Nintendo Switch Case Review

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The Nintendo Switch Case by Game Socks is a great case for any gamer on the go. The case comes with interchangeable covers that let you personalize your gaming experience and protect your switch from damage in style! I enjoyed getting this unique case, and if you’re looking to buy one of these cases as well then be sure to read my review so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

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Features of Nintendo Switch Case

1. 360-degree Protection
2. Anti-skid Ergonomic Comfortable Grip
3. 7 Storage Game Card Slots
4. 3 Levels Adjustable Kickstand
5. Precise Cutouts for All Ports
6. Fits Almost 99% Nintendo Switch Case

1. 360-degree Protection

The Nintendo Switch Case is a sturdy, practical and stylish way to keep your new device safe. The hard outer shell protects against bumps and scratches while the soft inner lining cushions the console from impact. It also includes cut-outs for all ports so you can charge without removing it from its case or taking out of its JoyCon strap.

2. Anti-skid Ergonomic Comfortable Grip

The Nintendo Switch Case is a soft and protective case for the Nintendo Switch video game console. The ergonomic design of this case allows it to be used with ease on many surfaces such as your knees, back or even by resting on your lap! It has an anti-skid grip that ensures you don’t drop off during intense gameplay if you’re using wireless controllers. This product also includes two different colors; black and white so that you can choose which color fits better in your style.

3. 7 Storage Game Card Slots

The Nintendo Switch Case comes with three storage game card slots, so you can store your memory cards and games in one place. This case protects the Switch from damage while also keeping it organized and easy to find what you need when playing on the go.

4. 3 Levels Adjustable Kickstand

The Nintendo Switch case is designed to be used with the new handheld gaming system. This allows you to play comfortably in your hands or on a table top while still protecting your device from damage. The kickstand has four different levels that allow it to keep the perfect angle for whatever kind of game you’re playing, and even adjust the angles as needed depending on what way you decide to use it.

5. Precise Cutouts for All Ports

The Nintendo Switch Case has a 5. Precise Cutouts for All Ports design to protect your console from the bumps and bruises that come along with carrying around your portable gaming system. It also features a genuine leather front cover, which is designed to give you tactile feedback while holding the console in place securely. The top flap of the case comes off so you can easily insert or remove your Switch Game Card or Joy-Con Charging Grip.-

6. Fits Almost 99% Nintendo Switch Case

The Nintendo Switch Case is a hard case for the Nintendo Switch that’s compatible with almost 99% of them. It has holes in all the right places, so you can charge your console and 3DS while still using it as intended.

Reviews & Ratings of Nintendo Switch Case

Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

I found 43 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Nintendo Switch Case 5.0 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, with one negative comment about it being too small for most games cartridges and another saying that “the case is not strong enough to hold even like 3 or 4 games” which I don’t know if this was meant as criticism or just carrying game cartridges in general.
Other customers said things such as “Perfect” and “Good quality product,” while others were more nuanced:
“It’s good heavy duty hard shell plastic.”;
“(They’re) light weight but still durable,”;
and finally, “(This) feels sturdy & seems well made.”


Nintendo Switch cases are a great option for fans of the Nintendo Switch. These durable, lightweight and colorful designs offer a fun way to customize your device with an artistic touch. The Switch case is constructed from poly-foam which offers premium protection against drops or spills while remaining slim and light weight so that it can easily fit in any pocket or bag.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nintendo Switch cases worth it?

A: Yes, Nintendo Switch cases are worth it. They protect your console and controller from damage and dust.

Which Nintendo switch case is best?

A: The best Nintendo switch case is the one that you like the most.

Is it worth buying the Switch in 2020?

A: Yes, the Switch is a great console and will be even better in 2020.

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