Oribos is awful by the intentional design

I didn’t understand Oribo at first. I wanted Dalaran 3.0 and I bought this kitchen counter with a hotel. I didn’t like it when I landed, and I don’t like it now, even after I found out what it is. It has never been, and never will be, a capital where free thinkers can be.

TLDR: It’s a gathering place for the big blues who send souls to the sewers, and no one should have to put their house there.

Symmetry is not meant for people.

Have you ever been in a major airport, hospital, hotel, office or other obscene building? Although some buildings are symmetrical in shape, they are rarely identical on the inside. There is a central reception area, one wing looks one way, the other looks the other way, and you can distinguish them. Oribos is a glorified panopticon (Panopticon – Oribos is deliberately awful).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon) is intended for use by a guard who watches over the prisoners.

The signs are terrible.

Large airports have large plain text boards and even colour-coded ceilings and walkways, while you can use arrows to display images of what you want. You have to be illiterate, color blind and illiterate to get lost. For the time being, you shouldn’t travel alone. Oribos has all those blue neon lights where a person with poor eyesight can’t see the difference from a distance. I didn’t know the signs above the entrances until the third day.


You can’t walk through the streets of Dalaran or any street in the city without passing the mailboxes left and right. Even in large office buildings there is an internal mail system supported by these small drawers on the desks. Where’s the mailbox in Oribos? One in front of the inn, where the criminals live downstairs, and the other in the back. That’s right! If you’ve never been out of a hostel to switch from history mode to world mode, there’s a mailbox there. It’s less about trade than about theft and collecting.

Companies need to be mobile

Every trader is called upon to go out of business one day and out of business the next. It’s a flea market! With the exception of traders and trainers of the more permanent type. They still need a professional coach. But they have a construction that screams: I’m ready to pack up and leave here tonight. This is not their home, and there is little evidence that they belong in their current home. Few coaches have a permanent structure, such as. For example, a pot or a forge nearby.

No entry and exit

The buildings have clearly marked doors, no less than the law, with instructions for getting in and out. Large red sign No Exit or No Violation. Not the Oribos. Your landing platform was convenient, portals placed by you, and a trajectory on any platform. Not even one of them can carry the symmetry upwards. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve picked up a portal and forgotten which way I’d go out of this deadly trap. Again, this is no place for mortals, commerce, housing or anything other than a shower drain. I have a sneaky suspicion that there are places in the giant canal that are big enough for people. Souls are small, so in terms of space.

Lack of internal transport

The traffic on the sidewalks is breathtaking, the elevators are great, escalators are only the best, and being outside where you can drive is even better. You can’t go to the third of the Oribos, the third they want to visit the most. The cars, the bank, the innkeeper, the steward, the pick-ups are all forbidden, but somehow these massive people end up running because it’s faster. You would think that shopkeepers and coaches who want to do business would create an inner circle with the largest number of pedestrians, but they are hidden in their cabins.

What’s Oribos?

There is a drainage basin that goes into the showers, but because the showers don’t run, cockroaches have settled on the edges and we went downstairs to clean up the mess. We were led to believe it was a new house because it was geographically located between the outlying areas and had an inn.

I’m waiting for the big blue to wake up, to push the button, and to crush all the living creatures and all the brokers in Oribos where they shouldn’t be. Speaking of real estate agents who are really suspicious traders, what happened to Ethers?

Edit: I almost forgot: Our apologies to the engineers using the robot auction room on the other side of the mailbox. Remember when you could go shopping in Boral, fly around the corner and buy everything at the same time? Or at Dalaran, where the box was right above a small road?

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