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Oscar Picks 2016 – the Addison Recorder

It’s The Recorder’s annual Oscar picks! We’ve divided up the categories and shall be making our picks for in three totally different classes: Will Win, Should Win, Nightmare Win. As all the time, the Oscars are fairly silly at their base and we in all probability care more than we should always. However that’s part of the fun!

Spotlight’s impeccable forged awaits the Oscars.


Unique Screenplay

Will/Should Win – Spotlight

This category is all but tied up with a bow. Spotlight has been the front-runner for this award for months and can win it with ease. Good thing it’s a hard-earned award! Director Tom McCarthy and his co-writer Josh Singer created an exemplary piece of screenwriting. The script manages to deal with the matter of molestation with emotional pressure without ever falling into straightforward exploitation or sappy emotional manipulation. I was particularly impressed with how the reporters’ personalities have been revealed via their work and the way a reality established early in the film turns into devastating in the closing minutes. This screenplay might be used as a educating software for a very long time.

Nightmare Win – ….None of These?

Properly, this can be a first. I badly want Spotlight to win this category, however none of the nominated scripts can be an awful winner. I’m as stunned as you’re.

Movie Modifying

Will Win/Dream Win – Mad Max: Fury Street

This class is stacked with robust competitors. The only film that has no probability to win is Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens. Due to that, I am not terribly assured in this prediction. Highlight is a exemplary piece of effectiveness, regardless of missing any type of flash. The journalists’ interviews with the victims do a very good job of touchdown gut-wrenching emotion without ever reveling in it. When you ever doubt how well-made this film is, just think about David O. Russell directing it. The comparison ought to be jaw-dropping. The Revenant is a nasty film, however its production values are very robust. While its operating time definitely might have been trimmed, its huge motion set-pieces are all edited impressively. The Huge Brief is closely reliant on its frenetic modifying for tempo and tone. Without such showy work the humor and narrative would grind to a halt. If any of those final three should prevail it will be a robust signal that it’s profitable Greatest Image. Regardless of all of these qualified contenders, I have a hunch that the showiest entry will win. Normally, that might make me roll my eyes, however not for Mad Max. Its modifying is par excellence and will take the gold.

Nightmare Win – Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens

Nothing towards the modifying in Star Wars, which is filled with power and had a couple of “awesome!” transitions. Nevertheless it’s simply not in the similar class as the remainder of this subject.

Manufacturing Design

Will Win – Mad Max: Fury Street

Hello, my identify is Alex. I’m apparently a huge Mad Max homer this yr. Not that I’m complaining! The natural surroundings, props, automobiles, and units coalesce into a shocking and unified world. The aesthetic is a few kind of post-apocalyptic punk rock, I assume. Feels outdoors the Academy’s wheel home, nevertheless it additionally feels plain.

Dream Win – The Revenant

Despite hating this film, this can be a bit of a sentimental decide for me. Jack Fisk has been a world-class Manufacturing Designer since the 1970’s. He’s labored on iconic movies like Carrie, Days of Heaven, The Thin Pink Line, Mulholland Drive, The New World, There Will Be Blood, and The Grasp. A lot of his work right here is panorama choice and preparation, but the scattered villages and forts are impressive units. Plus, The Revenant appears more likely to win a minimum of one tech awards in addition to Cinematography. Let is be here.

Nightmare Win – The Danish Woman

This film is the very mannequin of a contemporary major meh. No Oscars for it!

Mad Max Fury Road production design Oscars

An Oscar win for Mad Max’s production design could possibly be shared with its stunt staff.

Costume Design

Will Win – The Revenant

I’ll just name it a hunch. Those huge, cumbersome fur trapper outfits should have been a bear (zing!) to create, store, and transport to the distant capturing places. They’re not as cosmetically flashy as the other nominees, however I can see filmmakers appreciating them.

Dream Win – Mad Max: Fury Street/Carol

Quelle Shock! These costumes have been instantly iconic. You will notice them at events and parades for years. They’re obviously Oscar-worthy. That being stated, the meticulously beautiful costumes from Carol have been instrumental to the film’s aesthetic and symbolic power. I’ll cheer for any Carol win, so why not here?

Nightmare Win – The Danish Woman

See the above about Production Design. It applies here.


Greatest Director

Will Win – …?

I’m genuinely unsure who’s popping out on prime in this category however I need to speak about something relating to directing with this yr’s films. Certainly one of the main jobs of a director is to determine a tone and elegance that fits the film both when it comes to storytelling and of theme. All 5 of these directors fulfill the first a part of the equation. Thomas McCarthy directed Spotlight in an invisible, sensible type that suits the step-by-step work of the storytelling and brings residence the power of the material by reminding us this actually occurred. Adam McKay’s hyper-edited, French New Wave/Tom Jones-esque work performed up the frenzy of The Massive Brief. Lenny Abrahamson’s intimacy and close-framing till the remaining minutes completely match the physically and mentally trapped characters of Room. And George Miller used grandiosity and sweeping takes with perfectly choreographed modifying to make Mad Max: Fury Street filled with motion and a sensible, cathartic commentary on how the world could be destroyed and redeemed.

Nightmare Win – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu brought an intense type to The Revenant that played up the overwhelming energy of nature…but this gigantic scale involves naught when Inarritu decides the movie shouldn’t be about survival however revenge and guilt, and then makes decisions in the last minutes that negate the risk of an actual theme, leaving all of that bluster for nothing. I second Alex’s commentary above.

Ought to Win – George Miller, who made a unprecedented film that was each bit as troublesome to place collectively as The Revenant and succeeded in all places Inarritu failed (including giving us plenty of feminine characters who stay and kick critical butt). But my trustworthy reply is “anyone BUT Inarritu” as a result of all of those films have been great.

Greatest Tailored Screenplay

Will Win – The Huge Brief. Just like Spotlight, Adam McKay and Charles Randolph have this one locked up for a sensible, genuinely funny, delightfully fourth-wall-breaking saga that additionally gets surprisingly emotional. A movie whose protagonists are identifiable and do loads of despicable issues is a problem, and McKay and Randolph adapt Michael Lewis’s ebook with aplomb.

Should Win – Room. Emma Donoghue took her personal novel and put it on display with a two-act structure, numerous sensible storytelling decisions when it comes to perspective and the way individuals exit and enter the story, and a world of characters with nice dialogue and sophisticated motivation. Especially in a yr with few female nominees, Donoghue pulled off certainly one of this yr’s greatest items of work.

Nightmare Win – Once more, None of These. This category was extraordinarily robust. Nick Hornby’s sentimental Brooklyn, Phyllis Nagy’s understated and aching Carol, and Drew Goddard’s complicated, clockwork-precise The Martian are all ideally suited screenplays in several methods as a lot as these two above.

The Big Short Max Greenfield

This picture from The Massive Brief was chosen solely as a result of we love Max Greenfield.

Greatest Unique Rating

Will Win- Ennio Morricone, The Hateful Eight. He doesn’t have a competitive Oscar, his return to scoring both big films and Westerns acquired a whole lot of buzz, and whereas the score isn’t his greatest (and attracts on his themes from Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Thing), it’s suitably menacing and filled with the darkish power he brings to such tasks.

Should Win – Carter Burwell, Carol. Burwell wasn’t even nominated till this yr despite a laudatory career ranging from his chameleon-like talent to score any Coen Brothers film to his big scores for The Twilight Saga. He’s one in every of the best and most passionate composers in the film world (learn his essays on his website for deep seems into the art of scoring) and Carol is one in every of his greatest, a mild, romantic chamber piece filled with haunting and tender themes.

Nightmare Win – Thomas Newman, Bridge of Spies. Newman stepped in when illness and Episode VII pressured John Williams out, and he responds with a pale imitation of Williams tropes. It sometimes hits stirring heights when paired with Spielberg’s imagery however is forgettable otherwise. (Williams, by the method, is way from a nightmare win because of “Rey’s Theme.”)

Greatest Unique Track

Will Win/Ought to Win – “Til It Happens To You” from The Searching Ground. I feel it’s a terrific music from a strong film, with Woman Gaga delivering one among her greatest vocals ever. But it’s also a strategy of elimination. “Manta Ray” and “Simple Song No. 3” gained’t even be performed during the ceremony in an annoying and unfair choice that means a kiss of demise. “Earned It” in all probability gained’t win because the Academy might be reluctant to honor Fifty Shades of Gray. And eventually…

Nightmare Win – “Writing’s On the Wall” from SPECTRE. I liked SPECTRE but this music stinks. Adele, like Shirley Bassey, brought an actual drama and menace to “Skyfall” however her male counterpart Sam Smith has zero chew and a hundred percent unhappy, melodramatic moaning.

Sound Mixing and Sound Modifying

Will Win – Mad Max: Fury Street. It has the momentum on its aspect and it sounds terrific, the chases, the nature, the music mixing along with no let-up till the finale.

Nightmare Win – The Revenant. See most of the above.

Ought to Win – That is the one class where I want write-in votes have been attainable. Mad Max should win, however so ought to 45 Years, which had a powerful design that sneaks up on the viewer. Throughout the tale of home drama, a perfect mixture of radio music, household creaking and groaning, and wind and rain type a background of white noise that will increase the story’s reality.

The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio’s expression is an correct approximation of what we appeared like whereas watching The Revenant.


Greatest Actor

Will Win – Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant. Leo’s due, and whereas I’ve a problem with the idea that “he who suffered the most should win an Oscar”, this falls into the second category of “long overdue”, which is how Martin Scorscese gained for The Departed all those years in the past. Struggling and going to extremes isn’t all the time the sign of dedicated appearing – if something, it’s an indication of supreme narcissism in the identify of Art with a Capital A. Nice appearing is usually accomplished in delicate shades, and there’s little subtlety to DiCaprio’s grunting and gnashing his method by way of the film that’s The Revenant. (Ooh, he ate bison liver! How super!) That type of dedication to a task can lead to nice issues, positive…nevertheless it also leads to actors destroying themselves the approach Heath Ledger did following The Darkish Knight. Sooner or later, there’s a line.

All of which is irrelevant, as Leo stomps up on stage to say a trophy he in all probability should have gained back in Aught 9.

Should Win – Michael B. Jordan, Creed. As a result of God Forbid a black actor ought to be nominated in the Yr of the Leo. (Runner-Up: …nope, I’ve received nothing. This was a weak yr for male actors.)

Nightmare Win – Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Woman. Not like this, Oscar. Not like this.

Greatest Actress

Greatest Actor jobs: Screenwriter, astronaut, trapper, inventor, artist.
Greatest Actress jobs: Mommy, woman, inventor, woman, spouse.

— Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) January 14, 2016

Another yr, I’d be jumping for pleasure at how robust Greatest Actress is this yr. And then, once you break it down as to the roles that the ladies nominated under are being recognized for as opposed to the men’s roles, it provides you pause. So there’s that to think about.

However, this is handily the strongest of the Appearing categories, so that’s some comfort in a yr the place #OscarsSoWhite is a thing.

Will Win – Brie Larson, Room. Probably the most emotive performance, the strongest performance, and the most deserving of the nominees. She’ll win, and I gained’t have many arguments as a result of the actor who should win wasn’t nominated.

Should Win – Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Street. Imperator Furiosa was a titan of motion this summer time, and this was considered one of the more egregious oversights of the yr, I felt. Theron ought to have collected her second trophy this night time. (Runner-Up – Cate Blanchett in Carol proves as soon as again that she is true up there with Streep as a candidate for Biggest Dwelling Actress.)

Nightmare Win – Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years. I don’t need to hear her have to elucidate away her feedback about #OscarsSoWhite. Like, ever.

Greatest Supporting Actor

Will Win – Sylvester Stallone, Creed. Individuals overlook that Stallone can truly act. Granted, this is due to the hole between this performance and his last nice efficiency in 1976. (Coincidentally, the final time he performed Rocky Balboa.) This can be a case of the establishment rewarding itself, and in a comparatively weak yr for this category…whatever.

Ought to Win – Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation. I’ve coated elsewhere why this was a disappointment, however Elba was the neatest thing about that movie. His remaining second by the lakeside, when every thing has crumbled beneath him, ought to have earned him at the very least a goddamn nomination. That’s why his profitable the SAG was such an exquisite slap in the face. Because #OscarsSoWhite. (Runner-Up – Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies.)

Nightmare Win – That Damn Horse, The Revenant. I don’t have as huge of an issue with Tom Hardy profitable for The Revenant. I might, nevertheless, have an enormous drawback with the rattling palomino profitable for getting reduce open by Leo. That was a real horse! DOES ANIMAL CRUELTY AND MUTILATION MEAN NOTHING?!

Jennifer Jason Leigh The Hateful Eight Oscars

Someway that is Jennifer Jason Leigh’s first Oscar nomination. This can be a silly world.

Greatest Supporting Actress

Will Win – Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight. She’s a mixture of “due” and “best thing about that ugly-ass movie”. No matter else you may think of the bore that was the newest Tarantino bloodbath, Leigh is the beating middle and twisted coronary heart of the movie. Watching the joke play out on her face as things go to hell is nearly as chilling as watching every part flip south on her at the drop of a hat. Implausible job.

Ought to Win – Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina. She was nominated for The Danish Woman, however she was superb in Ex Machina. Greatest work of the yr, arms down. Alas, she suffers from the similar style bias that Charlize Theron suffered from in the nomination process. Apparently, the only approach to get nominated for sci-fi is for those who go to town on the Alien queen a la Ripley in Aliens. Also, fuck The Danish Woman .

Nightmare Win – Alicia Vikander, The Danish Woman. Significantly, fuck The Danish Woman.

Greatest Cinematography

Will Win – Emmanuel Lubezki, The Revenant. Pure lighting + tormented production + considered one of the greatest working cinematographers = a three-peat for Chivo.

Should Win – …eh. This can be a actually robust class this yr, one which doesn’t provoke loads of antipathy on my part. It’d be good for Roger Deakins to lastly win a fucking Oscar, but Sicario isn’t actually his strongest work. Perhaps he upsets? Both method, I’m not gonna be that upset about this one.

Nightmare Win – Whoever The Fuck Shot Fifty Shades of Grey. Hey, you requested for a nightmare win. Write-in votes might happen.

Greatest Visible Effects

Will Win/Ought to Win – Mad Max: Fury Street




I rest my case.

Nightmare Win: Not Mad Max: Fury Street.


Greatest Make-Up and Hairstyling

Will Win/Ought to Win: Mad Max: Fury Street



Nightmare Win: The Revenant



Greatest Image (Group Poll)


Will Win/Nightmare Win – The Revenant

Ugh. Here we go once more. For the second yr in a row Alejandro G. Inarritu seems set to snatch Greatest Image away from a number of better films. The Revenant is a film that ought to have been proper up my alley. It’s an epic and violent Western with impeccable cinematography and manufacturing design. Regardless of that stacked deck, I goddamn hated this movie. The story reduces to a collection of increasingly ridiculous set-pieces with some insipid emotional and thematic hooks peppered in to no effect. It’s cinematography helps avoid wasting scenes, however by the two-hour mark I used to be actively sighing with impatience. By the end of the damn film, I used to be flipping off the display. I hated this movie. I hate Inarritu as a filmmaker. That he’ll in all probability acquire five Oscars in two years is simply…unbelievably awful. Burn this film to the ground.

Should Win – Mad Max: Fury Street

Perhaps you missed our previous Oscar items, however there is just one real choice right here. Each Image nominee I’ve seen besides the presumptuous winner has been pretty good and those I haven’t (The Martian, Room, & Brooklyn) all sound good, however Mad Max is on an entire totally different degree. George Miller harnessed the formal powers of cinema into a rollicking and astounding masterpiece. My words can’t do it justice. There was nothing like it in theaters last yr. It must be the Greatest Picture winner one million occasions over.


Will Win – Highlight

I feel that the current love for The Revenant is overstated – though while I really feel like a win for it wouldn’t be good, I’ll say that I at the least favored it better than Birdman, which appears an completely forgettable film one yr later. At the least The Revenant caught with me. That being stated, I feel that the love for Highlight will carry the day. #wishfulthinking

Ought to Win – Spotlight

It’s easily the greatest actual film of this group, and all with out being pushy in the identify of art. It has a plot. It’s structured round a whole theme, and crafted to mirror that theme and to offer commentary upon an age. It’s a damn good movie. So yeah. (Runner-Up: Mad Max: Fury Street – …what Bean stated.

Nightmare Win – Brooklyn

Don’t get me mistaken – Brooklyn is an effective movie. It’s also the most ‘by the numbers’ of the Oscar films, and type of exemplifies what’s fallacious with Oscar. It’s a coming of age story a few white Irish immigrant making her method in America. Nothing happens. It’s the sort of movie that pops up on Lifetime every so often and you may watch it together with your (white) grandparents, who can then mirror upon their own experiences/rant towards the Irish. (You already know what I mean, WASP-America) This spot should have gone to Straight Outta Compton, Dope, Creed, Chi-Raq, or any of quite a few other films reflecting on one other American experience. However #OscarsSoWhite so…yeah, that’s my ideas.


Will Win – Spotlight

As Richard Jenkins says in the film, “my faith is in the eternal.” The cut up between the guilds has left this extensive open, but I’ve religion that Oscar voters will check out what is actually nice and what individuals will look again on as the greatest representative of 2015. As each a masterful instance of classical Hollywood filmmaking and a powerful, superbly advised story of our willpower to do what is true in the face of overwhelming institutional strain, Spotlight is a movie for the ages.

Should Win – Mad Max: Fury Street

This isn’t a knock on Highlight. But in pondering this I used to be reminded of a quote Tasha Robinson had on the newest episode of Filmspotting, that Thomas McCarthy shouldn’t have been nominated for Greatest Director. I disagreed however I understood what lay behind her reasoning: that a director should create one thing new and singular in fashion to get that nomination. Fury Street was a cinematic triumph blending practical and digital, old-school storytelling and trendy feminist themes, all carried out with the sort of motion solely the films make potential. It is the one film this yr I might name extra unforgettable than Spotlight. It have to be witnessed.

Nightmare Win – The Revenant

No director has ever made two Greatest Picture winners in a row. The only two males to win two Greatest Administrators in a row are two immortals, John Ford and Joseph L. Mankiewicz. To put Inarritu in the similar breath as them for an empty, soulless expanse can be an insult to the history of this artwork type.

Which suggests I’ll be waiting with bated breath once they call this award on Sunday hoping we don’t have one other Crash.

Alex Bean

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