, both of which are somewhat difficult to access. It’s best to concentrate on the drill, as you’ll find it in weapon cases, as well as roadside cases.

Method 4: Direction Buitenpost Monument

Also, if you use resources on your way to a monument outpost, this is a great way to increase your supply of high quality metal. This is one of the few safe areas in the game where players can interact without violence and acquire various resources.

The outpost is one of the best places to buy low-grade fuel, as well as stone, wood and metal. It is a valuable place to acquire all kinds of items that will complete your gaming experience. After enough training, you can even learn to fly minicopters to the outpost to quickly collect materials without worrying about other players.

The mini-copter should contain enough items to get you around without having to worry about other players camping near the outpost looking for easy prey.

Method 5: Cargo ships and oil platforms

These areas will be among the most controversial in the first few weeks of the map, but that’s because they’re great because of all the possibilities they offer. Aside from being one of the most immersive environments in the game, the cargo ships and oil derricks are absolutely insane for collecting resources.

On a trip to the oil rig, you can walk away with over 100 valuable metals and many other useful items that you will find there. However, this is a high level as the majority of the yield will be 50-100 high grade metals. The competition that these areas provoke is one of the best and worst aspects of using this method. This option is more recommended for experienced players who will enjoy the competition while reaping the rewards, rather than for new players who risk getting clobbered.

Method 6: Bandit Gaming City

Any gamer who has had the chance to explore Bandit City knows that it’s full of interesting things to keep you on your toes. One is the giant roulette wheel, located on the second floor of the building, with crane-like metal structures extending on each side.

You can use this strategy to play many different types of material in the game, and as long as you follow these guidelines, you should always make a profit. The wheel has 25 different options that allow you to bet on a particular number to exponentially double your winnings, depending on the number chosen and its odds.

For this strategy, we’ll use the number 1, since it’s the most common on the wheel and you have a 48% chance of landing on the number 1. Although number one will only double your resources, the high odds make this strategy 100% profitable. The strength of this strategy depends on your ability to have a decent base of materials to start with.

16 materials should be safe and 32 should be safe because we rely on probability statistics. The strategy is simple, in this example we will try to get 16+ quality material.

First you play for 1, and if you don’t get 1, you raise your bet to 2. If this fails, double your bet again to 4. At this point, there is a 48% chance that you have already spun the 1 and increased your winnings by 1. If not, double the number of rounds to 8 and repeat. It is very unlikely that you will fail so often that you will run out of material, and if you limit your winnings, you can relatively safely play endlessly with high quality metals or anything else using this method.

This method is most effective for materials like scrap, where you can easily set up a base around 500 to catch about 20 extremely efficiently with this method.

Method 7: Quarry

Like any other landscape monument, each quarry should be approached with caution. For each raw material, there are three types of quarries that can be found on the map. Once you have determined the location to make sure it is safe, you can start approaching, provided you have the resources to get started.

All you need is a little fuel to start your career at 50. Fill the fuel in the two blue barrels at the bottom and go upstairs to press the button and start the car. Then you have to make sure you get down the stairs and find a safe outpost to stay in while the machine does its work.

The problems associated with mineral extraction are due to the need for safety and the time required to produce high quality metals. With 50 fuels you should produce 12 high quality metals in about 8 minutes, while with 100 fuels you should get about 25 high quality metals in 16 minutes. It can be difficult to capture an area long enough to capture your resources, and your time is better spent using other methods.

However, if you are able to secure a career for a long period of time, they can be very profitable. The breakage rate of high quality metal is about 2 per minute, for a total of 90 per hour. With the cost of 360 fuel to run them, quarries are a good option for large teams that can spend resources to run them.

Method 8: Restorer

In general, the recyclers, which you find in almost every outpost on the map, are one of the best ways in the game to get materials for the random items you find on your journey through the grid. In a recycling plant, you can practically break down anything you find into metals and other high-quality materials that you can use to make something new.

We have the average profit you can find for each part of the game you can trade for high quality metals. That way you pump out the right amount of serotonin when you encounter them in the desert. These numbers vary by server, but should give you a good idea of their relative rarity.

  • On average, a metal tube produces about 2 high quality metals and is a commonly used material for weapons.
  • A metal source gives you an average of 2 quality metals, and is also useful for making weapons later in the game.
  • A street sign is always nice to see on the road, especially when no one has to point the way and you can split it into a metal pipe and a street sign. This gives you an average of about 1.5 high quality metals.
  • For sheet metal, you get on average about 3 high quality metals.
  • With the technical waste, you get on average about 5 metals of high quality.
  • With a semi-automatic body, you get about 5 high quality metals on average.
  • With an SMG body, you get about 7 high quality metals on average.
  • With a gun case, you get about 10 high quality metals on average.

Due to the reconstructive nature of rust, many recyclers in the game are always willing to use anything you don’t need.

Method 9: Fondant

Another way to increase your resources in exchange for time and other resources is smelting. It takes a thousand trees to melt a hundred high quality metals. You don’t have to worry about your wood piles breaking in the refinery, because metal posts will never break. It’s rare that there are enough HQMs to require a merge, but 11 minutes and 330 antlers is enough for 99 HQMs, while 33 minutes yields 216.

Materials for recycling

Since recycling is one of the best ways to get high quality metals, the hardest part is finding the materials that can be recycled. If you just know what to look for, you will save a lot of time and quickly build a foundation to consolidate those careers and live an easy life.

Weapon chests are always great for finding resources, as they are often filled with weapon chests and simple materials. You can search for weapon chests in ports and monuments or just about any structure mentioned on the map. Climbing to the top of the dome is often the best way to reach it.

When the dome servers are down, most servers are restarted every 30 minutes or so. If you’re lucky, you’ll find up to 5 cannon bodies at the top of the dome.


There are many ways to increase your resources when camping around Rust. With all these different options, the most important thing is to stay alive. It’s often best to unwind and rebuild your resources and alliances before looking for better options.

Collecting enough radiants is always a pleasure, as dome work is an incredible way to increase reserves quickly. You should also consider the utility of recycling to make full use of the system for making smooth games.

The final part of harvesting quality metal should be strengthening the pits and reaching the oil loads and derricks. However, due to the nature of the game, they can be done very well depending on your server and your ability to handle raids. So don’t worry too much about cultivating high-grade metals, but rather build your base, allies and tools, and the possibilities will open up more and more.

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