Nintendo Switch Lite Review

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When Nintendo first announced their new console, the Switch Lite in September 2018, it was a vague idea and not much information about what exactly the system would feature. The internet exploded with talk of ditching controllers for motion controls on this supposed version of the Switch console. I decided to take a look at whether or not these rumors were true and if they lived up to expectations after playing with one myself.

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Features of Nintendo Switch Lite

1. Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming
2. Optimized for personal play
3. Includes Nintendo Switch Lite system and AC adapter
4. Small and light

1. Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming

The Nintendo Switch Lite handheld console is perfect for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on the go. The system’s lightweight design and detachable Joy-Con allow players to play anywhere, anytime. Gameplay can also be enjoyed using just one hand with the included left/right Joy-Cons.

2. Optimized for personal play

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller version of the original console, but it still has all of the same features. It comes in at 27% lighter and 33% less power-hungry than its bigger brother, so it’s able to run on batteries for up to 6 hours. This makes playing while you’re out and about easy with this handheld gaming device that doesn’t need a TV or dock to function!.

3. Includes Nintendo Switch Lite system and AC adapter

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and lighter version of the original Nintendo Switch console. It has all that’s included with the full size system, but not including any games or accessories. The Xbox controller still connects to the back of this handheld device for wireless play as well as wired gaming through USB-C ports.

4. Small and light

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and lighter version of the Nintendo Switch. The sleek design makes it easy to bring with you on-the-go, but its reduced size means that it also has fewer features than the standard console. This particular model doesn’t have any game card slots or IR sensor for motion controls so if those are important to you then this isn’t going to be your best option. However, the screen is still bright enough according to reviewers who were able to see clearly even in dark areas which was something that concerns many customers about handheld consoles.,

Reviews & Ratings of Nintendo Switch Lite

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is a console that plays all the major games in one. It has been redesigned to be smaller and more portable than its predecessor, while still being compatible with old controllers and accessories which are not made for it’s new design.
I found 8 customer reviews at the time of writing on Amazon UK, where they had awarded the Nintendo Switch Lite 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average over 1 000 customer reviews. The customer reviews were generally positive overall but there was some criticism: “It says 4K 60fps support… I think this means nothing since you can’t buy any content like TV shows or movies to play” said one reviewer who gave the product 3 stars instead of four because he couldn’t find anything worth playing; “if your looking for an affordable nintendo switch then totally get this” claimed another person who also rated it as three stars when their main problem seems to have been finding something other than Mario Kart Deluxe downloadable from GameStop or Super Smash Bros Ultimate downloadable from Microsoft Store – neither would work without purchasing them first (which must surely defeat the point); whilst someone else complained about having no volume control option and limited HDMI ports despite what appears to be a much improved screen compared to previous models’.
There are many people who don’t seem bothered by these problems though so I’ll recommend it based upon those positives rather than nitpicking negatives that may not even exist!


In summary, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a versatile console that can handle most tasks you throw at it. Well made and easy to use, many real buyers of this product are very pleased with their purchase and would recommend this console to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nintendo Switch Lite worth buying?

A: If you are looking for a console that is easy to take on the go, then Nintendo Switch Lite is worth buying. It has a light weight design and can be taken anywhere with ease.

Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it in 2021?

A: The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper and smaller version of the Nintendo Switch. It has many of the same features as the original, but it is not as powerful. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then this might be worth your time.

Is there anything wrong with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

A: No, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great console.

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