Nolansend Switch Dock Review

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The Nolansend Switch Dock is a product that I was introduced to by my friend Sarah. She showed me the dock, and said it would make charging her devices easier than ever before because she could simply leave them there while they charge overnight. The next day when we were out of town on vacation, Sarah left her stuff at home with this switch dock charged up so that no matter where we went or what time it was back in Ohio, all she had to do was connect the device via Bluetooth and everything worked like magic!

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Features of Nolansend Switch Dock

1. Compact Switch Charging Stand
2. 20°~90° Angle Adjustment
3. 4 USB Ports
4. Anti-slip Rubber Mat
5. ABS Material
6. Lightweight Structure
7. Durable

1. Compact Switch Charging Stand

It’s hard to find an adequate place for a charging dock these days, and the Nolan-send Switch Dock is just the thing. This compact stand can fit any location easily and has three different types of color available so you can match it with your items in ways that are sure to please every customer who sets eyes on it!

2. 20°~90° Angle Adjustment

The Nolansend Switch Dock allows you to rotate your device up or down at 2. 20°~90° angles, making it easy for you to position the screen in any direction and angle of view that suits your needs. It also includes a stand which can be used with various other devices, such as smartphones, tablets or e-readers

3. 4 USB Ports

With 4 USB Ports, the Switch Dock gives you plenty of room to plug in all your devices. You can also take it with you on-the-go, as this dock is small and lightweight enough not to get stuck behind your desk or couch.

4. Anti-slip Rubber Mat

Nolansend Switch Dock is a product that has been designed to help you make and receive calls from your iPhone. This dock, created out of anti-slip rubber matting and crafted in a sleek design, is perfect for any room or office. The dock works with iphone 4S through 5C as well as the Apple Watch so it’s compatible with almost all models. With no cords necessary to connect your phone up, this device makes listening to music on your phone easy without worrying about getting tangled in wires while taking a call.

5. ABS Material

The Nolansend Switch Dock is made from an ABS material, meaning it has a uniform density that prevents the incidence of cracks and gaps. This makes it tough enough to hold all your devices without sagging or buckling under weight. In addition, this durable dock comes with a convenient fold-out stand so you can keep your device at eye level when watching videos on Netflix or YouTube.,

6. Lightweight Structure

The Nolansend Switch Dock is a convenient solution for people who don’t have an extra outlet in their home and are looking to charge their phone without the hassle of going into another room. This dock has been designed with convenience in mind, as it features six ports that are perfect for plugging up to four devices. It also offers excellent weight distribution so you can be sure not to risk damaging the device while charging your precious smartphone or tablet.

7. Durable

The Nolansend Switch Dock is a durable, versatile and sleek dock for your home or office. It’s made of high density ABS plastic to make it both strong and lightweight. The design features seven USB ports that can be used with all types of electronics, from smartphones to tablets to laptops. Additionally, there are two connection points on the back so you don’t have to worry about people accidentally unplugging their devices while they’re charging them off this dock as there’s no chance of wires getting in the way.

Reviews & Ratings of Nolansend Switch Dock

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The Nolansend Switch Dock is a great way to charge your iPhone. It has two USB ports and one lightning port, which enables you to simultaneously charge multiple Apple devices with ease. Customers are very pleased with the product quality as well as their overall experience purchasing it on Amazon.
I found 13 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded it 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average., meaning that customers were happy with both its features and cost effectiveness., so I can recommend this model without hesitation…


The Nolansend Switch Dock is a battery operated charger that will charge any type of two rechargeable batteries up to 18 volts. The dock holds the batteries in an upright position so they can easily be inserted and removed, making it easy for consumers to change their batteties as needed. This product also comes with some wire cable connectors already attached which makes it easier than ever before to get started on your project right away!
Product: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Product Type: Smartphone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are third party Switch docks safe now?

A: Yes, third party Switch docks are safe now.

Are 3rd party Switch Chargers safe?

A: There is no current evidence that 3rd party Switch Chargers are unsafe. However, because of the lack of information on these chargers, it is best to avoid them and use only Nintendos official charger.

Why do 3rd party docks bricking Switch?

A: The Switch dock is a proprietary device and the 3rd party docks are not made by Nintendo. This means that the 3rd party docks cannot be updated or repaired by Nintendo, which leads to many of them bricking.

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