NVIDIA Ends Introductory $4.99 Pricing for GeForce NOW Premium Tier


NVIDIA fans who want to try the premium tier of the popular game streaming service, but haven’t had the chance to do so yet, will now have to pay a little more each month. This is according to an updated FAQ on the official GeForce NOW page, which confirms that the $4.99 Founders subscription is no longer available. While this introductory price is still available to old subscribers who choose to keep their existing subscription, new users have only two payment options for the Premium level, which offers priority access to game servers, extended session time, and ray tracing: $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

The Lifetime Founder’s Benefit offers GeForce NOW members who qualify on or before their 17th birthday a Lifetime Founder’s Benefit. March 2021 started a paid membership, the option to continue using the founder’s membership at a prepaid price and with no expiration date as long as NVIDIA offers the GeForce NOW service in your country, the company said. To maintain this benefit, you must maintain continuous paid founder membership, for which z. B. that you will keep your payment information current and make timely payments, and that you will use the Service in accordance with the Terms of Service.

If your paid subscription is terminated for any reason, if you change or downgrade your account, or if your account is terminated, the payment will be lost and cannot be renewed. This benefit is only available to NVIDIA GeForce NOW customers who receive an invoice from a registered NVIDIA representative in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. It is not transferable and cannot be replaced by cash or credit.

NVIDIA also released a blog post today explaining what users can expect from the upcoming GeForce NOW update. For users of version 2.0.28, streaming quality has been improved by implementing a unique adaptive Vsync technology that synchronizes the server-side frame rate of 60 or 59.94 Hz with the client-side display, reducing stuttering and lag. NVIDIA also adds a new adaptive de-jittering technology to increase data speeds on busy networks.

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frequently asked questions

How much does a GeForce cost now?

First, there is the new premium offering, priority membership, which has the same benefits as founding members. These include priority access to gaming sessions, extended session duration and RTX ON for beautiful Beam and DLSS graphics in supported games. Monthly subscriptions are available for $9.99 per month.

How much does a GeForce cost now?

GeForce is now available in two membership levels, Free and Founders. Free is the order of the day, of course, and Founders costs $4.99 per month with a 90-day free trial.

What do you get with GeForce Founders?

Your promotional membership as a founder will still be free, but it will now become a priority membership. As a GeForce NOW Priority member, you continue to receive the same benefits, such as priority access to game servers, longer session times, and real-time ray tracing with RTX ON games.

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