Nintendo Switch Case Xforten Review

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The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a great case for the Nintendo Switch and comes in four colors to choose from. It has an elastic strap that holds on tightly, so you can be sure it won’t fall off your desk or nightstand when playing games at home or on the go.

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Features of Nintendo Switch Case Xforten

1. Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch
2. Hard Poly Carbonate Plastic
3. Durable and Reusable
4. Precise Button Covers
5. Split-Type Design for Easy Detachment
6. What You Get: 1 x Nintendo Switch Cover, 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 4 x Thumb Stick Caps

1. Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a dockable case that can be used to both carry and keep your Nintendo Switch while playing at home. It also has enough space in it for you to store up to 20 games, including titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. The hard shell of the case will protect your console from bumps and drops, but if you prefer not to use the inside compartment or have extra cases lying around then this one should suit all needs.

2. Hard Poly Carbonate Plastic

The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten provides a durable hard case that can protect your device from bumps and scratches. It is made of 2 layers of polycarbonate plastic, providing protection for the front and back of your console. Although its sleek black design may not be as flashy as some other cases on the market, this is still a very secure option for those looking to keep their devices safe without adding too much bulkiness or weight by using it with their Joy-Con straps.

3. Durable and Reusable

Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a 3-in-1 case that can accommodate the Nintendo switch with or without JoyCons attached. It has two layers to protect your device from damage and come in different colors for you to choose from.

4. Precise Button Covers

These buttons on the Nintendo Switch Case are covered with a soft, clear silicone case and they feel great. They give you the perfect grip for just about any game or application that you might be playing or using your switch with. Plus, it’s easy to take them off when needed so you can change up games easily.

5. Split-Type Design for Easy Detachment

The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a unique case that lets you detach the two removable parts, one for your games and one for your console. The top part of this black case has an opening at the back which allows you to insert cartridge into it. It also gives access to the power button and volume controls on either side of it. In addition, there are slots where you can place up to 4 game cards without taking out their plastic cases (max capacity). Finally, there’s another pocket in front with 3 pockets inside: 1 zippered pocket above 2 open ones below. This split design lets you easily detach from each other when needed such as bringing them separately or taking them outside together etc.,

6. What You Get: 1 x Nintendo Switch Cover, 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 4 x Thumb Stick Caps

The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a protective case made of hard, clear TPU and an aluminium alloy frame. It has a soft microfiber liner on the inside to help prevent scratches, reduce friction and absorb sound. The case also features 4 thumb stick caps that can be used as stand handles or removed for full access to all controls when you need it most.

Reviews & Ratings of Nintendo Switch Case Xforten

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Nintendo Switch Case XForten is a hard carrying case that has room for everything you need in one place. It’s made of tough polyester and nylon fabric, which makes it durable and waterproof. The zippers are reinforced to avoid breaking or damaging them over time.
I found 54 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Nintendo Switch Case XForten 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average., with many customers saying things like “great value”, “the best option available”, or “strongly recommend this product as others have not been up to par yet.”
However, there were some negative comments too: “doesn’t hold console well,” but these did seem isolated cases from people who either didn’t understand what their problems were (they should try rolling their own), or those who just wanted another opinion about how good this case was before buying it themselves
In summary then I can confidently say that the Nintendo Switch Case XFortunes scores highly amongst its competitors


The Nintendo Switch Case Xforten is a sleek, stylish and easy to use product. It has 2-in-1 functionality and can be used in both the left or right hand with ease. The design is simple yet elegant while still providing ample protection for your gaming session without being too bulky or taking up much space on a nightstand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are official Switch cases good?

A: Official Switch cases are not good. They do not offer the same protection as third-party cases, and they also make it harder to use your Switch in handheld mode.

Do I need a travel case for my Switch?

A: You do not need a travel case for your Switch, but it is highly recommended. If you are planning on traveling with your Switch, we recommend using a Nintendo Switch Travel Case.

Will Switch screen protector work on OLED?

A: Yes, it will.

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